Reviews :: C

.com/kill „.com/kill“ (Electro)
„sin“ (New Metal)
C-LEKKTOR „Tendencias Suicidas (EP)“ (Hellelectro)
C-ROM „The Winding Star“ (Female Gothic/Elektro Metal)
CABO DE GATA & SVEN REBENTISCH „Die letzten 7 Tage der Depression (Eine vertonte Kurzgeschichte)“ (Ambient / Hörbuch)
CADACROSS „Corona Borealis“ (Melodic/Death Metal)
CADAVERES DE TORTUGAS „Incarnation“ (Tribal Metal/Core)
CADAVER „Necrosis“ (Experimental Death/Thrash Metal)
CADAVER DISPOSAL „May All Be Dead“ (Death Metal)
CADAVERIA „Far away from conformity“ (Dark/Black Metal)
CADAVERIA „The shadows‘ madame“ (Dark/Black Metal)
CADAVEROUS CONDITION „Burn Brightly Alone“ (Death Metal)
CADAVEROUS CONDITION „To the night sky“ (Death Metal)
CAFÉ DE L’ENFER „Marchant à quatre pattes au-devant de la rédemption“ (Neoklassic)
CAGE „Darker than black“ (Heavy/Power Metal)
CAGE, THE „The Cage 2“ (Heavy/Hard Rock)
CAIN „Moonstruck“ (Gothic)
CAIN’S DINASTY „Legacy Of Blood“ (Power Metal)
CAIN JOHNSON „Reset“ (Zivilisationskritische Melancholie/ Blues/Ambient-Rock)
CAIRO „Tiem of Legends“ (Prog Rock)
CAISARON „One way“ (Elektro Pop)
CALABRESE „The Traveling Vampire Show“ (Horror Punk)
CALAN.DRA „Where did you go?“ (Tragic Elektro)
CALADAN BROOD „Echoes Of Battle“ (Epic Fantasy/Dark/Black Metal)
CALADMOR „Of Stones and Stars“ (Melodic Death/Folk Metal)
CALAROOK „Surrender Or Die“ (Melodic Death/Folk/Pirate Metal)
CALEDONIAN „Acolyte“ (Gothic/Death Metal)
CALIBAN „The undying darkness“ (Metalcore)
CALIBAN „Shadow Hearts“ (Metal Core)
CALIBRE ZERO „Jugando con Fuego“ (Metal)
CALLENISH CIRCLE „Flesh_Power_Dominion“ (Melodic Death/Thrash Metal)
CALLENISH CIRCLE „Graceful..yet forbidding“ (Melodic Death Metal)
CALM HATCHERY „Sacrilege Of Humanity“ (Death Metal)
CALVARIUM „The Skull Of Golgotha“ (Black Metal)
CAMERATA MEDIOLANENSE „Le Vergini Folli“ (Neoklassik)
CAMORRITAS „Unexpected Humanity“ (Heavy Metal)
CAMOUFLAGE „Live in Dresden (CD+DVD)“ (Synthie Pop)
CAMOUFLAGE „Relocated“ (Electro Pop)
CAMOUFLAGE „Motif Sky (MCD)“ (Elektro Pop)
CAMOZ „The Fusion“ (Dark/Thrash Metal)
CAMPING IM KELLER „Am Puls der Zeit“ (EBM / Electro)
CÂN BARDD „The Last Rain“ (Epic/Atmospheric Black Metal)
CÂN BARDD „Nature Stays Silent“ (Atmospheric Black Metal)
CANAAN „Contro Luce“ (Dark Wave / Ambient)
CANDELA „Reflect“ (Power Metal)
CANDIRIA „300 percent density“ (Metal/Noise/Core)
CANDLEMASS „Death thy lover“ (Doom Rock)
CANDLEMASS „The King of Grey Islands“ (Doom Metal)
CANDLEMASS „Candlemass“ (Doom Metal)
CANDLEMASS „Documents of Doom (DVD)“ (Doom Metal)
CANDLEMASS „Alte Scheiben“ (Doom Metal)
CANDLEMASS „from the 13th sun“
CANIS LUNA „Lux Aeternum“ (Dark Metal)
CANNAE „Horror“ (Thrash Metal)
CANNONBALL RIDE „Enchant the flame and let it breathe“ (Metalcore)
CANS „Beyond The Gates“ (Power/Heavy Metal)
CANTIQUE LÉPREUX „Cendres Célestes“ (Black Metal)
CANVAS SOLARIS „Penumbra Diffuse“ (Instrumental Prog)
CAPILLA ARDIENTE „Bravery, Truth and the Endless Darkness“ (Doom Metal)
CAPILLA ARDIENTE „Solve et Coagula (EP)“ (Doom Metal)
CAPITAL PUNISHMENT „Entombed Circus“ (Metal/Hardcore)
CAPITOLLIUM „Bloodfall of flesh“ (Dark/Black Metal)
CAPRICE „Elvenmusic 2“ (Heavenly Voices/Klassik)
CAPRICORNS „Capricorns (EP)“ (Doom Metal)
CAPSIZE „one size fits all (MCD)“ (New Metal)
CAPTAIN ZORX STIMMUNGSATTACKE „The Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings“ (Disco Metal)
CAPUTO, KEITH „Died Lauging“
CARACH ANGREN „Lammendam“ (Symphonic Black Metal)
CARBURETORS, THE „Rock’n’Roll Forever“ (Rock’n’Roll)
CARBURETORS, THE „Loud enough to raise the Dead“ (Rock’n’Roll)
CARCARIASS „Killing process“ (Death Metal)
CARCASS „Choice cuts“ (Death Metal/Grind Core)
CARCHARODON „Roachstomper“ (Stoner Metal)
CARDIAC CASPAR „Related to the Heart“ (Nu Metal)
CARDINALS FOLLY „Holocaust of Ecstasy & Freedom“ (Doom)
CARDILLAC COMPLEX „Forgotten Reasons (EP)“ (Dark Rock)
CARLOS PERÓN „11 Deadly Sins – Music For Fetish And Erotic Sessions“ (Instrumental)
CARLOS PERON „Porcellum Traianum“ (Elektronik)
CARLOS PERON „Die schwarze Spinne“ (Elektronik)
