Reviews :: M

M.A.D. „Manical Area Damage“ (Hard Rock)
M.A.D. „The Sentence Remains… 1119“ (Gothic/Femal Rock)
M.A.N. „Obey. Consume. Reject“ (New Metal)
M.I.GOD. „bionic“ (Cyber Metal)
M. W. WILD „The Third Decade“ (Gothic Rock)
M. WALKING ON THE WATER „Flowers For The Departed“ (Indie Rock)
M!R!M „It´s Not Enough Anymore (EP)“ (Post Punk)
MABON „Stampede of the Damned“ (Thrash Metal)
MABON „Eye for an Eye“ (Thrash Metal)
MABUS „Handmade“ (Death Metal)
MACABRE „Unabomber“ (MCD)
MACABRE „Dahmer“
MACABRE OMEN „Gods of war – At war“ (Black Pagan Metal)
MACBETH „Neo Gothic Propaganda“ (Gothic Metal/Symphonic Rock-Pop)
MACBETH „Macbeth“ (Heavy Metal)
MACH FOX „The Sky Is Falling (EP)“ (Gothic / Elektropunk)
MACH FOX „Nu Dead Pretty (EP)“ (Gothic)
MACHETE, THE „Untrue“ (Modern Metal)
MACHETE, THE „Regression“ (Thrash Metal)
MACHINAE SUPREMEMACY „Rise of a Digital Nation“ (Power/Melodic Metal)
MACHINAE SUPREMACY „Overworld“ (Modern Metal)
MACHINAE SUPREMACY „Redeemer“ (Metal/Alternative Rock)
MACHINE, THE „Offblast!“ (Psychedelic Stoner Rock)
MACHINE, THE „Calmer than you are“ (Psychedelic Stoner Rock)
MACHINE, THE „Drie“ (Psychedelic Stoner Rock)
MACHINE HEAD „Catharsis“ (Metal)
MACHINE HEAD „Through the ashes of empires“ (Thrash Metal)
MACHINE HEAD „Hellalive“ (Thrash Metal)
MACHINE HEAD „Supercharger“ (Hard Core/Metal)
MACHINE MEN „Elegies“ (Heavy/Melodic Metal)
MACHINE MEN „Scars & Wounds“ (Heavy/Melodic Metal)
MACHINERY „The Passing“ (Death/Thrash/Heavy Metal)
MACHINERY „Degenaration“ (Power Metal)
MACHINERY OF JOY „On The Verge Of Sleep“ (Psychedelic E-Dark Rock)
MAD DOG COLE „Son Of Satan“ (Psychobilly)
MAD MAX „Here we are“ (Hard Rock)
MADAME B „Shadows“ (Experimental / Post Punk)
MADAME B “From Darkness, The Light” (Post Punk)
MADDER MORTEM „Eight Ways“ (Female Dark Metal)
MADDER MORTEM „Desiderata“ (Dark Metal)
MADDER MORTEM „Deadlands“ (Gothic Metal)
MADDER MORTEM „All flesh is grass“ (Dark Metal)
MADE OF HATE „Bullet in your Head“ (Thrash/Power Metal)
MADE OF IRON „King of all kings“ (Heavy Metal)
MADE OF IRON „same“ (Heavy Metal)
MADELEINE LE ROY :: Kalender 2014
MADONAGUN „Resurrect On The Razor Edge“ (Metal)
MÄGO DE OZ „Belfast“ (Folk Metal)
MÄGO DE OZ „Gaia“ (Heavy Metal)
MÄGO DE OZ „Fölktergeist“ (Heavy/Folk Metal)
MAEL MÓRDHA „Manannán“ (Doom/Folk Metal)
MAGELLAN „Hundred years flood“ (Prog Rock)
MAGENTA „little lost girl“ (Alternative Wave)
MAGGOTS, THE „This condition is incurrable“ (Punk Rock)
MAGICA „Wolves & Witches“ (Female Symphonic Metal)
MAGMA RISE „The lazy Streams of Steel“ (Stoner Rock)
MAGNA MORTALIS „Onward“ (Death Metal)
MAGNETIX, THE „Rabbit The Robot , Robot The Rocket“ (Psychobilly)
MAGNETIX, THE „Boo-Bop-A-Boo“ (Psychobilly)
MAGNOLIA „Failure“ (Prog Metal)
MAGNUM „On Christmas Day“ (Hard Rock)
MAGNUM „Wings of Heaven Live“ (Hard Rock)
MAGNUM „Princess Alice and the Broken Arrow“ (Hard Rock)
MAGNUM „Brand New Morning“ (Hard Rock)
MAGNUM „Breath of life Stain“ (Hard Rock)
MAGNUS „Acceptance of Death“ (Thrash/Death Metal)
MAHAVATAR „Demo2000“
MAÏEUTISTE „Maieutiste“ (Doom/Black Metal)
MAIM „Deceased To Exist“ (Death Metal)
MAINPOINT „Black Traveller“ (Goth’n’Roll)
MAINPOINT „Under water“ (Goth’n’Roll)
MAINPOINT „Planet Paradise“ (Goth Rock)
MAITREYA „New World Prophecy“ (Melodic Death Metal)
MAJESTIC „Trinity Overture“
MAJESTIC DOWNFALL „Temple Of Guilt“ (Doom Metal)
MAJESTY „Reign in glory“ (Heavy Metal)
MAJESTY „Sword & Sorcery“ (True Metal)
MAJESTY OF SILENCE „Zu Dunkel Für Das Licht“ (Black/Dark Metal)
MAJESTY OF SILENCE „but there’s a light“ (Dark Metal)
MAJORVOICE „Morgenrot“ (Rock Oper/ Dark Pop)
MALADIE „Plague Within“ (Black Metal)
MALAKWA „Street Preacher“ (Industrial / Post Punk)
MALEDICTA „Eruption from inside“ (Avantgarde Dark Metal)
MALEFACTOR „Death falls silent“ (Prog Death Metal)
MALEVOLENT CREATION „Doomsday X“ (Death Metal)
MALFEITOR „Unio Mystica Maxima“ (Black Metal)
MALEFICIO „Go To Hell“ (Death Metal)
MALIGNAMENT „Hypocrisis Absolution“ (Melodic Black Metal)
MALIGNAMENT „Demo I“ (Melodic Black Metal)
MALIGNANT TUMOUR „Overdose & Overdrive“ (Crust’n’Roll)
MALLEUS MALEFICARUM „Des bibles, des hymnes, des icones ..“ (Nihilist Black Metal)
MALLEUS MALEFICARUM „Taedium vitae“ (Black Metal)
MALMSTEEN, YNGWIE „Inspiration“ (Hard Rock)
MALMSTEEN, YNGWIE „Magnus Opus“ (Hard Rock)
MALMSTEEN, YNGWIE „The seventh sign“ (Hard Rock)
MALMSTEEN’s RISING FORCE „Attack!!“ (Hard Rock)
MALNÀTT „La Voce Dei Morti“ (Black Metal)
MALNÀTT „Carmina Pagana“ (Epic Pagan/Black Metal)
MALPRACTICE „Triangular“ (Progressive Power Metal)
MALRUN „Beauty in Chaos“ (Modern Rock)
MALSAIN „The Disease“ (Black Metal)
MALSAIN „They Never Die“ (Black Metal)
MALUMMEH „Revival“ (Melodic Death/Thrash Metal)
MALUS „Looking Through The Horrorglass“ (Horror/Black Metal)
MALUS „The Beauty Of Doom“ (Black Metal)
MAMBO KURT „Spiel Heimorgel Spiel“ (Orgelsounds from Hell)
MAMMOTH MAMMOTH „Mammoth bloody Mammoth“ (Stoner Rock)
MAMMUTANT „New World Disorder“ (Industrial Metal)
