Reviews :: B

B.G.T. “The Inner Death” (Death Metal)
b.o.s.c.h. “Apparat” (NDH)
B.S.T. “Hamburg City Doom” (Doom Metal)
B-STINGED BUTTERFLY “Monster in mir” (Alternative Rock/NDH)
BA’AL “confusion of tongues” (Death/Thrash Metal)
BAABA KULKA “Baaba Kulka” (Jazz Rock)
BAAL “Shurado” (Industrial Metal)
BAALPHEGOR “Post Earthquake Age” (Death Metal)
BABY LOU “Stagediving into total darkness” (was-weiß-ich)
BABY WOODROSE “Baby Woodrose” (Rock)
BABY WOODROSE “Money or soul” (Rock)
BABYLON MYSTERY ORCHESTRA “Poinium Cherem” (Gothic Metal)
BABYLON MYSTERY ORCHESTRA “Axis of Evil” (Mystik Dark Metal)
BABYLON MYSTERY ORCHESTRA “The Great Apostasy” (Mystic Metal)
BABYLON MYSTERY ORCHESTRA “On earth as is in heaven” (Mystik Metal)
BABYLON MYSTERY ORCHESTRA “Divine right of kings” (Mystik Metal)
BABYLON WHORES “Death of the west” (Death Rock)
BACIO DI TOSCIA “Was ich liebe” (Symphonic Wave)
BACKDRAFT “here to save you all” (Southern Rock)
BACKSLASH “Princess of disharmony” (Heavy Metal)
BACKYARD BABIES “People Like People Like People Like Us” (Rock’n’Roll)
BACKYARD BABIES “Tinnitus + Live Live in Paris (2CD)” (Rock’n’Roll)
BACKYARD BABIES “Stockholm Syndrome” (Punk/Rock’n’Roll)
BAD LUCK RIDES ON WHEELS “1st Album” (Stoner Doom Drone)
BAHRRECHT “L’Aube Glacee” (Black Metal)
BALANCE OF POWER “Heathen machine” (Melodic Metal)
BALANCE OF POWER “Perfect Balance” (Melodic Metal)
BALANCE OF POWER “Ten more tales of grand illusion”
BALFOR “Black Serpent Rising” (Barbaric Black/Death Metal)
BALLS`N`BOOBS “Good Education – Bad Education” (Psychobilly, Punk, Metal)
BALTAK “Macedonian War” (Black Metal)
BALTIMORE “The Best Of” (Hard Rock)
BANANE METALIK “Nice To Meat You” (Horrorpunk)
BANDITI, THE “Achtung!” (Rock)
BANN “AEschatolgia” (Atmosphärischer Black Metal)
BANN “Antiochia (MCD)” (Black Metal)
BANNER, THE “Frailty” (Hardcore)
BANNKREIS “Sakrament” (Folk/Celtic/Melancholic Rock)
BANTAM LYONS “Melatonin Spree” (Cold Shoegaze Wave)
BARASTIR “Under the Banner of Hate (EP)” (Black Metal)
BARASTIR “Battlehymns of Hate” (Black Metal)
BARATHRUM “Anno Aspera – 2003 Years After Bastard’s Birth” (Black Metal)
BARATRO – ENTITY – UNDEAD “Blood Beyond The Sand” (Death Metal)
BARB WIRE DOLLS – Slit (Punk Rock)
BARBARIAN “Faith Extinguisher” (Heavy Metal)
BARILARI “same” (Hardrock/Metal)
BARCODE “Ahead of the Game” (Hardcore)
BARCODE “Hardcore” (Hardcore)
BARONS BALL “Changes” (Rock)
BARREN ALTAR “Entrenched in the Faults of the Earth” (Black Death Doom)
BARREN EARTH “Curse Of The Red River” (Prog Death/Doom Metal)
BARTHOLOMEUS NIGHT “Theosophia Pneumatica” (Black Metal)
BARÚS “Barús” (Death Metal)
BASANOS “Kill The Master” (Thrash Metal/Hardcore)
BASILISK “Traumland” (Metal, Dark Rock)
BASILISK “Dark Seasons” (Dark Metal)
BASILISK “Empor” (Dark Metal)
BASILISK “… between light and shadow” (Gothic Power Metal)
BASILISK “In the room of lights”
BASTARDS ON PARADE “Empty Bottles & Broken Things” (Folk Punk)
BATALLION, THE “Head up High” (Thrash Metal)
BATALLION, THE “Stronghold of Men” (Black Metal)
BATHORY “Nordland II” (Epic/Dark Metal)
BATHORY “Nordland I” (Epic/Dark Metal)
BATHTUB SHITTER “Dance Hall Grind” (Grindcore)
BATS IN THE BELFRY “a new age dawn” (80er Cold Wave)
BATTALION “Winter Campaign” (Death Metal)
BATTERED “Battered” (Thrash Metal)
BATTLE SCREAM “Virus Mensch” (Electro Rock)
BATTLEAXE “Power from the Universe” (Heavy Metal)
BATTLELORE “Doombound” (Epic Fantasy/Gothic Metal)
BATTLELORE “Evernight” (Fantasy/Gothic Metal)
BATTLELORE “Third Age Of The Sun” (Fantasy Metal)
BATTLEROAR “Blood of Legends” (Epic Metal)
BATTLEROAR “To Death and Beyond” (Epic Metal)
