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E.I.N.S. “Deutscher Rock’n’Roll” (Deutsch Rock)
E.R.R.A. “Light of love” (Future Pop)
E-FORCE “Modified Poison” (Thrash Metal)
E-PROTOOL “I.K.U.H.” (Death Metal)
E 605 “Better Luck… Next Time”
EARLY MAN “Closing in” (Heavy Metal)
EARTH KING, THE “Cycling Between Sun And Moon” (Ambient/Black Metal)
EARTHRIDE “Something Wicked” (Stoner Rock / Doom)
EASY RIDER “Animal” (Heavy Metal)
EASY RIDER “Regeneration” (Heavy Metal)
EAT THE GUN “Super Pursuit Mode Aggressive Thrash Distortion” (Rock’n’Roll)
EAT THE GUN “Cross your fingers” (Hard Rock)
EAT THE GUN “Kingsize” (Hard Rock)
EATLIZ “Violently Delicate” (Avantgarde Rockpop)
EBOLA JOY “Gallery” (Dark Rock)
EBOLA JOY “Sitra achra” (Dark/Doom Metal)
EBOLA JOY “…in thei name of their god”
EBONY ARK “When the City is quit” (Female Goth Metal)
ECHIDNA “Manifests of Human Existence” (Progressive Death)
ECHIDNA “This Suffering” (Melodic Death/Thrash/Prog Metal)
ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN “Siberia” (Wave Pop)
ECHOES “Nature/Existence” (ProgRock)
ECHOSILENCE “Distorted Horizon” (Prog Metal)
ECHTRA “Sky Burial” (Drone Black Metal)
ECITON “A Scent of Veracity” (Death Metal)
ECITON “Oppressed” (Death Metal)
ECLIPSE ETERNAL “Ubermensch: Evolution Beyond The Species” (Black Metal)
ECLIPTICA “Impetus” (Prog/Power Metal)
ECLIPTICA “The Awakening” (Melodic Power Metal)
ECNEPHIAS “Ecnephias” (Gothic/Dark Metal)
EDAIN “The Sulphur Breather” (Prog Death Metal)
EDEN SYNTHETIC CORPS (ESC) “Eight Thousand Square Feet” (Industrial / Electro)
EDEN WEINT IM GRAB “Geysterstunde II” (Spooky Dark Metal)
EDEN WEINT IM GRAB “Geysterstunde I – Ein poetisches Spektakel zu Mitternacht” (Dark Metal)
EDEN WEINT IM GRAB “Krieg Im Wunderland Web-EP” (Gothic Metal)
EDEN’S CURSE “The Second Coming” (Melodic Hard Rock)
EDEN’S CURSE “Eden’s Curse” (Melodic Hard Rock)
EDENBRIDGE “The Grand Design” (Bombast Metal)
EDENBRIDGE “Shine” (Epic/Melodic Folk Metal)
EDENBRIDGE “Aphelion” (Epic Melodic Metal)
EDENBRIDGE “arcana” (Epic Melodic Metal)
EDENBRIDGE “Sunrise in Eden”
EDENFALL “Under Sultry Moons And Velvet Skies” (Gothic Doom Metal)
EDENFELD “Superstar”(MCD) (Synth-Pop)
EDENSHADE “The Lesson Betrayed” (Prog/Melodic Death Metal)
EDERA “Edera” (Dark/Epic Metal)
EDGARD “Demolition Disc”
EDGE OF FOREVER “Another Paradise” (Hard Rock)
EDGE OF SANITY “crimson II” (Melodic Death Metal)
EDGE OF SANITY “The poached Diaries”
EDGE OF SERENITY “The Chaos Theory” (Melodic Death Metal)
EDGE OF TORNS “Masquerading of the wicked” (Melodic/Power Metal)
EDGECRUSHER “Forever Failure” (Thrash Metal)
EDGECRUSHER “Deeper Than Hate” (Melancholic Melodic Metal)
EDGUY “Rocket Ride” (Power Metal)
EARTHRIDE “Something Wicked” (Stoner Rock / Doom)
EERIE “Hollow State” (Dark/Death Metal)
EERINESS “Paths” (Gothic Metal)
EERINESS “a life beyond the shades of time” (Gothic Metal)
EFFTER “Bilateral 602” (Industrial)
EFFLORESCE “Coma Ghosts” (Progressive Metal/Gothic)