CARLOS PERON „la salle violette“ (Elektronik)
CARE COMPANY „In the flow“ (Wave Pop)
CARNAL DECAY „On Top Of The Food Chain“ (Death Metal/Grindcore)
CARNAL DECAY „Chopping off the Head“ (Death Metal)
CARNAL FORGE „Testify for my Victims“ (Thrash/Death/Metalcore)
CARNAL FORGE „Aren’t You Dead Yet?“ (Thrash Metal)
CARNAL FORGE „The more you suffer“ (Thrash Metal)
CARNAL FORGE „Please…Die!“ (Thrash Metal)
CARNAL FORGE „Firedemon“
CARNAL GRIEF „Nine shades of pain“ (Melodic Death Metal)
CARNAL LUST „Whore of violence“ (Brutal Death Metal)
CARNAL TOMB „Abhorrent Veneration“ (Death Metal)
CARNALATION „Deathmask“ (Deathgrind)
CARNIVAL OF DREAMS „My heart is so white“ (Wave Pop)
CARNIVAL OF DREAMS „Labyrinth“ (Wave Pop)
CARNIVAL OF DREAMS „Dreidimensional“
CARNIVORE „Carnivore“ (Thrash Metal)
CARNIVORE „Retaliation“ (Thrash/Doom Metal)
CARONTE „YONI“ (Stoner / Doom / Psychedelic)
CARONTE „Codex Babalon“ (Stoner / Doom / Psychedelic)
CARONTE „Church of Shamanic Goetia“ (Stoner / Doom / Psychedelic)
CARPATHIAN DREAM „a story about those who tell“ (Dark/Gothic Metal)
CARPATHIAN DREAM „frozen tears“ (Dark/Gothic Metal)
CARPATHIAN FOREST „Morbid fascination of death“ (Black Metal)
CARPE NOCTEM „Nachtgedacht“ (Black Metal)
CARPE TENEBRUM „Dreaded Chaotic Reign“ (Death Metal)
CARPE TENEBRUM „Mirrored hat painting“
CARRY THE DEAD „War“ (Hardcore)
CARTHAUN „Blutt und Threnen“ (Black Metal)
CARTHAUN „Einheit“ (Primitiv Black Metal)
CARVED IN STONE „Tales of Glory & Tragedy“ (Mystic Folk)
CARVED IN STONE „Hear the voice“ (Mystic Folk Wave)
CARVED IN STONE „The forgotten belief“ (Folk Wave)
CARVED SOULS „Waveform“ (Electro Pop)
CASANOVAS, THE „All Night Long“ (Rock’n’Roll)
CASCADE „Love can’t wait“ (Alternative/Wave Rock)
CASCADE „The fearsome cry“ (Gitarren Wave)
CASCADES, THE „Phoenix“ (Gothic Rock)
CASCADES, THE „Diamonds and rust“ (Gothic Rock)
CASCADES, THE „Dead Of Dawn“ (Goth Rock)
CASCADES, THE „Spells and Ceremonies“ (Dark Pop/Wave Rock)
CASCADES, THE „Corrosive mind case“ (Goth Rock)
CASCADES, THE „nin 66“ (Goth Rock)
CASKET/GRAVEYARD GHOUL „Dead. Stiff And Cold In A Box To Decay“ (Death Metal)
CASKET „Unearthed“ (Death Metal)
CASKET „Ghouls Of Filth“ (Death Metal)
CASKET „Undead Soil“ (Death Metal)
CASKET GARDEN „This corroded soul of mine“ (Melodic Death/Thrash Metal)
CASKETS OPEN „To serve the collapse“ (Doom Metal)
CAST IN SILENCE „1st Promo“ (Modern Melancholic Metal)
CASTLE „Welcome to the Graveyard“ (Heavy Metal)
CASTLE „Deadhand Hexagram“ (Heavy Metal)
CASTLE „Under Siege“ (Heavy Metal)
CASTLE „Second Coming / Labyrinth of Death“ (Heavy Metal)
CASTLE „In Witch Order“ (Heavy / Doom Metal)
CASTLE „Blacklands“ (Heavy Metal)
CASTOREUM „…und am Ende ist die See“ (Thrash Metal)
CATACOMB „We shall inherit“ (Black/Death Metal)
CATAMENIA „Cavalcade“ (Melodic Death/Dark Metal)
CATAMENIA „VIII – The Time Unchained“ (Melodic Black Metal)
CATAMENIA „Location:COLD“ (Black/Dark Metal)
CATAMENIA „Winternight Tragedies“ (Black/Dark Metal)
CATAMENIA „Chaos Born“ (Black/Dark Metal)
CATAMENIA „Eskhata“ (Black/Dark Metal)
CATAMENIA „Eternal Winter’s Prophecy“
CATARACT „Great Days Of Vengeance“ (Metal/Hardcore)
CATASTROPHE BALLET „…all beauty dies“ (Dark Rock)
CATASTROPHE BALLET „test of time“ (Gothic Rock)
CATASTROPHE BALLET „Modern Primitives“
CATAYA „Sukzession“ (Post Rock)
CATHARSIS „Dea“ (Klassik/Prog Metal)
CATHEDRAL „The Guessing Game“ (Progressive Psychedelic Doom)
CATHEDRAL „The Garden of Unearthly Delights“ (Doom Metal)
CATHEDRAL „The serpent’s gold“ (Doom/Stoner Rock)
CATPEOPLE „Reel 1“ (Retro Post Rock)
CAUDA PAVONIS “ Peace Through Superior Firepower“ (Dark Wave / Gothic Rock)
CAUDA PAVONIS „Controversial Alchemy“ (Strange Goth)
CAUDA PAVONIS „Pistols at down“
CAULDRON „In Ruin“ (Heavy Metal / Hard Rock)
CAUSE FOR EFFECT „2001-2004“ (Grindcore/Jazz/Prog Rock)
CAUTERIZED, THE „Hung Be The Heavens With Black“ (Death Metal)
CAYNE „old faded pictures“ (Gothic Rock)
CB MURDOC „Here Be Dragons“ (Progressive Metal)
CB MURDOC „The Green“ (Progressive Metal)
CEDIGEST „Walking Through The Flesh“ (Dark Electro / Terror-EBM / Industrial-Metal)