MAN.MACHINE.INDUSTRY „Lean back, relax and watch the world burn“ (Industrial Rock)
MANA ERG „Idiosyncratic“ (Experimental)
MANA ERG „borderlines“ (Ethno Elektro Pop)
MANA PRIME „inner“ (Metal)
MANATARK „Chaos Engine“ (Black Metal)
MANDYLION „Die erste Zeit“ (Goth Rock)
MANDRAGORA „Waves of Steel“ (Heavy Metal)
MANDRAGORA „First Attack“ (Heavy Metal)
MANDRAGORA „Steel Metal“ (Heavy Metal)
MANDRAGORA SCREAM „Volturna“ (Gothic/Elektro Metal)
MANDRAGORA SCREAM „Madhouse“ (Gothic Metal)
MANDRAKE „Innocence Weakness“ (Goth Rock/Metal)
MANDRAKE „Mary Celeste“ (Goth Metal)
MANDRAKE „The balance of blue“ (Goth Metal)
MANDRAKE „Calm the seas“ (Gothic/Death Metal)
MANDRAKE „entwine“ (Gothic Metal)
MANDRAKE „Forever“
MANDYLION „Schattenschlag“ (Gothic)
MANDYLION „Morituri“ (Goth Rock/Doom)
MÅNEGARM „Månegarm“ (Viking/Folk Metal)
MANES „How The World Came To An End“ (Progressive Rock/Elektronik)
MANGLED „Most painful ways“ (Death Metal)
MANIAC SAINT „One“ (Heavy Metal)
MANIAK „Black Thrashing Genocide“ (Thrash/Black Metal)
MANIC MOVEMENT „Thousand Sufferings“
MANIFEST „…And For This We Should Be Damned?“ (Grooviger Thrash Metal)
MANIFEST „Written in Blood“ (Thrash Metal)
MANIFEST „Half Past Violence“ (Metalcore)
MANILLA ROAD „Atlantis Rising“ (Epic Metal)
MANILLA ROAD „Crystal Logic“
MANITOU „Deadlock“ (Power Metal)
MANNGARD „European Cowards“ (Extreme Metal)
MANNGARD „Circling Buzzards“ (Thrash Metal)
MANNHAI „The Exploder“ (Stoner Rock/Rock’n’Roll)
MANNTIS „Sleep your Grave“ (Metalcore)
MANNY CHARLTON BAND „Stonkin“ (Rock/Hard Rock)
MANOS „Genocide“ (Grind/Death Metal)
MANOS „Living Burial“
MANOWAR „Kings Of Metal MMXIV – Silver Edition“ (True Metal)
MANOWAR „The Lord Of Steel – LIVE (EP)“ (True Metal)
MANOWAR „The Lord of Steel“ (True Metal)
MANOWAR „Hell on earth Part III (2-DVD)“ (True Metal)
MANTAR „Ode To The Flame“ (Metal)
MANTICORA „The Black Circus Part 1 – Letters“ (Epic Prog/Power Metal)
MANTICORA „8 Deadly Sins“ (Epic Prog/Power Metal)
MANTICORA „Hyperion“ (Epic Power Metal)
MANTICORA „Darkness with tales to tell“ (Heavy/Power Metal)
MANTUS „Katharsis / Pagan Folk Songs“ (Gothic)
MANTUS „Staub & Asche“ (Gothic)
MANTUS „Melancholia“ (Gothic)
MANTUS „Refugium“ (Dark Wave / Gothic)
MANTUS „Demut“ (Gothic)
MANTUS „Fremde Welten“ (Schwarze Romantik)
MANTUS „Abschied“ (Dark Wave)
MANTUS „Liebe und Tod“
MANUFACTURER’S PRIDE „Sound Of God’s Absence“ (Atmospheric Dark/Death Metal)
MAPLE CROSS „Next chapter“ (Death/Thrash Metal)
MAR DE GRISES „Draining The Waterheart“ (Melodic Avant-Doom/Death Metal)
MAR DE GRISES „The tatterdemalion Express“ (Doom Metal)
MARBLEWOOD „Marblewood“ (70s/Stoner Rock)
MARC RIZZO „Colossal Myopia“ (Instrumental Metal)
MARCELLA AND THE FORGET-ME-NOTS „Born Beautiful“ (Alternative / Lyrik / Rock)
MARCELLA AND THE FORGET ME NOTS „Monster Mae“ (Cabaret, Obscures Theatre)
MARCH OF HEROES „La Chute“ (Dark Ambient, Neoclassic)
MARCHE FUNEBRE „Roots of Grief“ (Death / Doom Metal)
MARCHE FUNEBRE „To drown“ (Death / Doom Metal)
MARCUS HOOK ROLL BAND „Tales of Old Grand-Daddy“ (Classic Rock)
MARDUK „ROM 5:12“ (Black Metal)
MARDUK „Plague Angel“ (Black Metal)
MARDUK „World funeral“ (Black Metal)
MARDUK „La Grande Danse Macabre“ (Black Metal)
MARDUK „Infernal eternal“
MARIA SOLHEIM „behind the closed doors“ (Alternativ Pop)
MARIA SOLHEIM „Barefoot“ (Alternative Wave)
MARIANAS REST „Ruins“ (Melancholic Death/Gothic Metal)
MARIANAS REST „Horror Vacui“ (Dark/Gothic/Doom Metal)
MARILLION „Sounds that can’t be made“ (Art Rock)
MARIONETTE „Nerve“ (Melodic Death Metal/Core)
MARIONETTE „Enemies“ (Melodic Death Metal)
MAROON „When Worlds Collide“ (Metalcore)
MARSHALL LAW „Razorhead“ (Power Metal)
MARTENS ARMY „Ein kleines bißchen Violence“ (Punk)
MARTIAL DEATH / CONTRAPROICA „Vom Chaoz in den Tod (Split cd)“ (Black Metal)
MARTIN KESICI „So what…?! EmKay2“ (Modern Rock)
MARTIN ORFORD „The Old Road“ (Progressive Rock)
MARTRIDEN „The Unsettling Dark“ (Black Metal)
MARTRIDEN „Martriden (MCD)“ (Black/Death Metal)
MARTYR „Murder X“
MARTYRDÖD „Hexhammaren“ (Crust)
MARTYRIUM, THE „Einsamkeit“ (Black Metal)
MARTYRS SHRINE „Martyrs Shrine“ (Death/Thrash Metal)
MARY’S BARD (AND FRIENDS) „Oh, you can sing like an irishman…“ (Irish Folk)
MARY’S COMIC „Perfect Vacation“ (Wave Pop)
MARYLIN MANSON „The Pale Emperor“ (Goth / Rock)
MARILYN MANSON „Born Villain“ (Dark/Industrial Rock/Metal)
MARYSLIM „Split Vision“ (Rock)
MARYSLIM „Live ’n‘ loaded“ (Punk/Rock’n’Roll)
MASI, ALEX „Eternal Struggle“ (Prog Metal)
MASK „Pride“ (Gothic Rock/Electro)
MASKA GENETIK „Strada“ (Industrial / Angst Pop)
MASONS, THE vs. SMALLSTONE „Rare Loud Live“ (Rock’n’Roll)
MASQUERADER „Through Time And Space“ (Heavy Metal)
MASS EXTINCTION „Creation’s Undone“ (Thrash Metal)
MASS HYPNOSIS „Disin4mation“ (Death Metal)
MASS HYSTERIA „Contraddiction“
MASS INFECTION „Atonement for Iniquity“ (Death Metal)
MASSEMORD „12 years of mass murdes“ (Avantgarde Black Metal)
MASSENDEFEKT „Tangodiesel“ (Punk Rock)
MASSIV IN MENSCH „Am Port der guten Hoffnung“ (Electro)
MASSIV IN MENSCH „The Cortex Zero Effect“ (Electro / Future Pop)