BATTUE “Deathinfection” (Death Metal)
BATTUE “New world disorder” (Thrash/Death/Black Metal)
BAY LAUREL “Where pain comes to die”
BAZALT “Resilience” (Goth Rock)
BE FADING FAST “Global Attack”
BE’LAKOR “Vessels” (Melodic Death Metal)
BEARDFISH “Destined Solitaire” (ProgRock)
BEARDFISH “Sleeping in Traffic: Part One” (Prog Rock)
BEASTCRAFT “The Infernal Gospels Of Primitive Devil Worship” (Black Metal)
BEAT DEVILS, THE “Another Dream” (Psychobilly)
BEAT OF BLACK WINGS, THE “Garden Of Love” + “Humility” (Elektronik / Folk Wave)
BEAT OF BLACK WINGS, THE “Kontemplation” (Instrumental Dark Wave)
BEAT OF BLACK WINGS, THE “This black fire 1996-2001 (DCD)” (Elektronik Dark Wave)
BEATA BEATRIX “In The Garden of Ecstasy” (Gothic Rock/Darkwave)
BEATALLICA “Winter Plunderband (EP)” (Metal)
BEATALLICA “Masterful Mystery Tour” (Metal)
BEATALLICA “Sgt. Hetfield’s Motorbreath Pub Band” (Metal)
BEATRIK “Requiem of December” (Black/Doom Metal)
BEATSTEAKS “Let me in (MCD)” (Punk/Modern Rock)
BEAUTIFUL DARKNESS “Mindless you sleep”
BEAUTIFUL DEAD, THE “To lunar Canyons” (Prog/Cold/E-Wave)
BEAUTIFUL DEAD, THE “Moonlight And Hollywood” (Gothic)
BEAUTIFUL DISEASE, THE “Hallucination Picturebook” (Experimental Chanson Wave)
BEAUTIFUL DISEASE, THE “Have a nice dream” (Avantgarde Dark Pop)
BEAUTY OF GEMINA, THE “Minor Sun-Live in Zürich” (Wave)
BEAUTY OF GEMINA, THE “Minor Sun” (Wave Rock)
BEAUTY OF GEMINA, THE “Mariannah” (Gothic / Folk)
BEAUTY OF GEMINA, THE “The Myrrh Sessions” (Akustik)
BEAUTY OF GEMINA, THE “Iscariot Blues” (Alternative / Darkrock)
BEAUTY OF GEMINA, THE “A stranger to Tears” (Dark Wave Rock)
BEAUTY OF GEMINA, THE “Diary of a Lost” (Elektro Dark Wave)
BECOMING, THE “from cold hands” (Gothic Doom Metal)
BEELZEFUZZ “Beelzefuzz” (Hard Rock)
BEEN OBSCENE “Night O’Mine” (Psychedelic Stoner Rock)
BEFORE THE DAWN “Soundscape Of Silence” (Melodic Death/Dark Metal)
BEFORE THE DAWN “Deadlight” (Dark/Melodic Death Metal)
BEFORE THE DAWN “My darkness” (Dark Metal)
BEFORE THE FALL “From Mutism to Riddance” (Metalcore)
BEHEMOTH “At The Arena Ov Aion – Live Apostasy” (Black/Death Metal)
BEHEMOTH “The Apostasy” (Black/Death Metal)
BEHEMOTH “Demigod” (Black/Death Metal)
BEHEMOTH “Thelema.6”
BEHEMOTH “Satanica”
BEHEXEN “The Poisonous Path” (Black Metal)
BEHEXEN “My Soul For His Glory” (Black Metal)
BEHIND MY CAMEL “Plug’n’Hard” (Rock)
BEHIND THE SCENERY “Rétroviseur” (Prog/Melodic Death Metal)
BEHOLDER “Wish for destruction” (Epic Power Metal)
BEHOLDER “The legend begins” (Epic Power Metal)
BEINHAUS “Metall::Digital” (Elektro/Alternativ-Krach)
BEINHAUS “Beinhaus” (Elektro/Alternativ-Krach)
BEINHAUS “Das Wort muss eine Waffe sein” (Industrial/Avantgarde)
BEISSERT “Darkness: Devil: Death” (Metalmix)
BEISSERT “The Pusher” (DoomCore / Metal)
BELCHING BEET “Out Of Sight” (Death Metal/Grindcore)
BELENOS “Yen Sonn Gardis” (Celtic Pagan/Black Metal)
BELENOS “Chants de Bataille” (Pagan/Dark Metal)
BELIEF “no place” (Synthie Pop)
BELLA MORTE “the Quit” (Dark Rock)
BELLGRAVE “My Soul Is My Gun” (Rock’n’Groove Metal)
BELLGRAVE “Promo 2003” (Rock/Metal)
BELLGRAVE “Hard Blues 1” (Rock’n’Metal)
BELLMER DOLLS “The big Cats will..” (Noise Rock)
BELOVED ENEMY “Enemy Mine” (Goth’n’Roll)
BELPHEGOR “Totenritual” (Black/Death Metal)
BELPHEGOR “Pestapokalypse VI” (Death/Black Metal)
BELPHEGOR “Inffernal Live Orgasm” (Death/Black Metal)
BELPHEGOR “Necrodaemon Terrorsathan”
BELTEZ “Exiled, Punished.Rejected” (Black Metal)
BEMBERS AND THE MASSAGAGGERS “3-Track EP Single” (Rock’n’Roll)
BENEA REACH “Possession” (Djent/Prog/Metalcore)
BENEA REACH “Alleviat” (Metalcore)
BENEA REACH “Monument Bineothan” (Prog Metal/Hardcore)