EGO LIKENESS “water to the dead” (Cold Elektro Wave)
EGOAMP “Welcome To The Cabinet” (Electro / New Wave)
EGOAMP “The Cabinet EP” (New Wave / Electro)
EGONOIR “Fortuna Teil 1 (Velut Luna Statu Variabilis)” (Black Metal)
EGONOIR “Reste. (Was von Sturme übrig blieb)” (Black Metal)
EHRENFELD “Who’s That Boy?” (Alternative)
EIBON “II” (Doom / Sludge)
EICHENSCHILD “das Ende vom Lied” (Heavy Folk Rock)
EIDOLON “Coma Nation” (Heavy Metal)
EIDOLON “Hallowed apparition” (Heavy Metal)
EIDOLON “Nightmare World”
EIGENSINN “Post Mortem” (Metal / Rock)
EIGHT OF SPADES “Driven by Hate” (Hardcore’n’Roll)
EINHERJER “Av Oss, For Oss” (Viking Metal)
EINHERJER “Blot” (Viking Metal)
EINHERJER “Norwegian Native Art”
EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN “Perpetuum Mobile” (Intellektuelle Avantgarde)
EÏS “Wetterkreuz” (Black Metal)
EISBLUME “Eisblumen” (Neo Gothic)
EISBLUT “Schlachtwerk” (Extrem Metal)
EISBRECHER “Eiszeit” (NDH/Elektro/Gothic Metal)
EISBRECHER “Sünde” (Elektro Dark Rock)
EISBRECHER “Antikörper” (Elektro Dark Rock)
EISBRECHER “Eisbrecher” (Elektro Dark Rock)
EISFABRIK “When Winter Comes” (Electro / Future Pop)
EISENFUNK “Pentafunk” (Industrial Techno)
EISENFUNK “Schmerzfrequenz” (Electro / Industrial)
EISENHERZ “Fluch der Zeit” (NDH)
EISENHERZ “Eisenherz” (NDH/Goth Metal)
EISHEILIG “Imperium” (Gothic/Dark Metal)
EISHEILIG “Elysium” (Doom Wave Rock)
EISHEILIG “Die Gärten des Herrn” (Gothic Metal)
EISHEILIG “Eisheilig” (Düster Metal)
EISMOND “Behind The Moon We Are Looking Into The Distance” (Ambient)
EISREGEN “Knochenkult” (Dark Metal)
EISREGEN “Blutbahnen” (Death Metal)
EISREGEN “Hexenhaus (EP+DVD)” (Death Metal)
EISREGEN “Wundwasser” (Death Metal)
EISREGEN “Farbenfinsternis” (Death Metal)
EISREGEN “Krebskolonie”
EISREGEN “Leichenlager”
EKTOMORF “The Acoustic” (Acoustic Tribal)
EKTOMORF “Outcast” (Tribal/Thrash Metal)
EKTOMORF “I scream up to the sky” (Thrash Metal)
EKTOMORF “Kalyi Jag”
EKPYROSIS “All you can eat” (Power Metal)
EKPYROSIS “After war” (Heavy Metal)
EL *KE “Adrenalin” (Deutsch Punk Rock)
EL CACO “From Dirt” (Metal)
EL CACO “The Search” (Rock/Metal)
EL CACO “VIVA” (Rock/Crossover)
EL GUAPO STUNTTEAM “Accusation Blues” (Rock)
ELANDOR “Loveless Mind” (Gothic Rock)
ELANDOR “Dark Asylum” (Gothic / Dark Wave)
ELANE “Arcane” (Mystik Folk)
ELANE “The silver falls” (Fantasy Wave Folk)
ELANE “Lore of Nén” (Fantasy Folk/ Heavenly Voices Pop)
ELANE “Love can’t wait EP” (Folk Wave)
ELANE “The fire of Glenvore” (Fantasy Folk/Heavenly Voice Pop)
ELDAMAR “The Force of the Ancient Land” (Atmospheric Black Metal/Ambient)
ELDAR “Amaterasu Shiroi” (Industrial Martial / Dark Ambient)
ELDERDAWN “Empty Words” (Dark Metal)
ELECTRIC SIX “Switzerland” (Experimentell Stoner Rock)
ELECTRIC WIZARD “dopethrone”
ELECTRO BABY “Evilution” (Stoner Rock)
ELECTRO BABY “Speye” (Stoner Rock)
ELEGY “Principles of pain” (Prog Metal)
ELEGY “Forbidden Fruit”
ELEGY OF MADNESS “Brave dreams” (Symphonic / Gothic Metal)