CEILD „A View“ (Progressive Instrumental Metal)
CELEBRATE THE NONE „Arthur have you eaten all the ginger-biscuits?“ (Synthie Pop)
CELESTIAL ODE „same“ (Thrash/Power Metal)
CELESTIAL SORROW „Despair within me“ (Melodic/Death Metal)
CELESTY „Vendetta“ (Melodic Power Metal)
CELESTY „Mortal Mind Creation“ (Melodic/Power Metal)
CELL DIVISION „Chymeia“ (Alternativ Wave Rock)
CELL DIVISION „Tsunami“ (Old School Wave Rock)
CELL DIVISION „Hypnotized (MCD)“ (Old School Wave Rock)
CELL DIVISION „dissolve“ (Dark Rock)
CELTACHOR „Nine Waves From The Shore“ (Black/Folk Metal)
CELTIC FROST „Monotheist“ (Doom Metal)
CEMETARY „Phantasma“ (Dark/Industrial Metal)
CEMETARY „The Beast Divine“
CEMETERY GARDEN „Personal Integrity“ (Thrash/Death)
CEMETARY OF SCREAM „Prelude to an sentimental journey“ (Goth Metal)
CENOBITA „Metamorfosis“ (Elektro Pop)
CENOBITA „Neo Milano“ (Dark Elektro)
CENOTAPH „Saga Belica“ (Death/Extrem Metal)
CENSORED „In-Existence“ (Death Metal)
CENSORED „system disease“ (Death Metal)
CENTINEX „Doomsday Rituals“ (Death Metal)
CENTINEX „Redeeming Filth“ (Death Metal)
CENTINEX „World declension“ (Death/Thrash Metal)
CENTHRON „Dominator“ (Industrial)
CENTRAL PARK „Live – The Unexpected Concert (DVD)“ (Prog Rock)
CENTRE OF GRAVITY, THE „Leave the past behind + Step beyond“
CENTURION „Non Plus Ultra“ (Power Metal)
CENTURION „Hyper Martyrium“
CENTURIONS GHOST „Blessed & Cursed in equal Measures“ (Sludge / Doom)
CENTURY „melancholia“ (Wave-Rock)
CENTURY „The Secret Inside“
CEPHALIC CARNAGE „Lucid interval“ (Grind Metal)
CERBERUS „Klagelieder – Grabgesang“ (Black Metal)
CERBERUS „Chapters of blackness“ (Black Metal)
CERBERUS „First Destruction (Live)“ (MCD) (Black Metal)
CEROSITY „Ashes Of Faith“ (Death Metal)
CH´AHOM „Path To Ixtab“ (Black/Death Metal)
CHAIN, THE „Breathing“ (Alternative Rock)
CHAIN COLLECTOR „The Masquerade“ (Prog Dark/Death Metal)
CHAIN COLLECTOR „Forthcoming Addiction“ (Dark/Prog Metal)
CHAINREACTOR „Insomniac“ (Industrial)
CHÄIRWALK „Top 10“ (Alternative)
CHALICE „Shotgun Alley“ (Melodic Metal)
CHAMBER „Solitude“ (Klassik Wave/Folk)
CHAMBER „L’orchestre de chambre noir“ (Klassik Wave)
CHANDEEN „Mercury Retrogade“ (Dreampop/Heavenly Voices)
CHANDEEN „Pandora’s box“ (Heavenly Vioces)
CHANDEEN „Echos“ (Wave/Heavenly Voices)
CHANGER „Breed the lies (EP)“ (Extrem Metal)
CHANGÓ „Schneeblind“ (Stoner Rock)
CHAOS/ORDER „Significance Of Blood“ (Tribal Trance / EBM)
CHAOS BEYOND „Confessions Of A Twisted Mind“ (Metalcore)
CHAOS BREED „Brutal“ (Death Metal)
CHAOS CONSPIRACY „Who The Fuck Is Elvis?“ (experimenteller Noise irgendwas Rock)
CHAOS GOD „3001“
CHAOSWAVE „Dead Eye Dreaming“ (Modern Metal)
CHAOSWEAVER „Puppetmaster of Pandemonium“ (Dark Metal)
CHANNEL EAST „Window To Earth“ (Electro Pop)
CHAPEL DESECRATOR „Out To Get You“ (Thrash Metal)
CHAPEL OF DISEASE „And as we have seen the storm, we have embraced the eye“ (Heavy / Death Metal)
CHAPEL OF DISEASE „The Mysterious Ways Of Repetitive Art“ (Death Metal)
CHAPEL OF DISEASE “Summoning Black Gods” (Death Metal)
CHARLOTTE’S SHADOW „Hush“ (Elektronik Dark Wave)
CHARNEL HOUSE „From birth to burial“ (Hardcore/Thrash Metal)
CHARON „Songs for the sinners“ (Gothic Rock/Metal)
CHARON „The dying daylights“ (Gothic Rock/Metal)
CHARON „Downhearted“ (Gothic Metal/Rock)
CHARON „Tearstrained“
CHASTAIN „In An Outrage“ (Heavy/Power Metal)
CHASTISEMENT „Alleviation of pain“ (Death Metal)
CHATEAU „psychotic Symphony“ (Symphonic Metal)
CHEENO „2 Face Macy“ (Alternative)
CHEESY „Beg“ (Funk Metal)
CHELSEA SMILES, THE „The Chelsea Smiles“ (Glam Rock)
CHEMICAL SWEET KID „The Speed Of Time“ (Electro / Rock)
CHICKENFOOT „Chickenfoot“ (Hard Rock)
CHILD OF CAESAR „Love in Black“ (Gothic Rock/Metal)
CHILDREN OF BODOM „Holiday At Lake Bodom“
CHILDREN OF BODOM „Blooddrunk“ (Melodic Death/Thrash Metal)
CHILDREN OF BODOM „Are You Dead Yet?“ (Melodic Death/Thrash Metal)
CHILDREN OF BODOM „Hate Crew Deathroll“ (Death’n’Roll/Metal)
CHILLIHOUNDS „Welcome to the Show“ (Hard Rock’n’Roll)
CHIMAIRA „The impossibility of reason“ (New/Heavy Metal)