BENIGHTED (S) “Heljarför” (Old School Black Metal)
BENIGHTED (F) “Icon” (Death Metal/Grind)
BENIGHTED (F) “Insane Cephalic Prod” (Black/Death Metal)
BENIGHTED (F) “Psychose” (Black/Death Metal)
BENÜMB “By means of upheaval” (Grind/Hard Core)
BENZIN “Streichholzschachtelmasterplan” (Deutsch/Punk Rock)
BEREAVED, THE “Daylight Deception” (Melodic Death Metal)
BEREAVED “Demonstration 1.0” (Melodic Death Metal)
BERKOWITZ “Sent to Dominate” (Death Metal)
BERNSTEIN “Lichtwärts” (Synthie Pop)
BERSERK “Return Of The Ancient Laws” (Dark / Black Metal)
BERSERK INC. “The great alliance” (Black/Death/Gothic Metal)
BERZERKER, THE “Dissimulate” (Industrial Death Metal)
BESATT “Tempus Apocalypsis” (Black Metal)
BESATT “Black Mass” (Black Metal)
BESATT “Sacrifice For Satan” (Black Metal)
BESEECH “My Darkness, Darkness” (Gothic Metal/Dark Rock)
BESTIAL MOCKERY “Christcrushing Hammerchainsaw” (Black Metal)
BETA PLUS EMBRYO “Time Kills Everything” (Alternative / Industrial Rock)
BETHLEHEM “Bethlehem” (Dark Metal)
BETHLEHEM “Mein Weg” (Avantgarde Dark Metal)
BETHLEHEM “Suicide Radio” (CD-ROM) (Suicid/Extrem Metal)
BETONENGEL “Hart wie Beton” (Heavy / Thrash)
BETONTOD “Entschuldigung Für Nichts (Punk Rock)
BETONTOD “Entschuldigung Für Nichts” Single (Punk Rock)
BETONTOD “Antirockstars” (Punk / Metal)
BETTELPRINZ “Ritz dich” (NDH/Goth Metal/Electro)
BETTELPRINZ “Nimm mich” (NDH/Goth Metal/Electro)
BETTIE FORD “Jetzt geht’s los” (Rock’n’Roll)
BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME “The silent circus” (Hardcore/Grind)
BETRAY MY SECRETS “Betray my secrets”
BETRAYING THE MARTYRS “Breathe in Life” (Deathcore)
BEWITCHED “Spiritual Warfare” (Old School Black Metal)
BEWITCHER “Bewitcher” (Black Speed Metal)
BEYOND FALLEN “Mindfire” (Heavy Metal)
BEYOND FEAR “Beyond Fear” (Heavy Metal)
BEYOND HELVETE “Self Therapy” (Black Metal)
BEYOND MORTALITY “Infected Life” (Death Metal)
BEYOND OBSESSION “Moments Of Truth” (Electro Pop)
BEYOND OBSESSION “Pieces Of Machinery” (Synth Pop)
BEYOND SURFACE “Destination’s end” (Straight Goth Rock)
BEYOND THE BLACK “Lost In Forever” (Female Symphonic Metal)
BEYOND THE LABYRINTH “Castles in the sand” (Prog Metal / Classic Rock)
BEYOND THE SIXTH SEAL “Earth and Sphere” (Melodic Death Metal)
BEYOND THE SIXTH SEAL “A Homicide Divine” (Black/Death Metal)
BEYOND THE VOID “Gloom is a trip for two” (Goth Rock)
BEYOND THE VOID “I am your ruin” (Goth Rock/Metal)
BEYOND THE VOID “our somewhere else” (Goth Rock)
BEYOND THE WALL OF SLEEP “rock and a hard place” (Goth Rock)
BEYOND TWILIGHT “Section X” (Prog/Epic Rock/Metal)
BEYOND TWILIGHT “The devil’s Hall of Fame” (Prog/Epic Metal)
BIBLE OF THE DEVIL “Freedom Metal” (Heavy Metal)
BIBLE OF THE DEVIL “The Diabolic Procession” (Heavy Metal)
BIFRÖST “Schlachtklänge” (Viking Metal)
BIG BALLS “Live and high voltaged” +”A Tribute to Bon Scott” (Hard Rock)
BILL + PHIL “Songs of Darkness and Despair” (Stoner Rock)
BILLION DOLLAR BABIES “Stand your Ground” (Hard Rock)
BILLY CROSS “Life Is Good” (Melodic Rock)
BIOHAZARD “Means To An End” (Crossover/Metalcore)
BIOHAZARD “Kill or be killed” (Hard Core)
BIONIC “Meadowland” (Electro / EBM)
BIONIC ANGEL “Digital Violence” (Gothic Rock)
BIONIC BRIT “schlicht und ergreifend” (Alternative Rock)
BIOSCRAPE “Exp. Zeroone” (Modern Metal)
BIRDMACHINE “Alle stillen Völker” (Minimal Avantgarde Wave)
BIRTH A.D. “I blame you” (Thrash-Crossover)
BIRTHDAY MASSACRE, THE “Superstition” (Synth-Rock)
BIRTHDAY MASSACRE, THE “Hide And Seek” (Synth Rock)
BIRTHDAY MASSACRE, THE “walking with strangers” (Guitar Wave Pop)
BISCLAVERET “in hortis…” (Ambient Dark)