ELEND “Sunwar the dead” (Orchstral Gothic)
ELEND “Winds devouring men” (Orchestral/Dark Gothic)
ELENIUM “for giving – for getting” (Prog Death Metal)
ELFFOR “Unblessed Woods” (Medieval Black Metal)
ELFMAN “common sky” (New Rock/Metal)
ELIAS MATT & (THE) RESCUE MISSION “Achtung ! Alpha” (Electro Pop)
ELIGOR “in nomine” (Black Metal)
ELIS “Griefshire” (Gothic Metal)
ELISABETHA “Renfield” (Ritual Black Metal)
ELITE “We own the mountains” (Black Metal)
ELIVAGAR “Heirs of the ancient tales” (Pagan Metal)
ELIWAGAR “Memories Of The Warrior Will” (Folk/Pagan Musik)
ELIZIUM “Elysium” (Epic Dark Rock)
ELIZIUM “Relief By The Sun” (Melancholic Rock)
ELIZIUM “Angel of Mistrust” (Epic Goth Metal)
ELKS BLOOD “Demo” (Death/Thrash Metal)
ELLIPSE “Verlorene Zeit” (Electro / Dark Wave)
ELLIPSIS “Imperial Tzadik” (Metal)
ELLIPSIS “From Beyond Thematics” (Psycho Prog Metal)
ELMSFIRE “Thieves of the sun” (Power Metal)
ELMSFIRE “Horizons” (Heavy Metal)
ELODEA “Cataclysmic” (Psychatrie Doom/Sludge)
ELEXORIEN “Elexorien” (Battle Metal)
ELUSIVE “Locked doors, drinks and funeral” (Goth Rock)
ELUSIVE “the great silence” (Goth Rock)
ELUSIVE “Destination zero” (Gothic Rock)
ELUVEITIE “spirit” (Melodic Death/Folk Metal)
ELVARON “The Buried Crown” (Prog Metal)
ELVENKING “Two Tragedy Poets…” (Akustik Folk Rock)
ELVENKING “The Scythe” (Melodic Power Metal)
ELVES, THE “And before ELF there were THE ELVES” (Hard Rock)
ELVIRA MADIGAN “Witches” (Avantgarde Black/Prog Metal)
ELYSIA “Lions of Judas” (Deathcore)
ELYSION “Silent Scream” (Female Gothic Metal)
EM SINFONIA “Intimate portrait” (Death/Gothic/Doom Metal)
EMANCER “Twilight and Randomness” (Prog Black Metal)
EMANCER “The Menace Within” (Experimental Avante-Garde Black Metal)
EMANCER “Invisible” (Experimental Black Metal)
EMBER SEA “Nova” (Metal)
EMBERCROW “Blacklight Wanderers” (Doom Rock / Dark Emotional)
EMBRACE MY RUIN “A Lullaby For A Dying” (Doom/Death/Gothic Metal)
EMBRACED “within”
EMBRACED “Amourous Anathema”
EMBRACED, THE “The Birth” (Melodic Death Metal)
EMBRAZE “Katharsis” (Dark/Melodic Metal)
EMERALD “Calling the knights” (Epic Heavy Metal)
EMERALD “Rebels of our time”
EMERALD PARK “Absolute Zero” (Indie Pop)
EMERALD RAIN “Perplexed in the extrme” (Melodic Rock)
EMERGENCY GATE “Nightly Ray” (Melodic Nu Rock)
EMIGRATE “Silent So Long” (Alternative Industrial Rock)
EMILY STILL REMINDS “There Is Hope” (Hardcore)
EMILY´S BLEEDING “Bruised” (Metalcore)
EMINENZ “Nemesis Noctura” (Black Metal)
EMINENZ “The blackest dimension”
EMMON “Nomme” (Electro / Pop)
EMOTIONAL VIOLENCE “Behind The Scene” (Elektro/Indie Pop)
EMPEROR “Scattered Ashes – a decade of emperial wrath” (Black Metal)
EMPEROR “Prometheus – The discipline of fire &demise” (Black Metal)
EMPEROR “Emperial Live Ceremony”
EMPIRE “Hypnotica” (Melodic Hard Rock)
EMPIRE DROWNS “Empire Drown” (Gothic Metal)
EMPIRE IN DUST “A Place To Rest” (Electro)
EMPTYMIST “Demo2002” (Prog Dark Metal)
EMPYRIUM “The Turn Of The Tides” (Folk Metal)