CHIMAIRA „Pass out of existence“ (New Metal)
CHINCHILLA „Take No Prisoners“ (Heavy Metal)
CHINGALERA „Dose“ (Stoner Metal)
CHINGALERA „In the Shadow of the Black Palm Tree“ (Stoner Metal)
CHIRLEISON „a whisper“ (Romantic Folk Wave)
CHIRON „Slipping away“ (Elektro dark Wave)
CHONTARAZ „Speed The Bullet“ (Dark Metal)
CHOOSE YOUR HEROES “Choose Your Heroes” (Modern Metal)
CHOSEN „Resolution“ (Metal)
CHRIS CAFFERY „Pins and Needles“ (Prog Metal)
CHRIS CAFFERY „W.A.R.P.E.D.“ (Heavy Metal)
CHRIS CAFFERY „Faces + Bonus CD“ (Heavy Metal)
CHRIST AGONY „Nocturn“ (Black Metal)
CHRIST INCEST „Dismembered Divinity“ (Black Metal)
CHRISTIAN DEATH „Lover of sin“ (Goth Metal)
CHRISTIAN DEATH „born again anti christian“
CHRISTIAN DRÖGE „Lycia Redux (DCD)“ (Electro / Experimental / Psychedelic)
CHRISTINE PLAYS VIOLA „Vacua“ (Dark Wave/Goth Rock)
CHRISTINE PLAYS VIOLA „Innocent Awareness“ (Gothic)
CHROME DIVISION „Doomsday Rock’n’Roll“ (Rock’n’Roll)
CHROME SHIFT „ripples in time“ (Prog Rock/Metal)
CHRONICS, THE „Soulshaker“ (Garagen Roll)
CHRONIQUE „Lost Horizon“ (Elektro Dark Rock)
CHRYST „PhantasmaChronica“ (Avantgarde Metal)
CHTHONIAN „The Preachings Of Hate Are Lord“ (Death/Black Metal)
CHTHONIAN „of beatings and silence in between“ (Black/Death Metal)
CHTHONIC „Battlefields Of Asura“ (Symphonic Black Metal)
CHTHONIC „Bú Tik“ (Symphonic Black Metal)
CHTHONIC „Takasago Army“ (Symphonic Black Metal)
CHTHONIC „Mirror Of Retribution“ (Symphonic Black Metal)
CHTHONIC „Relentless Recurrence“ (Symphonic Black Metal)
CHTHONIC „A decade on the throne (DVD+2-CD)“ (Symphonic Black Metal)
CHTHONIC „Seediq Bale“ (Black Metal)
CHUAN-TZU „Metachaos“ (Modern Metal)
CRYSTALLION „a Dark enchanted Crystal night“ (Mystic Power Metal)
CIBORIUM „Overgrowing Human Void“ (Death/Thrash/Prog Metal)
CIGARETTES AFTER SEX „Cigarettes After Sex“ (Ambient Pop)
CINDERS FALL „The Reckoning (EP)“ (Modern Metal)
CINEMA STRANGE „The astonished eyes of evening“ (Batcave/Goth Rock)
CINEMASCAPE „Cold Heaven“ (Synthpop / Wavepop)
CINEMASCAPE „Cold Heaven“ (Electro Pop)
CINEMASCAPE „The Falling Impossible“ (Electropop)
CINNAMOON „Cinnamoon“ (Dark Western-Blues Rock)
CIRCLE II CIRCLE „Delusions of Grandeur“ (Power Metal)
CIRCLE II CIRCLE „Burden Of Truth“ (Power Metal)
CIRCLE II CIRCLE „Watching in the silence“ (Heavy Metal)
CIRCLE OF GRIEF „Into the battle“ (Dark Fantasy Metal)
CIRCLE OF SILENCE „The Supremacy of Time“ (Power Metal)
CIRCLE OF TYRANTS „Deamocracy“ (Power Metal)
CIRCLE OF TYRANTS „The Art Of Intensity“ (Metal)
CIRCUS „Circus“ (Dark Rock)
CIRCUS RHAPSODY „Pacific Playland“ (Horrorpunk)
CIRITH GORGOR „Bi Den Dode Hant“ (Black Metal)
CIRITH GORGOR „Visions of exalted Lucifer“ (Black Metal)
CIRITH GORGOR „Firestorm Apocalypse“ (Black Metal)
CIRQUE ROYAL „We Come In Peace“ (Alternative)
CIRRHA NIVA „Enter the future exit“
CITIES OF SLEEP „Fear:Suicide:Life“ (Black/Death Metal)
CITY AT DARK „City At Dark“ (Dark-Artpop/New (Cold)Wave)
CITY ON FIRE „City on Fire“ (Modern Rock)
CIVIL WAR „The Last Full Measure“ (Epic Power Metal)
CIVIL WAR „Gods And Generals“ (Epic Power Metal)
CLAGG „Lord of the Deep“ (Sludge Doom)
CLAIRE VOYANT „Love is blind“ (Female Wave)
CLAN OF XYMOX „Limbo“ (E-Wave Rock)
CLAN OF XYMOX „Days Of Black“ (Dark Wave)
CLAN OF XYMOX „In Love With Trust“ (Dark Wave/Gothic Rock)
CLAN OF XYMOX „The Best Of“ (Elektronik Dark Wave)
CLANROCK „Flight of the Phoenix“ (Celtic Folk Metal)
CLANROCK „Out of ashes“ (Folk Metal/Celtic Rock)
CLAUSTROFOBIA „Fulminant“ (Death/Thrash Metal)
CLAWFINGER „Hate Yourself With Style“ (Crossover)
CLAWFINGER „Zeros & Heroes“ (Crossover)
CLAYMORE, THE „Damnation Reigns“ (Power Metal)
CLAYMORE, THE „Sygn“ (Power Metal)
CLAYMORDS „Scum Of The Earth“ (Death Metal)
CLEAN STATE „Promo“ (Metalcore)
CLEAR VISION „The call (MCD)“ (Electro/EBM)
CLEAR VISION „Deception“ (Elektro/EBM)
CLITEATER „From Enslavement To Clitoration“ (Grindcore)
CLITEATER „Cliteaten Back To Life“ (Grinding Death Metal)
CLITEATER „The Great Southern Clitkill“ (Grindcore)
CLITEATER „Scream Bloody Clit“ (Grindcore)