BISHOP OF HEXEN “The Nightmarish Compositions” (Symphonic Black Metal)
BISS “Joker in the deck” (Hard Rock)
BISS “Same” (Heavy Metal)
BITERS “The Future Ain`t What It Used To Be” (Rock)
BITTERNESS “Resurrexodus” (Thrash Metal)
BITTERNESS “The Final Declaration of the End” (Thrash Metal)
BITTERNESS “Genociety” (Thrash Metal)
BITTERNESS “Autumn’s Fall” (Melodic Death/Thrash Metal)
BITTERNESS “Marching Towards Infinity – 7″EP” (Melodic Death/Thrash Metal)
BITTERNESS “Sweet Suicide Solutions” (Melodic Death/Thrash Metal)
BITUNE “EP 2004” (Rock/Crossover)
BLACK ABYSS “Possessed” (Power Metal)
BLACK ABYSS “Angels wear black” (Power Metal)
BLACK ABYSS “Land of Darkness”
BLACK DAFFODILS “broken flower” (Female Melodic Rock/Metal)
BLACK ANGEL “From The Darkness” (Black Metal)
BLACK CARGO “Black Cargo” (Rock’n’Roll)
BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION “Live Over Europe (2-DVD/Blu-Ray)” (Rock)
BLACK CRUCIFIXION “The Fallen one of Flames/Satanic Zeitgeist” (Black Metal)
BLACK CRUCIFIXION “Promethean Gift” (Black Metal)
BLACK CRUCIFIXION “Faustian Dream” (Dark/Doom/Gothic Metal)
BLACK DEATH RITUAL “Profound echoes of the end” (Black Metal)
BLACK DEPTHS GREY WAVES “Nightmare of the blackenend heart” (Noise)
BLACK DESTINY “In Neo Noir” (Power Metal)
BLACK DESTINY “Black is where our hearts belong”
BLACK ELEGY “Pathway” (Gothic/Melodeath Metal)
BLACK HEAVEN “Chapter One” (Electro Wave)
BLACK ICE “Terrible Birds” (American Deathrock)
BLACK JADE “… of forest and fire …” (Black Metal)
BLACK JADE “Forest of Edoras” (Black Metal)
BLACK JADE “Holocaust 666” (Black Metal)
BLACK LABEL SOCIETY “Hangover Music Vol.4” (Blues Doom Rock)
BLACK LEAGUE, THE “Man’s ruin revisited” (Rock’n’Roll Metal)
BLACK LEAGUE, THE “Utopia A.D.” (Gothic Prog Metal)
BLACK LIGHT DISCIPLINE “Against Each Other” (Industrial Metal)
BLACK LIGHT DISCIPLINE “Empire” (Industrial Metal)
BLACK LOTUS “Harvest Of Seasons” (Melodic Black/Pagan Metal)
BLACK LUNG “See the enemy” (Psychedelic Rock)
BLACK LUNG “Black Lung” (Psychedelic Rock)
BLACK MESSIAH “Heimweh” (Pagan/Viking Metal)
BLACK MESSIAH “The Final Journey” (Pagan/Viking Metal)
BLACK MESSIAH “Of Myths And Legends” (Pagan Metal)
BLACK MILK “If the gods (may know your name) (MCD)” (Gitarren Wave)
BLACK MILK “ultrawide” (Wave Pop)
BLACK MOTH “Condemned to Hope” (Psychedelic Blues Doom Rock)
BLACK OATH “Ov qliphoth and darkness” (Doom Metal)
BLACK PESTILENCE “Carry on the Black Flame” (Black Punk)
BLACK PRIEST OF SATAN “Element of Destruction” (Black Doom)
BLACK RAIN “Black Rain” (Heavy Metal)
BLACK RAINBOWS “Supermothafuzzalicious!!” (Psychedelic Rock’n’Roll)
BLACK RAVEN “The Day of the Raven” (Heavy Metal)
BLACK REIGN “Sovereign” (Thrash Metal)
BLACK RIVER “Black’n’Roll” (Rock)
BLACK ROSE “same” (Hard/Heavy Rock)
BLACK SABBATH “Paranoid (Classic Albums-DVD)” (Heavy Metal)
BLACK SALVATION “Lunia” (Psychedelic Doom)
BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS / KODIAK “Split 12”-Vinyl” (Doom / Drone)
BLACK SONIC “7 Deadly Sins” (Rock)
BLACK SPACE RIDERS “Amoretum Vol. 1” (Space Rock)
BLACK SPACE RIDERS “Beyond Refugeeum E.P.” (Space Rock)
BLACK SPACE RIDERS “Refugeeum” (Space Rock)
BLACK SPACE RIDERS “Light is the new black” (Stoner Metal)
BLACK SPACE RIDERS “Black Space Riders” (Space Rock)
BLACK STEEL “Hellhammer” (Power Metal)
BLACK STROBE “Burn your own Church” (Dance Rock)
BLACK SUN “It’creeping rage” / “Di fersi morendoeterni” (Techno Goth)
BLACK SUN “Awaken of the hidden” (Techno Gothic)
BLACK SUN AEON “Routa” (Dark/Doom/Death Metal)
BLACK SUN AEON “Darkness walks beside me” (Dark Doom Death Metal)
BLACK SUN CITY “Demo” (Düster Rock)