EMPYRIUM “Into The Pantheon” (Folk / Metal)
EMPYRIUM “Where at night the wood grouce play”
EN DECLIN “Domino/Consequence” (Indie/Dark Rock)
EN DECLIN “Trama” (Dark Rock)
ENCHANTED, THE “For those who fall” (Melodic Death Metal)
ENCOFFINATION “O’ Hell, Shine In Thy Withed Sepulchres” (Death/Doom Metal)
ENCOFFINATION “Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh” (Doom/Death Metal)
ENCOUNTER “Until Spirits Rise To Life” (Heavy/Power Metal)
ENCRIMSON’D “Agrarian Menace” (Black/Death/Folk Metal)
ENCRYPTION “Perishing Black Light” (Power Metal)
ENCYPHER “3rd Eye Supernova” (Alternative Metal)
END “out of eden” (Gothic Doom Metal)
END “promotional”
END, THE “Within Dividia” (Extrem Metal)
END OF DAYS “Dedicated To The Extreme” (Death Metalcore)
END OF GREEN “The Painstream” (Dark/Alternative Rock/Metal)
END OF GREEN “High hopes in low places” (Dark/Alternative Rock/Metal)
END OF GREEN “The Sick’s Sense” (Dark/Alternative Rock/Metal)
END OF GREEN “dead end dreaming” (Dark Rock/Metal)
END OF GREEN “last night on earth” (Dark/Doom Rock)
END OF GREEN “Songs for a dying world” (Dark Doom Rock)
END OF THE ROAD “a Place called Home” (Melodic Metal)
END OF YOU “Mimesis” (Melancholic Rock)
END OF YOU “Unreal” (Melancholic Goth Rock)
ENDEZZMA “Erotik Nekrosis” (Black Metal)
ENDING QUEST “The Summoning” (Death Metal)
ENDLESS “Survivor”
ENDLESS ASYLUM “Danvers State Hospital – Beyond Mental Illness” (Dark Ambient, Martial Industrial)
ENDRAUM “Herzklang spiegelt am Straßenrand” (Lyrik Wave)
ENDRAUM “Blauhauch”
ENDSEEKER “Corrosive Revelation” (Death Metal)
ENDSTILLE “Verführer” (Black Metal)
ENDSTILLE “Endstilles Reich” (Black Metal)
ENDSTILLE “Navigator” (Black Metal)
ENDSTILLE “Operation Wintersturm” (Black Metal)
ENDZEIT “Years Of Hunger (EP)” (Black Metal)
ENEMY INSIDE “Explicit Treatment” (Melodic Thrash Metal)
ENEMY MIND “Demo CD” (Elektro/Noise/EBM)
ENEMY TARGET “Targetized” (Melodic Death Metal)
ENEMYNSIDE “Let The Madness Begin” (Thrash Metal)
ENERTIA “Force” (Power Metal)
ENEMY OF THE SUN “Shadows” (Metal)
ENFORSAKEN “Sinner’s solution” (Death Metal)
ENFORSAKEN “The forever endeavor” (Melodic Death/Heavy Metal)
ENGELSSTAUB “The 4 Horsemen Of The Apokalypse” (Dark Ritual/ Ambient)
ENGELSSTAUB “Nachtwärts” (Dark Wave/Neoklassik)
ENGELSSTAUB “Ignis Fatuus: Irrlichter (Re-Release)” (Gothic / Ambient / Folk)
ENGELSSTAUB “akashic recordings” (Dark Wave)
ENGELSSTAUB “Anderswelt”
ENGORGED “Engorged” (Death/Thrash/Grind Metal)
ENGRAINED “Anger, Roots and Rock’n’Roll” (Punk’n’Roll)
ENID “Seelenspiegel” (Fantasy/Klassik/Black Metal)
ENID “Abschiedsreigen” (Folk/Klassik/Black Metal)
ENIGMATIK “Slitherin” (Brutal Jazz Metal)
ENKELINATION “Tears Of Lust” (Female fronted Melodic Metal/ Hard Rock)
ENLIGHTEN “Silver” (Gothic Rock)
ENOCH “Graveyard Disturbance” (Dark Soundtrack)
ENOCHIAN CRESCENT “The Black Church Psalmbook” (Avantgarde Black Metal)
ENOCHIAN CRESCENT “Omega Telocvovim”
ENOLA GAY “Strange encounter”
ENOUGH TO KILL “A Reason For…” (Metalcore/Death Metal)