CLOCKWORK SPIRIT „Clockwork Spirit“ (Death / Black Metal)
CLONECIRCLE „Behind The Wire“ (Gothic/Industrial Metal)
CLONECIRCLE „Waiting for the king (MCD)“ (Industrial/Gothic Metal)
CLONECIRCLE „Superimposed“ (Industrial/Gothic Metal)
CLOSER „A darker kind of salvation“ (Death Metal)
CLOSER „Darkness in me (MCD)“ (Modern Thrash Metal)
CLOSTERKELLER „Nero“ (Goth Rock)
CLOVEN HOOF „Resist or Serve“ (Power Metal)
CNOC AN TURSA „The Forty Five“ (Epic Scottish Metal)
CO:ßMIK „Sucker EP“ (Metal Core)
COAL CHAMBER „Giving the devil his due“ (Dark New Metal)
COAL CHAMBER „Dark Days“ (Dark New Metal)
COAL CHAMBER „Chamber Music“
COALESCE „0:12 Revolution in just listening“
COALESCENE „Bare“ (Dark Pop/EBM)
COAN TEEN „Daily Soap Engineers“ (Metal/Hardcore)
COBRA „Lethal Strike“ (Heavy Metal)
COBRA „To Hell“ (Heavy Metal)
COCKROACH „The Observer“ (Thrash Metal)
COCKROACH „Temple of Mystery“ (Thrash Metal)
COCKROACH „No Compromise“
CODE „mut“ (Progressive Rock)
CODE „Augur Nox“ (Progressive Avantgarde Metal)
<CODE> „Nouveau Gloaming“ (Avantgarde Black Metal)
CODE 64 „Accelerate“ EP (Electro)
CODE 64 „Trialogue“ (Electro)
CODE BLACK „Penetration“ (Metal/Hardcore)
CODE RED „The Art of Trinity“ (Modern Thrash Metal)
CODEON „On my side (EP)“ (Thrash/Death Metal)
COERCION „lifework (MCD)“ (Death Metal)
COFFIN BIRTH „The Miracle Of Death“ (Metal)
COINSIDE „Opus Convertere“ (EBM / Electro)
COLD, THE „after all“ (Cure Dark Wave)
COLD BOBY RADIATION „Deer Twillight“ (Shoegaze)
COLD BODY RADIATION „The Great White Emptiness“ (Post Black/Ambient Metal)
COLD COLD GROUND „This Side Of Depravity“ (Industrial Metal)
COLD COMFORT „Modern Crypts“ EP (Post Punk)
COLD EMPIRE „From The Ashes Of The Empire“ (Black Metal)
COLD FIELD, THE „Hollows“ (Cold Wave)
COLD IN MAY „Dark Season“ (Dark Synth Pop/Rock)
COLD NORTHERN VENGEANCE „Trial By Ice 2002-2010“ (Black Metal)
COLDSPOT „Heldenlos“ (Melodic Death Metal)
COLLAPSE 7 „Supernova Overdrive“ (Death Metal)
COLLAPSE UNDER THE EMPIRE „The Silent Cry“ (Experimental)
COLLAPSE UNDER THE EMPIRE „Fragments Of A Prayer“ (Instrumental)
COLLAPSE UNDER THE EMPIRE „Shoulders & Giants“ (Experimental)
COLLAPSING SUN „Demo“ (Metal/Rock)
COLLARBONE „The back of Beyond“ (Modern Metal/Rock)
COLLECTION D’ARNELL-ANDRÉA „Another Winter“ (Dark Wave)
COLLOQUIO „Si Mouve E Ride“ (Dark Ambient)
COLOUR HAZE „To the highest gods we know“ (Psychedelic Rock)
COLOUR HAZE „She said“ (Psychedelic Rock)
COLOUR TRIP „Kill my Super Ego“ (Metal Core)
COLOURPHONICS, THE „The Colourphonics“ (Progressive Rock)
COLUMBIA OBSTRUCTION BOX „A single rat’s record“ (Elektro Doom Rock)
COMA ALLIANCE „Weapon Of Choice“ (Elektro Dark Wave)
COMA STAR „Headroom of conscience“ (Rock/Grunge)
COMANIAC „Return to the Wasteland“ (Thrash Metal)
COMBICHRIST „One Fire“ (Industrial)
COMBICHRIST „Broken:United“ (Industrial-Metal)
COMBICHRIST „This Is Where Death Begins“ (Industrial)
COMBICHRIST „From My Cold Dead Hands“ (Electro)
COMBICHRIST „Making Monsters“ (Electro / Industrial)
COMBICHRIST „Never Surrender (MCD)“ (Industrial)
COME WITH REVERSE „same“ (Goth/Dark Rock)
COMEDIE MACABRE „Deathparantis“ (Dark Metal)
COMITY „… as everything is a tragedy“ (Doom Noisecore)
COMMANDER „The Enemies we create“ (Death Metal)
COMMANDER „World’s Destructive Domination“ (Death Metal)
COMMITTEE, THE „Utopian Deception“ (Black Metal)
COMMITTEE, THE „Memorandum Occultus“ (Black Metal)
COMMON DREAM „gravity“ (Synthie Pop)
COMMON DREAM „someone could (MCD)“ (Synthie Pop)
COMPANY, THE „Awaking under dogs“ (Power/Thrash Metal)
COMPANY OF WOLVES „Steryl Spycase“ (Hard Rock)
COMPLEX RANGE „The madness behind“ (Atmospheric Punk Metal)
COMPOS MENTIS „Our kingdom of decay“ (Melodic Death Metal)
COMPOS MENTIS „Gehennesis“ (Melodic Death/Dark Metal)
CONCATENATUS „Aeonic Dissonances Beyond Light’s Consumption“ (Black Metal)
CONCEPT 7 „The end of time project“ (Industrial Techno)
CONCEPT INSOMNIA „Kaleidoscope“ (Progressive Metal)
CONCEPT INSOMNIA „Kaleidoscope“ (Progressive Metal)
CONCEPT INSOMNIA „Second Glance“ (Prog Metal)