BLACK SUN PRODUCTIONS and BAHNTIER “Enoeraew” (Experimental/Ritual)
BLACK SYMPHONY “Tears of blood” (Power/Heavy/Prog Metal)
BLACK THERAPY “In The Embrace Of Sorrow, I Smile” (Melodic Death Metal)
BLACK THOUGHTS BLEEDING “Tragedy of Evolution” (Metalcore)
BLACK TIDE “Post Mortem” (Modern Metal)
BLACK TIDE “Black Tide” (Heavy Metal)
BLACK WIDOWS “sweet..the hell” (Goth/Dark Metal)
BLACKBAY “Your shame”
BLACKBURNER “Planet Earth Attack” (Dubstep / Electro)
BLACKBURNER “Feel The Burn” (Electronica)
BLACKEN MY MELODY “My Path To Hell” (Melodic Metalcore)
BLACKEND “The last thing undone” (Melodic Thrash Metal)
BLACKEVIL “The Ceremonial Fire” (Black/Thrash Metal)
BLACKFINGER “When colors fade away” (Doom Rock)
BLACKFINGER “Blackfinger” (Doom Rock)
BLACKLIST LTD “Still Limited” (Groovy New Metal)
BLACKMORE’S NIGHT “Dancer and the Moon” (Folk / MA / Classic 70s Rock)
BLACKMORE’S NIGHT “Ghost of a rose” (Folk Rock)
BLACKMORE’S NIGHT “Past times with good company” (Folk Pop)
BLACKMORE’S NIGHT “Fires at midnight” (Folk Rock)
BLACKMORE’S NIGHT “The times are changing again (MCD)” (Folk Rock)
BLACKOUT “Blackout (MCD)” (Metal)
BLACKSHINE “Lifeblood” (Melodic Death/Thrash’n’Roll)
BLACKSLASH “Lightning strikes again” (Heavy Metal / Hard Rock)
BLACKSLASH “Separate but equal” (Heavy Metal)
BLACKWALL “Blackwall” (Metal Hardcore)
BLACKWINDS “Flash Inferno” (Black Metal)
BLADE OF DEATH “From The Freezing Veins Of Night.” (Ambient/Black Metal)
BLAINE ROHMER “Promise of Autumn” (Atmospheric Dark/Gothic Metal)
BLAQK AUDIO “Cexcells” (Wave Pop/Future Pop)
BLASTROCK “ruthless fuck (EP)” (Stoner Rock’n’Roll)
BLAZE “Blood & Belief” (Heavy Metal)
BLAZE “As live as it gets” (Heavy Metal)
BLAZE OF PERDITION “Concious Darkness” (Black Metal)
BLAZE OF PERDITION “Near Death Revelations” (Black Metal)
BLAZING ETERNITY “a world to drown in” (Wave Rock)
BLED DRY “This World Is Hell” (Death Metal)
BLEED IN VAIN “One Day Left” (Melodic/Death Metal)
BLEED THE MAN “Ashes From The Past” (Metalcore)
BLEED THE SKY “Murder the Dance” (Metalcore)
BLEEDING THROUGH “The Truth” (Metalcore)
BLIND DOG “Captain Dog Rides Again” (Stoner Rock)
BLIND EGO “Numb” (ProgRock)
BLIND EGO “Mirror” (Prog Rock)
BLIND GUARDIAN “Remasters” (Power Metal)
BLIND GUARDIAN “A twist in the Myth” (Power Metal)
BLIND PASSENGERS “Timemachine” (Synth Pop/Industrial Rock)
BLIND PASSENGERS “Neosapiens” (Düster Brachial Rock)
BLIND STARE “Symphony Of Delusions” (Melodic Death Metal)
BLINDED COLONY “Bedtime Prayers” (Melodic Death Metal/Core)
BLINDED COLONY “promo 05” (Melodic Death Metal)
BLINDED COLONY “Divine” (Melodic Death Metal)
BLITZKRIEG “Theatre of the Damned” (Heavy Metal)
BLITZMASCHINE “Liebe auf den ersten Blick (MCD)” (EBM)
BLIZZEN “Genesis reversed” (Heavy Metal)
BLIZZEN “Time Machine” (Heavy Metal)
BLOATED GOAT “go go go” (Punk’n’Roll)
BLODSRIT “Hinterland” (Black Metal)
BLODSRIT “Helveteshymner” (Swedish Black Metal)
BLODSRIT “Ocularis Infernum” (Black Metal)
BLÓÐTRÚ “The Death of the Spirit” (Black Metal)
BLOOD “Mental Conflicts” (Death Metal)
BLOOD “Seppuku” (Gothic Metal / Industrial Metal)
BLOOD DIVINE, THE “Rise Pantheon Dreams” (Goth’n’Roll)
BLOOD HAS BEEN SHED “Spirals” (Moise/Extreme/Death Metal)
BLOOD MORTIZED “The Key To A Black Heart” (Death Metal)
BLOOD OF SEKLUSION “Servants Of Chaos” (Death Metal)
BLOOD RED ANGEL “Abyssland” (Thrash Metal)
BLOOD RED ANGEL “Crime entertainment” (Thrash Metal)
BLOOD RED THRONE “Union Of Flesh And Machine” (Death Metal)
BLOOD RED THRONE “Blood Red Throne” (Death Metal)
BLOOD RED THRONE “Affiliated with the Suffering” (Death Metal)
BLOOD RED THRONE “Monument of Death” (Death Metal)