ENSHRINED “Derevelation” (Death Metal)
ENSIFERUM “Unsung Heroes” (Folk/Viking Metal)
ENSIFERUM “From Afar” (Folk/Viking Metal)
ENSIFERUM “Victory Songs” (Folk/Viking Metal)
ENSIFERUM “10th Anniversary Live (DVD)” (Folk/Viking Metal)
ENSIFERUM “Dragonheads (MCD)” (Folk/Viking Metal)
ENSIFERUM “Iron” (Viking/Folk Metal)
ENSIFERUM “Ensiferum” (Viking/Folk Metal)
ENSLAVED “Axioma Ethica Odini” (Black Metal)
ENSLAVED “Vertebrae” (Avantgarde Metal)
ENSLAVED “Ruun” (Avantgarde Metal)
ENSLAVED “ISA” (Experimental Viking Metal)
ENSLAVEMENT OF BEAUTY “Megalomania” (Black/Gothic Metal)
ENSOPH “Rex Mundi X-Ile” (Dark/Industrial Metal)
ENSOPH “Opus Dementiae” (Gothic/Folk/Industrial Metal)
ENSOPH “Bleeding Womb of Ananke” (Dark Wave/Industrial)
ENTENTE “degree of punishment” (Speed/Thrash Metal)
ENTER AND FALL “Push Enter And Fall Down” (Electro)
ENTER CHAOS “Aura Sense” (Death Metal)
ENTER MY SILENCE “Coordinate: D1SA5T3R” (Melodic Death Metal)
ENTER VI “Dreams” (Thrash Metal)
ENTERA “The Pit is ours” (Thrash Metal)
ENTERA “The War goes on” (Thrash Metal)
ENTERA “Believe, fight or die” (Melodic Thrash Metal)
ENTERTAINMENT “Grender” (Dark Wave)
ENTHRONED “Sovereigns” (Black Metal)
ENTHRONED “Obsidium” (Black Metal)
ENTHRONED “Tetra Karcist” (Black Metal)
ENTHRONED “Armoured bestial hell” (Black Metal)
ENTOMBED “Serpent Saints” (Death’n’Roll)
ENTOMBED “When in Sodom (EP)” (Death Metal)
ENTOMBED “Unreal Estate” (Death’n’Roll)
ENTOMBED “Sons of satan praise the lord” (Death’n’Roll)
ENTOMBED “Inferno” (Death’n’Roll)
ENTOMBED “Morning Star” (Death Metal)
ENTOMBED “Uprising”
ENTRAILS “Tales from the Morgue” (Death Metal)
ENTRAILS OUT! “Am Puls der Zeit” (Grindcore)
ENTWINE “Painstained” (Gothic/Modern Rock)
ENTWINE “Fatal Design” (Gothic Metal/Modern Rock)
ENTWINE “DiEversity” (Gothic Metal)
ENTWINE “Time of despair” (Goth Rock)
ENTWINE “gone” (Gothic Rock)
EPHEL DUATH “Hemmed By Light, Shaped By Darkness” (Experimeteller Metal/Rock)
EPHEL DUATH “The painters palette” (Avantgarde Metal)
EPHEL DUATH “Phormula” (Avantgarde Black Metal)
EPHEMERA’S PARTY “All the Machines” (Stoner Rock/Metal)
EPHEMERE “Niemandsland” (Synthpop/Wave)
EPICA “Consign to oblivion” (Epic/Melodic/Bombast Metal)
EPICA “2 Meter sessions” (Epic Female Goth Metal)
EPICA “The phantom agony” (Orchestral Gothic Metal)
EPICEDIUM “Anthropogenic” (Brutal Death Metal)
EPICEDIUM “Immense Affliction” (Death/Grind Metal)
EPIPHANIE “Der Deutsche Michel” (Black Metal)
EPITOME OF FRAIL “Society” (Death Metal)
EPOCH OF UNLIGHT “The Continuum Hypothesis” (Extrem Metal)
EPIPHANIE “Fragmente: Von Lebenslichtern Und Den Liedern Toter Kinder” (Black Metal)
EPITAPH “Crawling out of the Crypt” (Doom Metal)
EPPING FOREST “Everblasting Struggle” (Black Metal)
EQUATRONIC “plastique” (Synthie Pop)
EQUILIBRIUM “Turis Fratyr” (Black/Dark/Viking Metal)
EQUILIBRIUM “Demo 2003” (Black/Dark/Viking Metal)
EQUINOX “A Child was born of the Underworld” (Black Metal)