MASSIV IN MENSCH „Niemand weiss, was die Zukunft bringt“ (Electro / EBM)
MASSIV IN MENSCH „Clubber Lang“ (Elektro)
MASSIV IN MENSCH „Menschdefekt“ (Elektro)
MASSIVE ASSAULT „Mortar“ (Death Metal)
MASSIVE ASSAULT „Death Strike“ (Death Metal)
MASTER „An Epiphany Of Hate“ (Death Metal)
MASTER „The Witchhunt“ (Death Metal)
MASTER „The spirit of the west“ (Death Metal)
MASTER „Let’s start a war“ (Death Metal)
MASTERIIS „Dødsdom“ (Black Metal)
MASTERPLAN „MK II“ (Melodic Power Metal)
MASTERPROJEKT2 „Welcome to the unexpected“
MASTERSTROKE „Broken“ (Power Metal)
MASTERSTROKE „As Days Grow Darker“ (Power Metal)
MASTERSTROKE „Sleep“ (Power Metal)
MASTERS OF REALITY „Give us Barabbas“ (Rock)
MASTERS OF REALITY „Flak and flight – live“ (Hard/Stoner Rock)
MASTERS OF REALITY „deep in the hole“ (Rock/Stoner Rock)
MASTIPHAL „Parvzya“ (Black Metal)
MASTODON „Cold Dark Place“ (Progressive Metal)
MASTODON „Emperor Of Sand“ (Progressive Metal)
MASTODON „Remission“ (Misch Metal/Hardcore)
MASTODON „Lifesblood“ (Thrash/Grind/Death Metal)
MATHYR „Kryos“ (Death/Black Metal)
MATHYR „Mandraenken“ (Black/Death Metal)
MATORE „Crocodile Tears“ (Emotional Ballad Pop)
MATT BOROFF „sweet Hand of Fate“ (Indie Dark Rock)
MATT ROEHR „Uhad2bthere-Live Bootleg Vol. 1“ (Rock)
MATT SPRINGFIELD „Erase All Data“ (New Wave / Pop)
MAUDLIN THE WELL „Bath“ & „Leaving your Body map“ (Gothic/Black Metal)
MAUSOLEUM GATE „Into a dark divinity“ (Hard Rock / Heavy Metal)
MAUSOLEUM GATE „Metal and the Might“ (Heavy Metal)
MAVORIM „Aasfresser (EP)“ (Epic/Melodic Black Metal)
MAX MIDSUN „Max the 1st“ (Alternative Rock)
MAXXWELL „Dogz on Dope“ (Hard Rock)
MAY RESULT „Slava Smrti“ (Black Metal)
MAY RESULT „Tmina“ (Black/Dark Metal)
MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU „The Barrier“ (Hardcore/Metal/Thrash Metal)
MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU „Discometal Youth e.p.“ (Metalcore)
MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU „Demmo 2005“ (Modern Metal)
MAYAK „Mayak“ (Metal)
MAYHEM „De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Alive“ (Black Metal)
MAZE OF TORMENT „The unmarked graves“ (Death/Thrash Metal)
MCQUEEN „Break The Silence“ (Crossover/Speed Rock)
MCRACKINS „It Ain`t Over Easy“ (Punkrock)
MDM „Modern Digital Militia“ (Industrial Metal / Elektro)
ME.MAN.MACHINE. „Reviver“ (Alternative)
ME AND THE WHITE TIGER „Pod Music (EP)“ (Elektro Pop)
ME THE TIGER „Vitriolic“ (Synth Rock)
MEAVE OF CONNACHT „Imaginery Tales“ (Klassik/Melodic Metal)
MECCA „same“ (Melodic Rock)
MEDDLSTADL „Volksmetall (EP)“ (Deutsch/Volks Metal)
MECHANICAL CABARET „Disco Vandalisim“ (Electro)
MECHANICAL GOD CREATION „Artifact Of Annihilation“ (Death Metal)
MECHANICAL MOTH „fallen into you“ (Elektro/Industrial Wave)
MECHANIX „New World Underground“ (Speed / Thrash Metal)
MECHANIX „History Re-Rotten“ (Speed/Thrash Metal)
MEDIAVOLO „A secret sound“ (Romantic Wave)
MEDICATION „Prince Valium“ (New Metal)
MEDUZA „Upon the world“ (Power/Neoclassic Metal)
MEDUZA „Now and forever“ (Power Metal)
MEDUSA’S CHILD „Damnatio Memoriae“ (Melodic Metal)
MEDUSA’S CHILD „Immortal…mind cogesion“ (Dark Power Metal)
MEGADETH „The System Has Failed“ (Heavy/Speed Metal)
MEGADUMP „Futura“ (Future Pop)
MEGADUMP „Alles, was du willst“ (Elektro/EBM)
MEGADUMP „feed me, fuck me, kill me“
MEGAHERZ „Erdwärts (EP)“ (NDH)
MEGAHERZ „Zombieland“ (NDH)
MEGAHERZ „Götterdämmerung“ (NDH)
MEGAHERZ „Heuchler“ (NDH / Dark Rock)
MEGAHERZ „5“ (NDH/Dark Rock)
MEGAHERZ „Herzwerk II“ (NDH/Modern Rock)
MEGAHERZ „Querschnitt“ (NDH)
MEGAHERZ „Himmelfahrt“
MEGASCAVENGER „As Dytopia Beckons“ (Death Metal)
MEHIDA „Blood & Water“ (Prog/Melodic Metal)
MEIN KOPF IST EIN BRUTALER ORT „Neue Deutsche Schelle“ (Metal)
MEINHARD „Alchemusic 1-Solve“ (GlamGothRockSteampunk)
MEINHARD „Beyond Wonderland“ (Gothic Caberet/Musik-Drama)
MEISTERZWERG „Die seltnen Orte“ (Epic Dark Romantic)
MEKANIK DISORDER „Cold & Strong“ (Old School EBM)
MEKIGAH „Litost“ (Dark Ambient Doom)
MEKONG DELTA „The Wanderer on the Edge of Time“ (Progressive Metal)
MEKONG DELTA „Lurking Fear“ (Prog Metal)
MELDRUM „Loaded mental cannon“ (Heavy Rock)
MELECHESCH „Emissaries“ (Mesopotamian Black Metal)
MELENCHOLIA ESTATICA „Melencholia Estatica“ (Black Metal)
MELIAH RAGE „Barely Human 2-CD“ (Heavy/Power Metal)
MELKOR „Irrlicht“ (Atmospheric Black Metal)
MELOTRON „cliche“ (Elektro Pop)
MELOTRON „Wenn wir wollten“ (Elektro Pop)
MELOTRON „Sternenstaub“ (Synthie Pop)
MELOTRON „Kein Problem (MCD)“ (Synthie Pop)
MELOTRON „Folge mir ins Licht (MCD)“ (Electro Pop)
MELOTRON „Weltfrieden“ (Elektro Pop)
MELOTRON „gib mir alles (MCD)“ (NDW Wave)
MELT-BANANA „cell-scape“ (Elektro Punk Metal)
MELY „Portrait ofa Porselain Doll“ (Dark Metal)
MELY „…leave and enter empty rooms…“ (Dark Wave Metal)
MEMBARIS „Misantrosophie“ (Black Metal)
MEMBARIS „Grenzgänger“ (Black Metal)
MEMBRANE „Utility of Useless Things“ (Noisy Core)
MEMORIAL „Enter my Megaron“
MEMORIAM „The Silent Vigil“ (Death Metal)
MEMORIAM „For The Fallen“ (Death Metal)