BLOOD STAIN CHILD “Epsilon” (Elektro//Modern/Melodic Death Metal)
BLOOD STAIN CHILD “Mozaiq” (Elektro//Modern/Melodic Death Metal)
BLOOD STAIN CHILD “Idolator” (Elektro/Melodic Death Metal)
BLOOD THIRSTY DEMONS “Let the War begin” (Heavy Metal)
BLOOD THIRSTY DEMONS “Misanthropy” (Heavy Metal)
BLOOD TSUNAMI “Thrash Metal” (Thrash Metal)
BLOODBARK “Bonebranches” (Epic/Atmospheric Black Metal)
BLOODBATH “Grand Morbid Funeral” (Death Metal)
BLOODBATH “The Wacken Carnage (CD+DVD)” (Death Metal)
BLOODBATH “Nightmare Made Flesh” (Death Metal)
BLOODBATH “Resurrection Through Carnage” (Death Metal)
BLOODBATH “Breeding Death” MCD
BLOODBOUND “Tabula Rasa” (Power Metal)
BLOODFLOWERZ “Dark Poems Poetry” (Dark Rock)
BLOODFLOWERZ “7Benedictions / 7 maledictions” (Goth Rock/Metal)
BLOODFLOWERZ “Diabolic angel” (Gothic Rock)
BLOODFORGE “Screaming Voices (CDS)” (Symphonic Metal)
BLOODGRIMM “Grimmiges Rotfrass” (Fable Metal)
BLOODLET “Three humid nights in the cypress trees” (Hardcore//Rock/Metal)
BLOODLINE, THE “Opium Hearts”
BLOODOLINE “Dissociated Human Junction (4 Way Split)” (Black Metal)
BLOODRED HOURGLASS “Heal” (Melodic Death Metal)
BLOODRED HOURGLASS “Where The Oceans Burn” (Melodic Death Metal)
BLOODSHED “Gasoline for Deathmachine” (Black/Death Metal)
BLOODSHED “Skullcrusher” (MCD) (Death/Black Metal)
BLOODSHED WALHALLA “Ragnarok” (Epic Viking Metal)
BLOODSPOT “Embrace The End” (Death/Thrash Metal)
BLOODSUCKING ZOMBIES FROM OUTER SPACE “Unplugged (Anatomy Of The Dead)” (Horrorbilly)
BLOODSUCKING ZOMBIES FROM OUTER SPACE VS. THEE FLANDERS “Clash Of The Monsters” (Horrorbilly / Psychobilly)
BLOODTHORN “Genocide” (Death Metal)
BLOODTHORN “Under the reign of terror” (Black/Death Metal)
BLOODWAY “A Fragile Riddle Crypting Clues” (Progressive Black Metal)
BLOODWORK “Ultima Ratio” (Metalmischmasch)
BLOODWORK “Promo” (Melodic Death Metal)
BLODDWRITTEN “Thrashin´ Fury” (Thrash Metal)
BLOODY DEAD AND SEXY “An Eye On You” (Death Rock / Batcave)
BLOODY DEAD AND SEXY “paint it read” (Deathrock)
BLOT MINE “Ashcloud” (Black Metal)
BLODWEN “when autumn ends” (Femal Symphony Metal)
BLOWSIGHT “Shed Evil (EP)” (Metal)
BLOWSIGHT “Dystopia Lane” (Modern Metal)
BLUDGEON “Crucified Live (CD+DVD)” (Death/Thrash Metal)
BLUE OCTOBER “Sway” (Rock)
BLUE ROCKIN’ “Back To Blue” (Rockabilly)
BLUE SEASON, THE “Secede” (Gothic Rock)
BLUT AUS NORD “777 – The Desanctification” (Ambient/Black Metal)
BLUT AUS NORD “The Mystical Beast Of Rebellion” (Black Metal)
BLUT AUS NORD “777 – Sect(s)” (Industrial Black Metal)
BLUT AUS NORD “Odinist” (Psychedelic Black Metal)
BLUT AUS NORD “MoRT” (Black Metal)
BLUTENGEL “Black” (Gothic)
BLUTENGEL “Tränenherz” (Gothic)
BLUTESZORN “Victory Of The Dead” (Black Metal)
BLUTJUNGS “Beiss mich Baby” (Splatterpop/NDW)
BLUTMOND “Endzeit” (Black Metal)
BLUTZUKKER “The Vampire Strikes Back” (Dark Electro)
BOARDERS “The World hates me” (Thrash Metal)
BOB CATLEY “when empires burn” (Hard Rock)
BOB CATLEY “Middle Earth” (Rock/Hard Rock)
BOB WAYNE “Hits The Hits” (Country-Rock)
BOBAFLEX “Primitive Epic” (Crossover)
BODAI 39 CREW “Demo MCD 2002” (Death/Thrash Metal)
BODY COUNT “Bloodlust” (Rap Metal)
BODY COUNT “Manslaughter” (Rap Metal)
BODYBAG “Curriculum Mortae” (Death Metal)
BOIL “A New Decay” (Rock)
BOKOR “Anomia1” (Progressive Metal)
BON JOVI “Bounce” (Rock)
BON JOVI “Everyday (MCD)” (Rock)
BONE GNAWER “Feast Of Flesh” (Death Metal/Grindcore)
BONFIRE “one acoustic night (2-DVD)” (Hard Rock)
BONSAI KITTEN “Occupy Yourself!” (Psychobilly)
BONSAI KITTEN “Done With Hell” (Psychobilly, Punk, Rockabilly)
BONSAI KITTEN “Welcome To My World” (Psychobilly / Rockabilly)