CONCEPT INSOMNIA „No Words“ (Progressive Metal)
CONCEPT OF GOD „Vision“ (Doom/Power Metal)
CONDEMNED „… and that’s how I found them“ (Death/Grind Metal)
CONJURE ONE „Exilarch“ (Electro)
CONJURING „Cauldron Born“ (Thrash Metal)
CONMOTO „Cut Cut Cut“ (Hardcore)
CONSCIENCE „Your Frequency“ (Electro Pop)
CONSCIENCE „Gravity has come“ (Elektro Pop)
CONSCIENCE „Superior Fish“ (Elektro-Pop)
CONSIDERED DEAD „Mentally Tortured“ (Death Metal)
CONSPIRACY (A) „Endtime Requiem“ (Death/Thrash Metal)
CONSPIRACY (A) „The End Foretold“ (Death Metal)
CONSPIRACY (NL) „Concordat“ (Black Metal)
CONSPIRACY (NL) „Reincarnated“ (Black Metal)
CONSTRUCDEAD „Violadead“ (Death/Thrash Metal)
CONTAMINATION „Nightmare Asylum“ (Thrash / Death Metal)
CONTAMINATION „Globus Inversus“ (Thrash / Death Metal)
CONTERM RED „Megafair“ (Dark Electro)
CONTRACRASH „Goddamn Planet“ (Modern Rock)
CONTRADICTION „The Warchitect“ (Thrash Metal)
CONTRAGGRESSIVE „Shellfire“ (Death Metal/Hard Core)
CONTRE JOUR „Abîme“ (French Cold Wave)
CONTROL „Transgression“ (Noise / Industrial)
CONTROL HUMAN DELETE „Terminal World Perspective“ (Black Metal)
CONTROLLED COLLAPSE „Post-traumatic stress disorder“ (Industrial-Rock)
CONVENT, THE „red light melancholy“ (Gitarren-Wave)
CONVICTION „Decline / Rebirth“
CONVICTIVE „Schemen“ (Black Metal)
COOGANS BLUFF „Flying to the Stars“ (Funky Rock)
COOGANS BLUFF „Gettin‘ Dizzy“ (Funky Rock)
COOGANS BLUFF „Poncho Express“ (Funky Rock)
COOGANS BLUFF „Magic Bubbles“ (Rock)
COOPER TEMPLE CLAUSE, THE „See this throug and leave“ (Indie Rock)
COPPELIUS „Extrablatt“ (Fun Renaissance Rock)
COPPELIUS „Tumult“ (Kammer-Core)
COR „Seit ich die Menschen kenne, liebe ich die Tiere“ (Punk)
COR SCORPII „Ruin“ (Melodic/Epic Black Metal)
COR SCORPII „Monument“ (Melodic Black Metal)
CORAM LETHE „A Splendid Chaos“ (Death Metal)
CORNAMUSA „Drinking all night long“ (Bierseelige Pub Lieder)
CORNERSTONE „Two Tales of One Tomorrow“ (Hard Rock)
CORNERSTONE „Once upon our yesterdays“ (Hard Rock)
CORNERSTONE „Human Stain“ (Hard Rock)
CORNIX MALEDICTUM „…verdammt in alle Ewigkeit“ (Mittelalter)
CORNUCOPIA „Collapse“ (Death/Grind Metal)
CORNAMUSA „Cornamusa“ (Folk Rock)
CORONA BOREALIS „Same“ (medieval Folk)
CORONATUS „The Eminence Of Nature“ (Symphonic/Folk Metal)
CORONATUS „Fabula Magna“ (Gothic Metal)
CORONATUS „Von Engeln nur“ (Gothic/Wave Metal)
CORPORATION 187 „Perfection in Pain“ (Thrash Metal)
CORPSE KNIFE „Mutilated Autopsy“ (Death Metal)
CORPSEPAIN „Das Leichenkabinett“ (Dark Metal)
CORPUS CHRISTII „Delusion“ (Black Metal)
CORPUS CHRISTII „Pale Moon“ (Black Metal)
CORPUS CHRISTII „The Torment Continues“ (Black Metal)
CORRUPTION „Bourbon River Bank“ (Stoner Rock)
CORRUPTION „Orgasmusica“ (Stoner Rock)
CORVUS CORAX „Cantus Buranus II“ (MA)
CORVUS CORAX „Venus Vina Musica“ (MA)
CORVUS CORAX „In electronica“ (Electro/MA)
CORWEN „Im Schatten des Lichts“ (Doomcore)
COTTENBOMB „Don’t worry little baby“ (Blues Core)
COUNT, THE „Music for the slaved world“ (Wave Rock)
COUNT, THE „Love humanity in dust“
COUNT DE NOCTE „Luctisonus Dolor“ (Symphonic Black Metal)
COUNT RAVEN / GRIFTEGARD „Split 7“-Vinyl“ (Doom Metal)
COUNTERFORCE „Popdivas go Metal“ (Pop Metal)
COURAGEOUS „Downfall of Honesty“ (Thrash/Modern Metal)
COURAGEOUS „Inertia“ (Power Metal)
COURSE IS BLACK, THE „The Blackness Within“ (Death Metal)
COVENANT „Leaving Babylon“ (Electro)
COVENANT „Modern Ruin“ (Electro)
COVERED CALL „Money never Sleeps“ (Hard Rock)
CRACK OF DOOM, THE „to Megatherion“
CRACK OV DAWN „White Line“ (Alternativ)
CRACK OV DAWN „crack ov dawn“ (Punk Goth Metal)
CRACK UP „Buttoxin Bloom“ (Death’n’Roll)
CRACK UP „Dead End Run“
CRACK WHORE SOCIETY, THE „The Crack Whore Society“ (Rock)
CRADLE OF FILTH „Existence Is Futile“ (Extreme Metal)
CRADLE OF FILTH „Cryptorania – The Seductiveness Of Decay“ (Black Metal)
CRADLE OF FILTH „Dusk And Her Embrace – The Original Sin“ (Black Metal)
CRADLE OF FILTH „Hammer Of The Witches“ (Black Metal)
CRADLE OF FILTH „Thornography“ (Black Metal)
CRADLE OF FILTH „Peace Through Superior Firepower (DVD)“ (Black Metal)