MEMORIAM „The Hellfire Demos II“ (Death Metal)
MEMORIAL PARK „The Skies Beyond“ (Melodic Death/Dark Metal)
MEMORIZED DREAMS „Theater of Life“ (Melodic Power Metal)
MEMORY GARDEN „Tides (Re-release)“ (Power Doom Metal)
MEMORY GARDEN „Carnage Carnival“ (Power Doom Metal)
MEN OF WAR „Hail to Bännjerländ“ (True Metal)
MENA BRINNO „Wicked Polly“ (Folk/Heavy Metal)
MENCEA „Dark Matter, Energy Noir“ (Modern Metal)
MENHIR „Hildebrandslied“ (Epic Pagan Metal)
MENNEN „Planet Black“ (Hard Rock)
MENSCHDEFEKT „The Human Parasite“ (Industrial, Electro)
MENTAL CAPTIVITY „Perspective of reality“ (Melodic Metal)
MENTAL DISCIPLINE „Fallen Stars“ EP (Electro Pop)
MENTAL HORROR „Blemished Redemption“ (Death Metal)
MENTAL VORTEX „Montauk“ (Power/Thrash Metal)
MENTALLO & THE FIXER „Zothera“ (Electro / Industrial)
MENTALLO & THE FIXER „Music From The Eather“ 2CD (Electro)
MENTALLO & THE FIXER „Enlightment through a Chemical Catalyst“(Elektro/ Ambient/ Trip Hop)
MENTALLO & THE FIXER „return to grimpen ward“ (Industrial)
MENTALLO & THE FIXER „Love is the law“
MEPHISTO WALZ „Insidious“ (Female Goth Rock)
MEPHISTO WALZ „Insidious“ (Goth Rock)
MEPHISTOPHELES „Death unveiled“ (Black/Death/Thrash Metal)
MEPHISTOPHELES „Modern Instinct’s Purity“ (Black/Death Metal)
MEPHISTOPHELES „Songs of the desolate ones“
MEPHORASH „Shem Ha Mephorash“ (Symphonic/Okkult Black Metal)
MERAUDER „God is I“ (Hardcore)
MERAUDER „Five Deadly Venoms“
MERCENARY „the hours that remain“ (Prog Death/Power Metal)
MERCENARY „11 Dreams“ (Melodic Death/Power Metal)
MERCENARY „everblack“ (Melodic Death/Power Metal)
MERCILESS „Live Obsession (2-DVD)“ (Death/Thrash Metal)
MERCILESS „merciless“ (Death/Thrash Metal)
MERCIFUL NUNS „A-U-M“ (Gothic Rock)
MERCIFUL NUNS „Meteora“ (Post Goth Rock)
MERCIFUL NUNS „Exosphere VI“ (Goth Rock)
MERCIFUL NUNS „Xibalba III“ (Gothic Rock)
MERCIFUL NUNS „Hypogeum II“ (Gothic Rock)
MERCURY CIRCLE „Killing Moons“ (Atmospheric Gothic Metal)
MERCURY TIDE „Why?“ (Straight Prog Rock)
MERCYLESS „Sure to be pure“
MERENDINE ATOMICHE „Raw“ (Heavy Modern Metal)
MERGEL KRATZER „Isotop“ (Electronica / Industrial)
MERLONS LICHTER „Lust“ (Indie Folk)
MESCALINE BABIES, THE „Crush“ (Deathrock)
MESCALINE BABIES, THE „Unlistenable EP“ (Post Punk / Batcave)
MESH „Automation, Baby“ (Electro)
MESH „How Long“ (Alternativ / Electro / Rock)
MESHUGGAH „Immutable“ (Djent)
MESHUGGAH „The Violent Sleep Of Reason“ (verrückter Metal)
MESMERIZED „Coronation“ (Black/Death Metal)
MESSENGER „Under the Sign“ (Heavy Metal)
MESSENGER „Feel the fire“ (Heavy Metal)
MESSIAH’S KISS „Dragonheart“ (Heavy/True Metal)
MESSIAH’S KISS „Metal“ (Heavy Metal)
MESSIAH’S KISS „Prayer for the dying“ (Heavy Metal)
METAMORPHOSIS „Creation in revere“ (Black/Death Metal)
METAL CHURCH „Dynamo Classic Concerts 1991“ (Metal)
METAL CHURCH „A Light in the Dark“ (Power Metal)
METAL CHURCH „The Weight Of The World“ (Heavy/Power Metal)
METALETY „Radio Apocalypse“ (Power/Thrash Metal)
METALIUM „Nothing to Undo – Chapter VI“ (Power Metal)
METALIUM „Metalian Attack – part two (DVD)“ (Heavy Metal)
METALIUM „Demons Of Insanity – Chapter Five“ (Heavy Metal)
METALIUM „As One – Chapter Four“ (Heavy Metal)
METALIUM „Hero Nation – Chapter Three“ (Heavy Metal)
METALLICA „Through the Never“ (Thrash Metal)
METALLICA „Broken, Beat & Scarred (MCD)“ (Thrash Metal)
METALLICA „All Nightmare Long (MCD)“ (Thrash Metal)
METALLSPÜRHUNDE „Moloch“ (Independent / Electro)
METALWINGS „For All Beyond“ (Female Symphonic/Gothic Metal)
METAMORPHOSIS „Born Of Might“ (Dark Metal)
METATRONE „The Powerful Hand“ (Power Metal)
METEORS, THE „Doing The Lord’s Work“ (Psychobilly)
METROLAND „Things Will Never Sound The Same Again“ (Electro)
METSATÖLL „Ulg“ (Folk Metal)
METSATöLL „Terast mis hangund me hinge“ (Epic/Folk Heavy Metal)
METSATöLL „Curse Upon Iron“ (Epic/Folk Heavy Metal)
MEVADIO „Fresh Kill Daily“ (Metalcore)
MEVADIO „Hands down“ (Alternative Metal/Metalcore)
MEZARKABUL „Unspoken“ (Heavy Metal)
MEZZERSCHMITT „Weltherrschaft“ (Black Metal)
MG66 „In the House of Liv“ (Thrash’n’Roll)
M.I.GOD „Ages of the sun“ (Cyber Thrash)
MIASMATIC NECROSIS „Apex Profane“ (Goregrind)
MIAZMA „Miazma“ (Gothic Rock)
MICHAEL GILL „Blues for Lazarus“ (Progressive Rock)
MICHAEL HARRIS „Words collide“ (Prog Metal)
MICHAEL IDEHALL „No Man`s Land“ (Industrial)
MICHAEL SCHENKER „Forever and more“ (Hard Rock)
MICHY REINCKE „Jetzt ist schön“ (Deutsch Pop)
MIDAS FACTORY „this time flowers grow“ (Wave Rock/Cold Wave)
MIDRIFF „Broken Dreams“ (Rock) + „Blackout“ (Acoustic Rock)
MIDNATTSOL „Nordlys“ (Nordic Folk Metal)
MIDNIGHT CONFIGURATION „Sepulchre Rose“ (Elektro Wave)
MIDNIGHT ODYSSEY „Silhouettes Of Stars“ (Black Metal)
MIDNITE CLUB „Running out of lies“ (Melodic/Hard Rock)
MIDWINTER (D) „Between Wisdom And Lunacy“ (Heavy Black Metal)
MIDWINTER (D) „Astral Mirrors“ (Dark/Black Metal)
MIDWINTER (D) „Loss of Light“
MIDWINTER (F) „The Glassy Waters“ (Female/Gothic Metal)
MIEL NOIR „Honey & Ash“ (Industrial / Neoclassic)
MIGHT „Might“ (Alternative / Doom / Stoner)