BOOK OF DEATH, THE “The Book of Death (EP)” (Hardcore/Death Metal)
BOOK OF REFLECTIONS “Book of relections” (Neoclassic/Prog Metal)
BOOMERANG “Balance Of Hate” (Wurf Metal)
BOOZE BROTHERS, THE “Bad Medicine” (Punk’n’Roll)
BOOZE CONTROL “The Lizard Rider” (Heavy Metal)
BOOZED & PSYCHOPUNCH “Split 7″” (Rock’n’Roll)
BOOZED “One Mile” (Rock’n’Roll)
BOOZED “Seizin’ the Day” (Rock’n’Roll)
BORGNE “II” (Black Metal)
BORKNAGAR “Epic” (Melodic Black Metal)
BORKNAGAR “Empiricism” (Black/Folk Metal)
BORKNAGAR “Quintessence”
BORKNAGAR “The archaic course”
BORN FOR BLISS “Falling Back To Never” (Wave Rock)
BORN FOR BLISS “Between Living and Dreaming” (Wave Rock)
BORN FROM PAIN “In Love With The End” (Metalcore)
BORNHOLM “Primaeval Pantheons” (Pagan Metal)
BORNHOLM “March for Glory and Revenge” (Pagan Black Metal)
BOSHETUNMAY “Signal” (Electro Wave)
BOSHETUNMAY “Useless Life”
BOURBON FLAME “Bourbon Flame” (Rock’n’Roll)
BOVINE “The Sun Never Sets On The British Empire” (Alternative Post Grunge)
BOWEL FUNCTION “Luxury of a Doubt” (Rock)
BOWTOME “Killer” (Death Metal)
BOY “Darkest Visions” (Punk Rock)
BOYS, THE “Punk Rock Menopause” (Punk Rock)
BOYSCOUT, THE “Father (MCD)” (Rock)
BOYSETSFIRE “Tomorrow come today” (Hardcore/Modern Rock)
BOYTRONIC “dependence” (Experimentel Pop Wave)
BOYTRONIC “The working model (Reverse)” (Synthie Pop)
BOYTRONIC “autotunes” (Elektro Pop)
BOYTRONIC “living without you (MCD)” (Elektro Wave)
BRAINDANCE “Master of Disguise” (Prog Dark Rock)
BRAINDANCE “redemption” (Prog/Gothic Rockl)
BRAINDEAD 5 “Guten Tag” (Metal)
BRAINDEADZ “Born from Damnation” (Thrash Metal)
BRAINDEADZ “Hang’em Highschool” (80er Thrash Metal)
BRAINS, THE “The Monster Within” (Psychobilly)
BRAINS, THE “Drunk Not Dead” (Psychobilly)
BRAINSTORM “Memorial Roots” (Power Metal)
BRAINSTORM “Metus Mortis” (Power Metal)
BRAN BARR “SIDH” (Black/Death/Folk Metal)
BRANNTHORDE “Auf Teufel Komm Raus” (Black Metal)
BRANT BJORK “Tao Of The Devil” (Stoner Rock)
BRAVE “searching for the sun” (Prog Goth Rock)
BRAZEN ABBOT “Guilty as sin” (Melodic Hard Rock)
BREACH THE VOID “The Monochromatic Era” (Modern Metal)
BREATH OF LIFE, THE “Whispering Fields” (Dark Wave)
BREATH OF LIFE “everlasting souls” (Melancholic Wave Rock)
BREATHE “The laughing dolls” (Dark Electro)
BREATHING DUST “Marching with empty Faces” (Metalcore)
BREAKPOINT “None to sell” (Heavy/Power Metal)
BREED “Breed” (Metal)
BREED 77 “Insects” (Modern Metal)
BREED MACHINE “Renaissance” (Modern Metal, Neo-Thrash)
BREITENBACH “Ready when you are” (Alternative Rock)
BRESCHDLENG “Breschdleng” (Hardcore)
BREW, THE “Control” (Classic Rock)
BRIDE ADORNED “The grey Eminenz”
BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION “Runaway Brides” (Hard Rock)
BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION “Here come the brides” (Rock’n’Roll)
BRIGITTE HANDLEY “The Edge of Silence” (Cold Wave)
BRIGITTE HANDLEY & THE DARK SHADOWS “Darkness Calls” (Psychobilly/Punkrock)
BRILLIANT COLDNESS “Poisoned Reality” (Death Metal)
BROCK, TERRY “Back to Eden” (Hard Rock)
BROCKEN MOON “Hoffnungslos” (Black Metal)
BROCKEN MOON “Das Märchen vom Schnee” (Black Metal)
BROKEN ARROW “Abyss of darkness” (Melodic/Power Metal)
BROKEN DOWN “The other shore” (Elektro / Rock)
BROKEN DOWN “First Spit” (Electronic Doom Rock)
BROKEN EDGE “Obey and confirm!” (Power/Thrash Metal)
BROKEN HEARTED “Demo CD” (Keyboard Metal)
BROKEN HOPE “Grotesque Blessings”
BRONX, CASKET & CO, THE “Helletric” (Goth Rock’n’Roll)
BRONX, CASKET & CO, THE “sweet home transylvania” (Gothic Doom Metal)
BRO’SIS “Never forget (where you come from)” (Pop/Soul/RnB)