CRADLE OF FILTH „Nyphetamine“ (Horror Black Metal)
CRADLE OF FILTH „Bitter Suites To Succubi“ (Horror Black Metal)
CRADLE OF FILTH „From the Cradle to Enslave“
CRADLE TO GRAVE „Cradle To Grave“ (Metalcore/Thrash Metal)
CRAFT „Terror Propaganda“ (Black Metal)
CRANIAL „Dead Ends“ (Post Metal / Sludge)
CRAVING „By The Storm“ (Death/Power/Folk Metal)
CRAVING „Craving“ (Melodic Black/Death/Viking Metal)
CRAVING FOR CHAOS „Arising Disorder“ (Death Metal)
CRAYVEN „All The Sordid Details“ (Melodic/Alternative Female Metal)
CREASE „Vindication“
CREATING.PARADISE „Killing dreams“ (Elektro/Synth Pop)
CREED „weathered“ (Modern Rock)
CREEPSHOW, THE „Life After Death“ (Punk’o’Billy)
CREEPSHOW, THE „They All Fall Down“ (Rockabilly / Psychobilly)
CREMATORIUM „For All Our Sins“ (Death/Thrash Metal)
CREMATORY „Monument“ (Gothic Metal)
CREMATORY „Black Pearls (2-CD+ DVD)“ (Gothic Metal)
CREMATORY „infinity“ (Gothic Metal)
CREMATORY „Pray“ (Gothic Metal)
CREMATORY „Klagebilder“ (Gothic Metal/NDH)
CREMATORY „Early Years“
CREMATORY STENCH „Grotesque Defomitites“ (Death Metal)
CREMATORY STENCH „Crematory Stench“ (Death Metal)
CRESCENT SHIELD „The Stars of Never Seen“ (Heavy Metal)
CRESCENT SHIELD „The Last of my Kind“ (Power Metal)
CREST, THE „Letters from fire “ (Dark Pop)
CREST OF DARKNESS „evil knows evil“ (Black Metal)
CREUTZFÄLLTJACOB „wir lieben euch doch alle“ (Thrash Rock/Metal)
CREUX LIES „The hearth“ (Dark Melodic Post Punk)
CRIKEY „The future of the loss“ (Metal/Experimental)
CRIMFALL „The Writ Of Sword“ (Epic Folk Metal)
CRIMFALL „As the path unfolds“ (Epic Folk Metal)
CRIMSON CHRYSALIS „Crimson Passion Cry“ (Female Symphonic Rock)
CRIMSON FALLS „The True Face of Human Nature“ (Hardcore/Metal)
CRIMSON GHOSTS, THE „Yet Not Human“ (Horrorpunk)
CRIMSON SWAN „Unlit“ (Death / Funeral Doom)
CRIMSON VALLEY „Crossing The Sky“ (Power Metal)
CRIONICS „Neuthrone“ (Death Metal)
CRIPPER „Freak Inside“ (Thrash Metal)
CRIPPER „Killer Escort Service“ (Thrash Metal)
CRISIS „Like Sheep Led To Slaughter“ (Extem Metal)
CRISPY JONES „Two (CDs)“ (Rock`N`Roll)
CRISPY JONES „New Day“ (Rockabilly / Punk / Ska)
CRISPY JONES & THE BLACK CAT BONE SQUAD „Almost Home – Split CD“ (Rockabilly / Ska)
CRISTIANO FILIPPINI „The First Crusade“ (Soundtrack)
CRITERION „The Dominant“ (Brutal Death Metal)
CRITICAL SOLUTION „Barbara The Witch“ (Speed / Thrash Metal)
CROBOT „Welcome To Fat City“ (70´s/Hard Rock)
CROM DUBH „Firebrands and Ashes“ (Black Metal)
CROM DUBH „Heimweh“ (Post Black Metal)
CROMLECH „The vulture tones (MCD)“ (Death Metal)
CRONE „Gehenna“ (Melancholic Rock)
CRONIAN „Enterprise“ (Avantgarde Black Metal)
CRONIAN „Terra“ (Avantgarde Dark Metal)
CROSSBOW „Break The Ice“ (Melodic Metal)
CROSSCUT „Nonesizefitsall“ (Nu/Old Metal)
CROSSCUT „God given time“ (Crossover/New Metal)
CROSSPLANE „Masturboned“ (Rock’n’Roll)
CROSSPLANE „Class of Hellhound High“ (Rock´n´Roll)
CROW NEST „Forgotten Pleasures“ (Gothic Rock/Dark Wave)
CROW7 „Wake Up“ (Melodic/Prog Rock/Metal)
CROW7 „Light In My Dungeon“ (Melodic Metal/Rock)
CROWBAR „The Serpent Only Lies“ (Southern Metal)
CROWBAR „Lifesblood For The Downtrodden“ (Doom Metal)
CROWBAR „Sonic Excess in its purest form“ (Doom/Power Metal)
CROWHEAD „frozen“ (Gothic Rock)
CROWHEAD „Love Letter“
CROWPATH „One with Filth“ (Grindcore/Death Metal)
CROWN OF GLORY „King For A Day“ (Melodic Metal)
CROWN OF GLORY „Destiny“ (Melodic Metal)
CROWN OF THORNS „Karma“ (Melodic Rock)
CROWN THE LOST „Blind Faith Loyalty“ (Power/Thrash Metal)
CROWNED IN EARTH „A Vortex of Earthly Chimes“ (Progressiv)
CROWNED IN EARTH „A Vortex of Earthly Chimes“ (Progressive Doom)
CRUACHAN „Nine years of blood“ (Folk Black Metal)
CRUACHAN „The Morrigan’s Call“ (Pagan/Folk Metal)
CRUACHAN „Pagan“ (Folk Metal)
CRUACHAN „Folk-Lore“ (Folk Metal)
CRUACHAN „Thge middle kingdom“
CRUCIFIED BARBARA „The Midnight Chase“ (Hard Rock)
CRUCIFIED BARBARA „In Distortion We Trust“ (Metal)
CRÜXSHADOWS, THE „Astromythology“ (Synth Pop Wave)
CRÜXSHADOWS, THE „Fortress in Flame“ (Elektro Wave Rock)
CRÜXSHADOWS, THE „Ethernaut“ (Elektro Wave)