MIGHT OF LILITH „Dawn Of The End“ (Black Metal)
MIGHTIEST „Sojourn In The Rising Darkness (7″)“ (Black Metal)
MIGHTY D. „In the sad valley of tears“
MIGHTY ONE, THE „Torch Of Rock And Roll“ (Hardrock)
MIGNON „Kiss of Death“ (Rock)
MIKE TRAMP & THE ROCK’N’ROLL CIRCUZ „Stand your Ground“ (Rock)
MIKE ZERO – Now (Punk Rock)
MIKEYLA „Something like that“ (Pop Rock)
MILA MAR „picnic on the moon“ (Melancholic Wave)
MILA MAR „Elfensex“
MILITIA CHRISTI „ordo melitia templi“ (Gohtic)
MILLENCOLLIN „Home from home“ (Punk Rock)
MILLENIUM „Jericho“ (Heavy Metal)
MILLENIUM „Hourglass“
MILLION „Kingsize“ (Melodic Heavy Rock)
MILÚ „longing speks with many tongues“ (Melancholie Wave/Pop)
MILÚ „No future aus Gold“ (Melancholie Pop)
MILÚ „Aus Gold“ (Melancholie Pop)
MIMOSIS „I am the Grave“ (Death Metal)
MINAS MORGUL „Heimkehr“ (Atmospheric/Melodic Pagan/Black Metal)
MINAS MORGUL „Kult“ (Black Metal)
MINAS MORGUL „Ära“ (Pagan Metal)
MINAS MORGUL „Aus Blut Gemacht“ (Black/Death Metal)
MINAS MORGUL „Todesschwadron Ost“ (Pagan Metal)
MIND.AREA „Maze“ (Electro)
MIND.AREA „Long distance side trip“ (Electro / Industrial)
MIND.IN.A.BOX. „Revelations“ (Elektro)
MIND ODYSSEY „Time to change it“ (Melodic Metal)
MIND RIPPER „Kahos Humana“ (Pagan Black Metal)
MIND SNARE „Black Crystal Sun“ (Death Metal)
MIND’S EYE „A Work of Art“ (Prog Rock)
MINDCRIME „Tourniquet Sleep“ (Dark/Melodic Metal)
MINDCRIME „Never like forever“+“Burning glass“ (Dark/Melodic Metal)
MINDFIELD „Be-Low“ (Dark Metal’n’Roll)
MINDGRINDER „Mindtech“ (Industrial Death Metal)
MINDREAPER „Human Edge (…To The Abyss)“ (Thrash Metal)
MINDSTRIP „Beautiful Liar“ (Alternative / Synth Pop)
MINDWISE „The midnight spiral“ (Alternativ Rock)
MINERVE „Repleased“ (Electro-Pop)
MINERVE „Please“ (Electro Pop)
MINERVE „sensefiction“ (Elektro Pop)
MINERVE „Breathing avenue“ (Elektro/Synth Pop)
MINHYRIATH „Grohnd“ (Pagan/Folk Metal)
MINISTRY „Last Tangle in Paris-Live 2012 Defibrillatour“ (Industrial Metal)
MINISTRY „From Beer To Eternity“ (Industrial Metal)
MINISTRY :: Enjoy The Quiet – Live At Wacken 2012 (Industrial Metal)
MINISTRY „Adios…Puta Madres (DVD)“ (Industrial)
MINISTRY „Cover Up“ (Industrial Rock)
MINISTRY „The Last Sucker“ (Industrial Metal)
MINISTRY „Rio Grande Blood“ (Brachial Industrial Rock)
MINOR BIRDS „The Alchemist“ (Heavenly Voices/Folk/Klassik/Romantik)
MINOR UTOPIA „Withering In The Concrete“ (Industrial Metal)
MINOTAUR HEAD „Minotaur Head“ (Death/Doom Metal)
MINOTAURO „Master of the Sea“ (Symphonic Metal)
MINOTAURUS „Myth or Reality“ (Celtic Folk Metal)
MINUSHEART „The Big Idea“ (Electro)
MINSK SECURITY „Rebornation“ (Heavy/Thrash Metal)
MINUSHEART „Calls From Space“ (Electro)
MINUTES, THE „Marcata“ (Rock`n`Roll)
MIREXXX „Vault“ (Electro / Industrial)
MIRIAM „scents“ (Melancholic Wave)
MIRROR OF DECEPTION „The Estuary“ (Doom Metal)
MIRROR OF DECEPTION „A Smouldering Fire“ (Doom Metal)
MIRROR OF DECEPTION „Shards“ (Doom/Dark Metal)
MIRROR OF DECEPTION „Mirrorsoil“ (Dark Doom Metal)
MIRROR QUEEN „Scaffolds of the sky“ (Psychedelic Hard Rock)
MIRRORED IN SECRECY „Breaking Point – 10 Years Of Truth & Devotion“ (Gothic/Dark Metal)
MIRRORED IN SECRECY „Black Halo (EP)“ (Gothic/Dark Metal)
MIRRORED IN SECRECY „Day Of Renewal“ (Gothic Metal)
MIRRORED IN SECRECY „Truth (EP)“ (Gothic Metal)
MIRRORED MIND „at meridian“ (Dark Power Metal)
MIRRORTHRONE „Of wind & weeping“ (Avantgarde Black Metal)
MIRZADEH „The Creatures Of Loviatar“ (Dark/Black Metal)
MIRZADEH „Ancient Rites“ (Dark/Black Metal)
MISANTHROPE „IrremeDiable“ (Melodic Death Metal)
MISANTHROPIC „Reborn“ (Grind/Death Metal)
MISANTHROPIC MIGHT „Menschenhasser“ (Black Metal)
MISANTHROPIA „Everdark“ (Power/Death Metal)
MISBEGOTTEN „Keeping Promises“ (Metalcore)
MISERATION „Your demons – Their angels“ (Melodic Death Metal)
MISERY INC. „yesterday’s grave“ (Dark/Heavy Metal)
MISERY INDEX „Overthrow“ (Death/Grind Metal)
MISERY SPEAKS „Psycho-Trauma-Phobia“ (Thrash/Death Metal)
MISFITS „Cuts from the crypt“ (Punk Rock)
MISFITS „Famous Monsters“
MISFYRE „Nothing should remain“ (Metal)
MISSION, THE „The Final Chapter (DVD)“ (Wave Rock)
MISSION, THE „God is a bullet“ (Wave Rock)
MISSION, THE „Lighting the candles (DVD)“ (Wave Rock)
MISSION, THE „aural delight“ (Wave Rock)
MISSION, THE „Aura“ (Wave Rock)
MIST „Inan“ (Doom)
MIST, THE „Cemetary Gates E.P.“ (Metal)
MIST FROM THE MOUNTAINS, THE „Monumental – The Temple of Twilight“ (Nordic/Folk Black Metal)
MIST OF AVALON, THE „Dinya“ (Wave Rock / Gothic)
MIST OF MISERY „Shackles of Life (EP)“ (Ambient/Symphonic Black Metal)
MISTELTEIN „Divine.Desecrate.Complete“ (Black Metal)
MISTELTEIN „Rape in rapture“
MISTRESS „Mistress“ (Doom Grind Metal)
MISTWEAVER „Age Of Darkness“ (Melodic Death/Dark/Folk Metal)
MISTWEAVER „Dream’s domain“ (Death/Dark/Folk Metal)
MITHOTYN „Gathered around the oaken table“
MITHRAS „Behind the Shadows lie Madness“ (Death Metal)
MITHRAS „Worlds beyond the veil“ (Prog Death/Extreme Metal)
MITHRAS „Forever advancing …… legions“ (Prog Death Metal)