EQUINOX OV THE GODS, THE “The End Of Days” (Dark Rock)
EQUINOX OV THE GODS, THE “Where angels dare not tread” (Dark Rock)
ERA VULGARIS “What stirs within” (Prog Metal)
ERADICATOR “Slavery” (Thrash Metal)
ERADICATOR “Madness is my name” (Thrash Metal)
ERBEN DER SCHÖPFUNG “Narben der Zeit” (Gothic Metal / Electro)
ERBEN DER SCHÖPFUNG “Twilight” (Wave Metal)
ERBEN DER SCHÖPFUNG “Elis (MCD)” (melancholy Wave)
ERBEN DES ZORNS “Zweitens: Krieg” (Thrash/Death Metal)
ERDE “Böse Zeit” (Neofolk)
EREBOS “Descent to Beyond” (Death Metal)
ERED “Night Of Eternal Doom” (Black/Death Metal)
EREMIT, DER “das” (Experimental Wave)
EREMIT, DER “Besserwisser” (Electro Wave/Remix)
EREMIT, DER “magna-prana” (Electro/Lyrik Wave)
EREMIT, DER “Fiebertraum”
ERHABENHEIT “vom Tempel zum Throne” (Black Metal)
ERIC FISH “Anders sein – Der Filmtourfilm (DVD+CD)” (Acoustic)
ERILAZ “The Frist Of The Vortices E.P.” (Industrial)
ERNTEGANG “Anthology – The Meager Years” (Neofolk)
EROS NECROPSIGUE “Charnelle Transcendence” (Dark Wave)
EROS NECROPSIGUE “Pathos” (Dark Wave)
EROS NECROPSIQUE “Crise de Lucidite” (Dark Wave)
EROTTICA “Erotticism” (Melodic Death/Heavy Metal)
ERUPDEAD “The Human Progress” (Death Metal)
ES IM ICH “dem Wahnsinn nah” (Deutsch/Death Rock)
ESCALATOR “Out Of My Ego” (Electro / EBM)
ESCAPE, THE “Demo 89” (Melancholic Wave)
ESCAPE, THE “House Of Mind” (Goth Rock)
ESCAPE, THE “Ivory” (Goth Rock)
ESCAPE, THE “Manderley” (Goth Rock)
ESCAPE WITH ROMEO “Samsara” (Wave, Rock)
ESCAPE WITH ROMEO “Document (DVD+CD)” (Wave/Elektro)
ESCAPE WITH ROMEO “Psalms of survival” (Wave/Elektro)
ESCHATON “Isolated Intelligence” (Black Metal)
ESCHATON “God Mode” (Black/Death Metal)
ESCUCHA “check this sound” (Dark Pop)
ESSENCE OF EXISTENCE “Tome III: Terra Mentis” (Prog Dark/Elektro Metal)
ESTRANGE “On The Wane” (Electro Pop)
ESTUARY OF CALAMITY “The Sentencing” (Dark/Death/Folk Metal)
ETERNA “The Gate” (Speed Power Metal)
ETERNA “Papyrus” (Power Speed Metal)
ETERNAL, THE “Kartika” (Gothic Prog Metal)
ETERNAL, THE “The Sombre Light of Isolation” (Goth/Doom Metal)
ETERNAL AFFLICT “Godless (MCD)” (Dark Elektro)
ETERNAL CHAOS “Dark God of the Eternal” (Black Metal)
ETERNAL DEFORMITY “Frozen Circus” (Prog Black/Death/Gothic Metal)
ETERNAL FALL, THE “Emptiness Vol.1 & 2” (Gothic)
ETERNAL FLIGHT “Positive Rage” (Heavy Metal)
ETERNAL MAJESTY “Wounds of Hatred and Slavery” (Black Metal)
ETERNAL NIGHTMARE “Days Without Sleeping” (Electro)
ETERNAL NIGHTMARE “Mothearth (CDS)” (Electro)
ETERNAL PAIN “In Pain We Trust… Relicts For Revenge” (Speed/Heavy)
ETERNAL REIGN “Forbidden Path” (Prog/Power Metal)
ETERNAL SADNESS “in search of eternity” (Gothic Rock/Metal)
ETERNAL SADNESS “celebrate…”
ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW “Children Of The Dark waters” (Melodic Death/Gothic Metal)
ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW “Before the bleeding sun” (Melodic Death/Dark Metal)
ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW “A virgin and a whore” (Melodic Death/Dark Metal)