CRÜXSHADOWS, THE „Frozen embers (EP)“ (Elektro Wave)
CRÜXSHADOWS, THE „wishfire“ (Electro Wave)
CRUSADE „Resilience“ (Death Metal)
CRUSADE „Loathed Resistance“ (Death Metal Core)
CRUSADE „Further Down“
CRUSH ZAC BEGG AND A FRIEND „Cemetery Junction“ (Alternative Rock)
CRUSHER „The Airfield Tapes“ (Thrash Metal)
CRUSHER „Jackpot“ (Thrash Metal)
CRUSHER „Crusher II“ (Thrash Metal)
CRUSHING BLOW „Cease Fire“ (Power Metal)
CRUSHING CASPARS „Back to the Roots…Nevertheless up to date“ (Hardcore)
CRUSHING CASPARS, THE „The Crushing Caspars“
CRYBABIES „Be All Mine“ (Rockabilly / Swing)
CRYHAVOC „Pitch Black Blues“
CRYO „The Fall Of Man“ (Electro / EBM)
CRYO „Retropia“ (Electro / EBM)
CRYO „Beyond“ (EBM)
CRYO „Hidden Aggression“ (Electro)
„Parsifal 21“ (Avantgarde Black/Gothic Metal)
CRYONIC TEMPLE „Immortal“ (Power Metal)
CRYOSHELL „Cryoshell“ (Symphonic Rock/Metal)
CRYPTCHA „Sorrows away“ (Gothic)
CRYPTIC BROOD „Outcome Of Obnoxious Science“ (Death/Doom Metal)
CRYPTIC BROOD „Brain Eater“ (Death/Doom Metal)
CRYPTIC CARNAGE „Retrospect 2000“
CRYPTIC TALES „VII Dogmata of Mercy“ (Black/Death Metal)
CRYPTIC VOICE „Access Denied“ (Death Metal)
CRYPTIC WINTERMOON „Of shadows and the dark things you fear“ (Black/Dark Metal)
CRYPTIC WINTERMOON „A coming storm“ (Black Metal)
CRYPTOPSY „Once was not“ (Death Metal)
CRYPTOPSY „None so live“ (Extrem Metal)
CRYPTOPSY „And then you’ll beg“
CRYSALIS „ein Mittsommernachtsmord“ (Gothic/Folk/Black Metal)
CRYSTAL BALL „Secrets“ (Hard Rock)
CRYSTAL CARAVAN, THE „With them you walk alone“ (Classic Rock)
CRYSTAL CARAVAN, THE „Against the Rising Tide“ (Classic Rock)
CRYSTAL CROW „Unearth the dark“ (Prog Dark/Gothic Metal)
CRYSTAL EYES „Starbourne Traveler“ (Heavy Metal)
CRYSTAL EYES „Chained“ (Power Metal)
CRYSTAL EYES „Confessions Of The Maker“ (Heavy Metal)
CRYSTAL EYES „World of Black and Silver“
CRYSTALIUM „Diktat Omega“ (Black Metal)
CRYSTALIUM „De Aeternitate Commando“ (Black Metal)
CRYSTALLION „Hattin“ (Speed Metal)
CSEJTHE „Réminiscence“ (Black Metal)
CTULU „Seelenspiegelsplitter“ (Black Metal)
CTULU „Sarkomand“ (Black/Pagan Metal)
CTULU „Freie Geister“ (Black Metal)
CUATRO GATOS „La Caja De Musica“ (Metal)
CULT OF CATHARSIS / OPUS FORGOTTEN „Split CD 2004“ (Symphonic Pagan / Black Metal)
CULT OF LUNA „Cult Of Luna“ (Dark/Doom/Noise Metal)
CULT OF LUNA „The Beyond“ (Dark/Doom/Noise Metal)
CULT OF SHADOWS „from maelstrom (MCD)“ (Death Metal)
CULT OF THE PSYCHIC FETUS „Cult Of The Psychic Fetus“ (Gothabilly)
CULT, THE „Beyond good and evil“ (Pure Rock)
CULTES DES GOULES „The House At The Water“ (Experimental/Gothic Metal)
CULTURE KULTÜR „Spirit“ (Future / Electro Pop)
CUMULO NIMBUS „Schattenjäger“ (Renaissance Metal)
CUMULO NIMBUS „Totensonntag“ (Renaissance Metal)
CUMULO NIMBUS „Stunde der Wahrheit“ (MA Metal)

CUMULO NIMBUS „Nachtwache“ (MA Rock)
CUMSHOTS, THE „Just quit trying“ (Metal / Rock)
CUNNING MANTRAP „Hazmat“ (Hard Rock)
CURE, THE „Trilogy (Blu-Ray Disc)“ (Wave Rock)
CURIOUS „Arrhythmia“ (Wave Rock)
CURIOUS „The Intimate Stranger“ (Gitarren-Wave)
CURIOUS „Falling“ (Cure Wave)
CURRICULUM MORTIS „Into Death“ (Death Metal)
CURSE „Void Above, Abyss Below“ (Black Metal)
CURSE „Dead Sun Rise“ (Black Metal)
CURSE OF THE FORGOTTEN „Building The Palace“ (Thrash Death Metalcore)
CUSTARD „Wheels Of Time“ (Power Metal)
CUSTARD „For my king“
CUTE RATE BOX „datassed“ (Electro/EBM)
CYBELE „Interactive Playgground“ (Dark Rock/Pop)
CYBER AXIS „Skin“ (Electro Metal)
CYBER AXIS „The prophecy (MCD)“ (Elektro Metal)
CYBERTHRASH „Wahnsinns Programm“ (Elektro/NDH)
CYCLOON „zeitsize“ (Space Electro)
CYCLOON „Head over now“ (Industrial/EBM/Wave)
CYCLOON „Waterskills“ (Electro)
CYDONIAN „Estranged“ (Progressive Power Metal)
CYLIX „Alpha“ (Electro / Alternative)
CYNICAL EXISTENCE „Erase Evolve and Rebuild“ (Electro)
CYNICAL EXISTENCE „Come Out And Play“ (Dark Electro)
CYNICISM „The Path Of Self-Sacrificing Destruction (EP)“ (Ambient/Dark Metal)
CYRCUS „Blood Sweat & Bubbles“ (Metalcore)
CYRIL ANCHARD’S MORBID FEELING „In inconstancia constans“ (Prog Metal).