BROTHER FIRETRIBE “Heart Full of Fire” (Hard Rock)
BRUJERIA “Pocho Atzlan” (Death Metal/Grindcore)
BRUNO DE ANGELIS “The Box” (Experimental)
BRUTAL TRUTH “goodbye cruel world”
BRUTALLY DECEASED “Black Infernal Vortex” (Death Metal)
BRYMIR “Slayer of gods” (Pagan Metal)
BRYMIR “Breathe Fire To The Sun” (Epic Pagan Metal)
BUBI ELEKTRICK “Die größten Erfolge” (Elektro)
BUBI ELEKTRICK “Herz aus Scheiße” (Elektro)
BUCCANEERS, THE “Guide Me Home” (Folk Punk)
BUCH “Best of Rock & Metal – Die 500 Stärksten Scheiben aller Zeiten” (Metal)
BUCK BROTHERS “We are merely filters” (Punk Rock)
BUICIDE “Evaluation Machines” (Death Metal)
BUILT 4 SPEED “minor Part 2” (Rockabilly)
BUIO OMEGA “Pandemonium Unleashed” (Black Metal)
BULLDOZING BASTARDS “Under the Ram” (Black ‘n’ Punk)
BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE “Scream Aim Fire” (Metalcore)
BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE “The Poison Live at Brixton (DVD)” (Metalcore)
BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE “Hand Of Blood – Live at Brixton” (Metalcore)
BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE “The Poison” (Metalcore)
BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE “same (EP)” (Emo-/Metalcore)
BULLETHOLE “Incarceration” (Nu Metal/Thrash Core)
BULLETMONKS “Royal Flush On The Titanic” (Heavy/Rock’n’Roll)
BULLETMONKS, THE “Weapons of Mass Destruction” (Rock’n’Roll)
BULLETS AND OCTANE “Laughing in the Face of Failure” (Punk’n’Roll)
BULWARK “Variances” (Thrash/Death Metal)
BUNKER 66 “Chained down in dirt” (Black Thrash)
BUNKER 66 “Screaming Rock Believers” (Black Speed Metal)
BURDEN “A Hole in the Shell” (Stoner Rock)
BURDEN “Man of No Account (7″ Single)” (Stoner Rock)
BURDEN OF GRIEF “Death End Road” (Melodic Death/Thrash Metal)
BURDEN OF GRIEF “Fields Of Salvation” (Melodic Death/Thrash Metal)
BURDEN OF GRIEF “On darker trails” (Melodic Death/Thrash Metal)
BURDEN OF LIFE “In the wake of my demise” (Melodic Death Metal)
BURDEN OF LIFE “Ashes Of Life” (Melodic Death/Dark Metal)
BURIAL HORDES “Devotion to unholy creed” (Black Metal)
BURIAL VAULT “Ekpyrosis (Periodic Destruction)” (Melodic Death Metal)
BURIAL VAULT “Come to grief (EP)” (Melodic Death Metal)
BURIAL VAULT “…There Is No Resort (EP)” (Melodic Death Metal)
BURIED GOD “Dark Revelation” (Death/Thrash)
BURIED TIME “Innocence Gone” (Dark Prog Heavy Metal)
BURIED TIME “This is the request for silence” (Gothic Rock)
BURKHARTSVINTER “Hohenkrähen” (Black Metal)
BURKHARTSVINTER “Burkartsmal” (Black Metal)
BURNING, THE “Storm the Walls” (Thrash Metal)
BURNING BUTTHAIRS “Impulse to Exhume” (Death/Grind Metal)
BURNING GATES “The Ritual Will Never Die” (Goth Rock)
BURNING POINT “Empyre” (Power Metal)
BURNING POINT “Burned down the Enemy” (Power Metal)
BURNING SAVIOURS “Boken om förbannelsen” (Stoner / Doom Rock)
BURNOUTS, THE “Close to breakevil” (Punk Rock’n’Roll)
BURNT BY THE SUN “The perfect is the enemy of the good” (Metalcore)
BURST “Prey on life” (Death Metal/Hardcore)
BURST OF FIRE “This creation” (Metal Core)
BURY MY REGRETS “Embrace | Overcome” (Metalcore)
BURZUM “Fallen” (Black Metal)
BUSH, STAN “Shine” (Melodic Rock)
BUSH, STAN “Language of the heart” (Melodic Rock)
BUSTERS, THE “Das Konzert für die Ewigkeit (DVD)” (Ska)
BUTCHER “Welcome To The Night” (Heavy Metal)
BUTTERFLY MESSIAH “Eternal” (Wave/Synth Pop)
BUZZ DEES “Icke” (Rock)
BY BRUTE FORCE “…with Intend to Destroy…” (Death/Grind Metal)
BY THE PATIENT “Catenation Of Adversity” (Death Metal)
BYFROST “Black Earth” (Thrash/Black Metal)
BYRD “Flying behind the 9” (Symphonic Progressive Metal)
BYZANTINE “The Fundamental Component” (Death/Thrash Metal).