ETERNAL WISDOM “Pathei Mathos” (Death Metal)
ETERNAL WISDOM “Meditation Of The Cleansing Fire” (Death Metal)
ETERNIA “same” (Heavy Metal)
ETHAND “Tired” (Electro Goth)
ETHEREAL “the dreams of yearning” (Epic Dark Metal)
ETHEREAL, THE “From funeral Skies” (Funeral Doom Metal)
ETHEREAL BLUE “Black Heart Process” (Black/Death/Gothic Metal)
ETOILE NOIRE “The breath of Kali” (Goth’n’Roll)
EUCLIDEAN “Euclidean” (Progressive Black Metal)
EUFOBIA “Cup Of Mud” (Death´n´Roll)
EUFOBIA “Insemination” (Black/Death Metal)
EUPHONIC “Fate in Disguise” (Heavy Metal)
EURE ERBEN “Eure Fäuste” (Thrash Metal)
EURE ERBEN “Debut-EP” (Thrash Metal)
EUROCIDE “Regen aus Asche” (Dark Electro)
EUROCIDE “Europe in dust” (EBM / Electro)
EUROCIDE “Europe in dust (MCD)” (EBM/Elektro)
EUROPE “Live at Sweden Rock – 30th Anniversary Show” (Hard Rock)
EUROPE “Last Look at Eden” (Hard Rock)
EUROPE “Last Look at Eden (EP)” (Hard Rock)
EVADNE/STIGIAN LAKE “SPLIT” (Black/Dark/Gothic Metal)
EVANESCENCE “Evanescence” (Alternative / Rock)
EVANESCANCE “My Immortal” (Balladesk Goth Rock)
EVANESCENCE “Fallen” (New Female Metal)
EVANGELIST “Doominicanes” (Doom Metal)
EVE OF POISON “Ascension” (Female fronted Rock)
EVEMASTER “MMIV Lacrimae Mundi” (Melodic Death Metal)
EVENFALL “Cumbersome” (Death/Gothic/Elektro Metal)
EVENLESS “Split Infinity” (Alternativ Rock)
EVENOIRE “I will stay” (Prog Metal)
EVENTIDE “Diaries from the Gallows” (Melodic Death/Thrash Metal)
EVER SINCE “Fright the Elements” (Dark Metal)
EVEREVE “Tried & Failed” (Gothic/Elektro Metal)
EVEREVE “.enetics” (Elektro Wave Rock)
EVEREVE “e-mania” (Gothic Metal)
EVERFEST “Rising” (Heavy Metal)
EVERGRACE “Evergrace” (Heavy Metal)
EVERGREY “Monday Morning Apocalypse” (Prog Metal)
EVERGREY “The Inner Circle” (Dark Prog Metal)
EVERRAIN “Head under water” (Grunge/Alternative/Gothic Rock)
EVERSIN “Divina Distopia” (Thrash Metal)
EVERY TIME I DIE “Hot damn!” (Extreme Metal)
EVES END “Frozen Heart Melancholy” (Dark Rock)
EVIDENCE “Spiral” (Hard Rock/Heavy Rock)
EVIDENCE “Truth from a lie”
EVIDENCE ONE “The Sky is the Limit” (Melodic Metal)
EVIDENCE ONE “Criticize the truth” (Melodic/Hard Rock)
EVILDOER “Terror Audio” (Thrash Metal)
EVIL DEVIL “Bad Tales” (Psychobilly)
EVIL INVADERS “Pulses of Pleasure” (Speed Metal)
EVILS TOY “Silvertears”
EVOCATION “Apocalyptic” (Swedish Death Metal)
EVOCATION “Dead Calm Chaos” (Death Metal)
EVOCATION “Tales from the Tomb” (Death Metal)
EVOCATION “Evocation” (Death Metal)
EVOHE “Tellus Mater” (Black Metal)
EVOKE “The Fury Written”
EVOKEN “Antithesis of Light” (Doom/Death Metal)
EVOLVE IV “Decadent Light” (Progressive Rock)
EWIG FROST “Rust (EP)” (Black Metal)
EWIGHEIM “Heimwege” (Piano/Elektro Rock)
EWIGKEIT “Radio Ixtlan” (Prog Rock/Death Metal)
EX DEO “CALIGVLA” (Epic Symphonic Death Metal)
EX INFERIS “defunctus in heresi” (Death Metal)
EX-ORTATION “Bulletproof” (Modern Metal)
EXCALION “Primal Exhale” (Melodic/Power Metal)
EXCELSIS “The Legacy of Sempach” (Folk Power Metal)