MOB RULES „Ethnolution A.D.“ (Melodic/Power Metal)
MOB RULES „Among the gods“ (Melodic/Power Metal)
MOB RULES „Hollowed be thy name“ (Melodic Metal)
MOBILIZE FOR FINAL „Kiss the wall“ (Elektro Punk)
MODEL KAOS „Ghost Market“ (Gothic Future Pop)
MODERN AGE SLAVERY, THE „Damned to blindness“ (Death Metal/Grindcore)
MODUS OPERANDI „H.erstero“ (Post Punk)
MÖRBID VOMIT „Doctrine Of Violence“ (Death Metal)
MÖRK GRYNING „Tusen år har gått“ (Black Metal)
MÖRK GRYNING „Maelstrom Chaos“ (Black Metal)
MÖRKER „Skuggornas Rike“ (Black Metal)
MÖTLEY CRÜE + Neil Strauss „The Dirt“ (Biographie)
MÖTLEY CRÜE „Carnival of sins (Live)“ (Hard Rock)
MOLASSES „Mourning Haze / Drops of Sunlight“ (Psychedelic Rock)
MOLLLUST „In Deep Waters“ (Symphonic Opera Metal)
MOLLY HATCHET „Justice“ (Southern Rock)
MOLLY HATCHET „25th Anniversary – Best of“ (Southern Rock)
MOLOKEN „Rural“ (Sludge)
MOM’S FAVORITE DUDES „Beschissen ist geprahlt“ (Heavy Punk Rock)
MOMENTUM „The Freak Is Alive“ (Atmosphärischer Post Metal)
MONA MUR / EN ESCH „Do With Me What You Want“ (Electro / Gothic)
MONA MUR „Into your eyes“ (Experimental Dark Pop)
MONARQUE „Blasphèmes Et Cultes Morbides“ (Black Metal)
MONDPROJEKT „Mondprojekt“ (Electro/Atmospheric Metal)
MONDRAGON „The Blessing Of Progress“ (Gothic/Folk Metal)
MONDTRÄUME „Life Is Short“ (Electro)
MONGO NINJA „Nocturnal Neanderthal“ (Hardcore / Thrash / Punk)
MONGO NINJA „No Cunt for Old Man“ (Hardcore / Thrash / Punk)
MONICA RICHARDS (INFRA WARRIOR) „The Strange Familiar (EP)“ (Gothic)
MONKSODA „safe and sound“ (Crossover)
MONO INC. „The Book of Fire“ (Dark/Electro Rock)
MONO INC. „Welcome To Hell“ (Dark/Electro Rock)
MONO INC. „Nimmermehr“ (Gothic, Rock)
MONO INC. „Temple Of The Torn“ (Dark Rock/Elektro Pop)
MONO INC. „Temple Of The Torn (MCD)“ (Goth Rock)
MONO INC. „Head under water“ (Dark Rock/Pop)
MONOBLOCK „KinderAugenBlicke“ (Gothic Metal)
MONOLITH „Dystopia“ (Doom Rock)
MONOLITH DEATHCULT, THE „Trivmvirate“ (Death Metal)
MONOLITH DEATHCULT, THE „The White Crematorium“ (Black/Death Metal)
MONOLITHE „Nebula Septem“ (Dark/Doom Metal)
MONOLITHE „Monolithe II“ (Doom/Death Metal)
MONOX „Perception Changes“ (Death Metal)
MONSTER MAGNET „Monolithic baby!“ (Stoner Rock)
MONSTER MASH „Post Mortem Punk“ (Horrorpunk)
MONSTERS OF THE ORDINARY „On the edge and beyond“ (Stoner Rock)
MONUMENT „Teeth & Tails“ (Post Punk)
MONUMENTUM „ad nauseam“ (Dark Wave-Elektro)
MONTY PYTHON „Almost the Truth – The Lawyer’s Cut (Video-DVD)“ (Comedy)
MOON „Lucifer´s Horns“ (Black/Death Metal)
MOON „Satan’s Wept“
MOON.74 „Newborn“ (Electro-Wave-Pop)
MOON AND THE NIGHTSPIRIT, THE „of Dreams forgotten and fables untold“ (Heavenly Voices/Folk)
MOONBAND, THE „Denavigation“ (Alternative Folk)
MOONCHILD „Nichts ist für immer“ (Dark Pop)
MOONCHILD „somewhere someplace somehow“ (Gothic Rock)
MOONCHILD „Collection“ (Gothic Rock)
MOONCRY „A Mirror’s Diary“ (Dark/Melodic Metal)
MOONFROST „Starfall“ (Black Metal)
MOONFROST „Towards the twilight realm“ (Pagan/Black Metal)
MOONLESS „Calling all Demons“ (Stoner Doom)
MOONLIGHT AGONY „Silent Waters“ (Power Metal)
MOONLIGHT AGONY „Echoes of Nightmare“ (Dark Symphonic Metal)
MOONLIGHT COVE „Hearts Of The World“ (Synthie Pop)
MOONLYGHT „Progressive Darkness“ (Prog Dark Metal)
MOONREICH „Fugue“ (Black Metal)
MOONREICH „Pillars Of Detest“ (Black Metal)
MOONRISE „Ten Flowers For The Shade“ (Wave-Rock / Alternative)
MOONRISE „Blackest Blue“ (Wave Rock)
MOONRISE „end of grace“ (Wave Rock)
MOONSHINE „Songs OF Reqiuem“ (Black/Dark Metal)
MOONSORROW „Varjoina Kuljemme Kuolleiden Maassa“ (Epic Pagan/Dark Metal)
MOONSORROW „Tulimyrsky (EP)“ (Pagan/Folk Metal)
MOONSORROW “ V: Hävitetty“ (Epic Pagan/Dark Metal)
MOONSORROW „Veriskäkeet“ (Epic Pagan/Dark/Folk Metal)
MOONSORROW „Suden Uni“ (Epic Pagan/Folk Metal)
MOONSORROW „Kivenkantala“ (Epic Pagan Metal)
MOONSORROW „Viomasta ja Kunniasta“ (Viking/Folk Metal)
MOONSPELL „Extinct“ (Gothic/Dark Metal)
MOONSPELL „Alpha Noir“ (Dark Metal)
MOONSPELL „Night Eternal“ (Gothic/Dark Metal)
MOONSPELL „Memorial“ (Death/Gothic Metal)
MOONSPELL „The Antidote“ (Goth Metal)
MOONSPELL „darkness and hope“ (Gothic Metal)
MOONSPELL „The butterfly effect“
MOONSTONE PROJECT „Rebel on the Run“ (Hard Rock)
MOR DAGOR „Necropedophilia“ (Black/Death Metal)
MORAN MAGAL „Under Your Bed“ (Gothic Rock)
MORAST „Ancestral Void“ (Death / Doom)
MORBID ANGEL „Kingdoms Disdained“ (Death Metal)
MORBID ANGEL „Heretic“ (Death Metal)
MORBID JESTER „Gates to valhalla“
MORBID POETRY „The dance goes on“ (Gothic Rock)
MORBID SLAUGHTER „A filthy Orgy of Horror and Death“ (Black Thrash)
MORIBUND OBLIVION „K.I.N. – Killer Is Nowhere“ (Black/Melodic Death Metal)
MORBOVIA „The realm of unconcern“
MORDANT „Black Evil Master“ (Black Metal)
MORE MACHINE THAN MAN „Electrolust“ (Cyber Gothic/Industrial Fetisch)
MORFIN „Consumed By Evil“ (Death Metal)
MORFIN „Inoculation“ (Death Metal)
MORGAIN „Abandoned in the Forest of Weariness“ (Goth Doom Metal)
MORGANA LEFAY „Grand Materia“ (Power Metal)
MORGART „Die Schlacht (in acht Sinfonien)“ (Orchestral Dark Metal)