EXCELSIS “Tales of Tail” (Folk Metal)
EXCELSIS “Kurt of Kroppingen”
EXCREMENTORY GRINDFUCKERS “Rampampampamm! – Weihnachten mit den Grindfuckers” (Fun/Grind Metal)
EXCREMENTORY GRINDFUCKERS “Ohne kostest extra” (Fun/Grindcore)
EXCREMENTORY GRINDFUCKERS “Aus Liebe zum Geld” (Grindcore/Schlager)
EXCREMENTORY GRINDFUCKERS “Guts, Gore & Grind” (Fun Grindcore/Schlager)
EXCREMENTORY GRINDFUCKERS “Bitte nicht vor den Gästen” (Grind/Schlager)
EXCREMENTORY GRINDFUCKERS “Fertigmachen, Szeneputzen” (Grind/Schlager)
EXECRATE “Sweatin Blood” (Death Metal)
EXECRATE “Aggressor” (Death Metal)
EXELOUME “Fairytale of Perversion” (Thrash / Death Metal)
EXCRUCIATION “[t]horns” (Doom Metal)
EXCRUCIATION “Angels to Some, Demons to Others” (Doom/Death Metal)
EXECRATION “Morbid Dimensions” (Death Metal)
EXHORDER “Slaughter in the Vatican” (Thrash Metal)
EXHORDER “The Law” (Thrash Metal)
EXHUMED “Platters of Splatters – Collection of Early Works” (Death Metal/Grindcore)
EXHUMED “Anatomy is destiny” (Extreme Death Metal)
EXINALATION “Sunshine in the Dayline” (EBM Elektro)
EXILANATION “EBM is not dead” (EBM)
EXILIA “Nobody Excluded” (Crossover)
EXILIA “Can’t Break Me Down (MCD)” (Crossover)
EXILIA “Coincidence (MCD)” (Crossover/New Metal)
EXILIA “Unleashed” (Crossover)
EXILIA “Stop Playing God” (Crossover)
EXILIA “Underdog (EP)” (New Rock/Crossover)
EXIT TO EDEN “from the other side” (Dark Rock)
EXMORTEM “Funeral Phantoms” (Death Metal)
EXMORTEM “Berzerkers Legions” (Black/Death Metal)
EXODUS “Shovel Headed Kill Machine” (Thrash Metal)
EXORIAL, THE “…neither dream nor reality” (Death Metal)
EXOTHERM “projekt 47” (Metal)
EXPERIMENT NNORD “2000 Jahre (MCD)” (Dark Wave)
EXPLIZIT EINSAM “auf ewig” (Klassik Dark Wave)
EXPLIZIT EINSAM “Kelch der Trauer”
EXPLODING BOY, THE “Four” (Alternative / Indie)
EXPLODING BOY, THE “The Black Album” (New Wave)
EXPLORER “Shout in the Fog” (Speed Metal)
EXPRETUS “Borderline red” (Industrial Goth Rock)
EXTERMINATOR “Slay your kind” (Thrash/Death Metal)
EXTOL “Blueprint” (Black Groove Core)
EXTOL “Synergy” (Metal)
EXTOL “Undeceived” (Black/Death Metal)
EXTRABREIT “Live in Hagen (CD+DVD)”
EXTRABREIT “Neues von Hiob” (NDW / Punk)
EXTRABREIT “Das letzet Gefecht” (NDW-Live)
EXTREME NOISE TERROR “Being and nothing” (Grind Core)
EXXPLORER “Symphonies of Steel” (US / Power Metal)
EYCROMON “Awake From The Sleepers” (Electro)
EYE “Freude und Schmerz”
EYECULT “Morituri te salutamus” (Satanic Black/Death Metal)
EYEFEAR “A World full of Grey” (Prog/Power Metal)
EYEHATEGOD “Confederacy of ruins lives”
EYEHATEGOD “Southern discomfort”
EYEVORY “Hope” (Prog Rock)
EYEVORY “Euphobia” (Progressive Rock/Pop)
EYEVORY & THE EUPHOBIA ORCHESTRA “A Symphonic Night Of Prog Rock-Live In Bremen (DVD)” (ProgRock)
EYES FRONT NORTH “Eyes Front North” (Post-Hardcore/Sludge)
EYES OF SHIVA “Eyes of Soul” (Melodic/Prog Metal)
EYES SHUT TIGHT “Fairground Zero” (Metal / Alternative)
EYSENBREY “Die Schlacht Part 1” (Black Metal).