MORGENSTERN „rausch“+“heute ist die Rache mein“ (MA-Metal)
MORGENSTERN „Feuertaufe“
MORGION „Cloaked by ages, crowned in earth“ (Atmospheric Doom)
MORGUE „The process to define the shape of sel-loathing“ (Deathcore)
MORGUE POETRY „In The Absence Of Light“ (Dark Folk/ Folk Noir)
MORGUL „Sketch of supposed murderer“ (Dark/Black Metal)
MORGUL „The Horror Grandeur“
MORIAN „Sentinels of the Sun“ (Rock)
MORIBUND OBLIVION „Manevi“ (Black / Dark Metal)
MORIBUND THIRTEEN AD „Your Funeral my smile“ (Horrorpunk)
MORIDIGAN „Accursed“ (Death Metal)
MORIFADE „Domi<>nation“ (Power Metal)
MORIFADE „Imaginarium“ (Melodic Power Metal)
MORK „Eremittens Dal“ (Black Metal)
MORKRIKET „Hellwards“ (Black Metal)
MORLAS MEMORIA „Follow The Wind“ (Female Fronted Symphonic Metal)
MORLOCKS „The Outlaw Of Fives“ (Progressive / Industrial)
MORNING AFTER „Beneath the real“ (New/Goth Metal)
MORODH „The World of Retribution“ (Depressive Black Metal)
MOROWE „Pieklo. Labirynty. Diably.“ (Black Metal)
MORPHINIST „Terraforming“ (Post Black Metal)
MORPHYN „Ad Absurdum Demo (EP)“ (Thrash/Death Metal)
MORPHYN „Vollkontakt“ (Aggressive Metal)
MORRIGAN „Welcome to Samhain“ (Epic Pagan Metal)
MORRIGAN „Headcult“ (Epic Pagan Metal)
MORRIGU „The Niobium Sky“ (Gothic/Dark/Prog Metal)
MORRIGU „forgotten embrace“ (Doom/Death Metal)
MORS CORDIS „Das Prinzip“ (Crossover/NDH)
MORS PRINCIPIUM EST „Seven“ (Melodic Death Metal)
MORS PRINCIPIUM EST „Liberation = Termination“ (Melodic Death Metal)
MORS PRINCIPIUM EST „The Unborn“ (Melodic Death Metal)
MORS PRINCIPIUM EST „Inhumanity“ (Melodic Death Metal)
MORT „Raw & Cold – Pure Frankonian Black Metal“ (Black Metal)
MORT „Demo 2004“ (Metal Core)
MORTAL FORM „Taste the Blood“ (Death Metal)
MORTAL INTENTION „Abglanz“ (Black/Death Metal)
MORTAL INTENTION „Latent Letal“ (Black/Death Metal)
MORTAL LOVE „Forever will gone“ (Goth Metal)
MORTAL LOVE „I have lost“ (Wave Pop Rock)
MORTAL LOVE „all the beauty…“ (Goth Metal)
MORTAL SIN „An Absence of Faith“ (Thrash Metal)
MORTAL TERROR „Creating Destruction“ (Thrash Metal)
MORTAL TERROR „We are the Damned“ (Thrash Metal)
MORTALIA „naked warrior“ (Gothic Rock/Metal)
MORTARIS „Campaign against the holy empire“ (Black Metal)
MORTEMIA „Misere Mortem“ (Orchestral Gothic Metal)
MORTICIAN „House by the Cemetary / Mortal Massacre“ (Death/Grind Metal)
MORTICIAN „Zombie Apocalypse / Hacked up for barbecue“ (Death/Grind Metal)
MORTICIAN „Darkest day of horror“ (Death Metal)
MORTIFER (D) „Shiner“ (Death/Thrash Metal)
MORTIFER (RUS) „If tomorrow comes“ (Thrash Metal)
MORTIIS „Some Kind Of Heroin“ (Elektro)
MORTJURI „Desoulate“ (Melodic Death Metal)
MORTUARY DRAPE „Buried in time“ (Black Metal)
MORTUARY DRAPE „Tolling 13 Knell“
MORTUS „leaving the swamps“ (Dark/Death Metal)
MORTUS „Exploring new horizons“ (Melodic Death Metal)
MORTYFEAR / ACHREN „Split“ (Black/Thrash Metal)
MOS GENERATOR „Electric Mountain Majesty“ (Stoner Metal)
MOSAIC „Heimatspuk“ (Folk/Black Metal)
MOSAIC „Secret Ambrosian Fire“ (Black Metal/Ambient)
MOSAIC „Harvest: Songs Of Autumnal Landscapes And Melancholy“ (Neo Folk/Black Metal)
MOSAIC „Old Man´s Wyntar“ (Black Metal)
MOSHQUITO „Behind the Mask“ (Thrash / Death Metal)
MOSKOTE „Siebenstreich“ (Mittelalter Rock/Folk Punk)
MOSTLY HARMLESS „Butterfly Effect“ (MetalCore/Nu Metal)
MOTHER BLACK CAT „Thousand Faces“ (Alternative Hard-Rock/Metal)
MOTHER ENGINE „Mutterschiff“ (Stoner Rock)
MOTHER MISERY „Standing Alone“ (Modern Metal)
MOTÖRHEAD „Clean your clock“ (Rock’n’Roll)
MOTÖRHEAD „Bad Magic“ (Rock ’n‘ Roll)
MOTÖRHEAD „Aftershock“ (Rock´n´Roll)
MOTÖRHEAD „The Wörld is ours – Vol. 2 (Anyplace crazy as anywhere else)“ (DVD + CD / Blu Ray)
MOTÖRHEAD „The Wörld is ours – Vol. 1 (Everywhere further than everyplace else)“ (DVD + CD / Blu-Ray) (Rock’n’Roll)
MOTÖRHEAD „The wörld is yours“ (Rock’n’Roll)
MOTÖRHEAD „Motörizer“ (Rock’n’Roll)
MOTÖRHEAD „Better Motörhead than Dead – Live at Hammersmith (2-CD)“ (Rock’n’Roll)
MOTÖRHEAD „Kiss of Death“ (Rock’n’Roll)
MOTÖRHEAD „Inferno“ (Heavy Metal’n’Roll)
MOTÖRHEAD „Live at Brixton Academy DCD“ (Rock’n’Roll Metal)
MOTÖRHEAD „Hammered“ (Heavy Metal)
MOTORAMA „Calendar“ (80s Wave/Dreampop)
MOTORJESUS „Electric Revelation“ (Heavy Rock)
MOTORPSYCHO „Supersonic Scientists“ (Psychedelic Rock)
MOTUS TENEBRAE „Deathrising“ (Gothic/Doom Metal)
MOUNTAIN KING „Gotos Antichristus“ (Black Metal)
MOUNTAIN WITCH „Burning Village“ (Proto Metal)
MOURNERS LAMENT „We all be given“ (Death Doom)
MOURNERS LAMENT „Unbroken solemnity (EP)“ (Death/Doom Metal)
MOURNING BELOVETH „Rust & Bone“ (Death Doom)
MOURNING BELOVETH „A Disease for the Ages“ (Death/Doom Metal)
MOURNING BELOVETH „A Murderous Circus“ (Death/Doom Metal)
MOURNING BELOVETH „The sullen sulcus“ (Doom/Death Metal)
MOURNING CARESS „Imabalnace“ (Melodic Death Metal)
MOURNING ENDS „Different Ways“ (Melodic Death/Thrash Metal)
MOURNING ENDS „Kriegerseelea“ (Pagan Black Metal)
MOURNING RISE „5 Ways to Illuminate Silence“ (Avantgarde Crossover)
MOURNING SOUL „Kisulen“ (Black Metal)
MOXY „V“ (Rock/Metal)
MP „Bursting Out – Live & Loud“
MR JONES MACHINE „Monokrom“ (Electro)
MR. DEATH „Descending Through Ashes“ (Death Metal)
MR. DEATH „Detached from Life“ (Death Metal)
MR. IRISH BASTARD „The World, The Flesh & The Devil“ (Irish Punk)
MR. IRISH BASTARD „Never mind the Bastards… here is Mr. Irish Bollocks“ (Folk Punk)
MR. IRISH BASTARD „A Fistful of Dirt“ (Folk Punk)
MR. IRISH BASTARD „The Bastard Brotherhood“ (Folk Punk)
MUCC „Kuchiki no Tou“ (Visual/Melancholic Rock)
MUDSHOVEL „Devil Sold His Soul To Me“ (Death Metal)
MUDVAYNE „Lost And Found“ (New Metalcore)
MUFFALO „Love Songs and Battle Hymns“ (Alternative Rock)
MUFFLED SHINE „Serial God“ (Experimental / Industrial)
MUNARHEIM „Stolzes Wesen Mensch“ (Orchestral Black/Folk Metal)
MUNDTOT „Schatten“ (Dark-Alternative)
MUNDTOT „Spätsommer“ (Dark Rock)
MURDER AT THE REGISTRY „Filed 93-02“ (Batcave/Goth Punk)
MURDER SHE WROTE „past in complete“ (Dark Noise Prog Metal)
MURDERDOLLS „Beyond the valley of the Murderdolls“ (Punk’n’Roll)
MURDEROUS MISTAKE, THE „Undefined“ (Elektro Wave Rock)
MURDEROUS MISTAKE, THE „access denied“ (Elektro Wave)
MURKRAT „Drudging the Mire“ (Doom)
MURPHY, PETER „unshattered“ (Dark Experimental Pop)
MURPHY, PETER „dust“ (Ambient Rock)
MURPHY, PETER „(a live) just for love“ (80er Wave)
MUSEUM „Traces Of“ (Alternative Rock)
MUSHROOM RIVER BAND, THE „Simsalabim“ (Heavy Rock)
MUSHROOMHEAD „Saviour Sorrow“ (Nu Metal)
MUSICA DIABLO „Musica Diablo“ (Thrash Metal)
MUST MISSA „Martyr Of Wrath“ (Thrash Metal)
MUSTASCH „Latest Version of the Truth“ (Heavy Metal)
MUTILATION „Conflict inside“ (Death Metal)
MUTILATION „Possessed By Reality“ (Death Metal)
MY COLD EMBRACE „Earth Exhausted“ (Death Metal)
MY COLD EMBRACE „Katharsis“ (Death Metal)
MY COLD EMBRACE „… zurück aus Hölle“ (DeathCore)
MY CONSEQUENCE FEAT. BLUTZUKKER „The Clock is Ticking (EP)“ (EBM / Electro)
MY DARKEST HATE „Combat Area“ (Death Metal)
MY DARKEST HATE „At War“ (Death Metal)
MY DARKEST HATE „To whom it may concern“ (Death Metal)
MY DARKEST HATE „Massive Brutality“ (Death Metal)
MY DYING BRIDE „A line of Deathless Kings“ (Doom Rock)
MY DYING BRIDE „Anti-Diluvian Chronicles“ (Doom/Dark Metal)
MY DYING BRIDE „The voice of the wretched“ (Doom/Dark Metal)
MY DYING BRIDE „The dreadful hours“ (Dark Doom Metal)
MY DYING BRIDE „Meisterwerk 2“ (Dark/Doom Metal)
MY DYING BRIDE „The light at the end of the world“
MY ENCHANTMENT „Winter – The last season of life“ (Black/Gothic Metal)
MY FATE „MMVI“ (Modern Metal)
MY FAVOURITE MIXTAPE „Bandsalat“ (Alternative)
MY INNER WEALTH „Tears Fall Down“ (Rock)
MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT „Sinister Whisperz – Volume One: The Wax Trax! Years (1987 – 1991)“ (Electro / Industrial)
MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT „Death Threat“ (Industrial Rock)
MY OWN GRAVE „Necrology“ (Death Metal)
MY PASSION „Inside This Machine“ (Rock / Independent)
MY RUIN „The horror of beauty“ (Hardcore/Metal/Rock’n’Roll)
MY RUIN „Blasphemious girl“ (Alternative Rock/New Metal)
MY SHAMEFUL „… of dust“ (Death/Doom Metal)
MY SILENT WAKE „IV Et Lux Perpetua“ (Death Doom Metal)
MY SILENT WAKE „A Garland of Tears“ (Doom Metal)
MY SIXTH SHADOW „Love-fading innocence“ (Goth Metal)
MY SIXTH SHADOW „10 steps 2 your heart“ (Gothic Metal)
MY SIXTH SHADOW „sacrfice“ (Gothic Metal)
MY SLEEPING KARMA „Mela Ananda“ (Psychedelic Rock)
MY TIDE „impressions from a dark world“ (Gothic Metal)
MYGRAIN „myGrain“ (Modern Melodic Death Metal)
MYGRAIN „Signs of existence“ (Melodic Death/Modern Metal)
MYGRAIN „Orbit Dance“ (Melodic Death Metal)
MYK JUNG „Zenith is decline“ (Balladesk Dark Wave)
MYKORRHIZA „Northern Remembrance“ (Melodic Death Metal)
MYON „Ghost in paradise“ (Melodic Metal)
MYRATH „Shehili“ (Oriental Prog Metal)
MYRD „Forbandet Fra Fødsel“ (Black Metal)
MYRD „Myrd Dig Selv“ (Black Metal)
MYRK „Icons of the dark“ (Melodic Death/Black Metal)
MYRKGRAV „Trollskau, Skrømt og Kølabrenning“ (Black/Folk Metal)
MYRKSKOG „Superior massacre“ (Black/Death Metal)
MYRKSKOG „Deathmachine“
MYRKVAR „Als een Woeste Horde“ (Folk/Black Metal)
MYSTÈRION „The Sacral Chamber“ (Black Metal)
MYSTERIUM „Soulwards“ (Dark/Mystic Metal)
MYSTERY, THE „Scars“ (Female Melodic Metal)
MYSTIC CIRCLE „The Bloody Path Of God“ (Black/Death Metal)
MYSTIC CIRCLE „Open the gates of hell“ (Black/Death Metal)
MYSTIC CIRCLE „Damien“ (Black Metal)
MYSTIC CIRCLE „The great beast“ (Black Metal)
MYSTIC CIRCLE „Infernal satanic verses“
MYSTIC PROPHECY „Fireangel“ (Dark Heavy/Power Metal)
MYSTIGMA „Gebete“ (Dark Rock/NDH)
MYSTIGMA „Unter Wölfen“ (Dark Rock)
MYSTIGMA „Schattenboten“ (Dark Rock/Goth Rock)
MYSTIGMA „Unzerbrechlich“ (Dark Rock)
MYSTIGMA „Andagony“ (Gothic Rock / Metal)
MYSTIGMA „Universal surrender“ (Melancholic Dark Rock)
MYSTIK „Mystik“ (Heavy/Speed Metal)
MYTH OF AVALON, THE „Frustated (EP)“ (Goth Metal)
MYTH OF AVALON, THE „Closing in (Demo)“ (Goth Metal)
MYTHOLOGICAL COLD TOWERS „The Vanished Pantheon“ (Epic Doom/Dark Metal)
MZ „Nostalgic Heroes“ (Orchestral Metal).