Reviews :: N

N.M.A. „N.M.A.“ (Thrash Metal/Rock)
NACHTBLUT „Chimonas“ (Dark Metal)
NACHTBLUT „Dogma“ (Dark Metal)
„Antik“ (Dark Metal)
NACHTGESCHREIHoffnungsschimmer“ (MA Rock)
NACHTGESCHREI „Promo 2007“ (MA Rock)
NACHTMAHR „Gehorsam“ (Electro)
NACHTMAHR „Widerstand“ (Electro)
NACHTMAHR „Unbeugsam“ (Imperial-Industrial)
NACHTMAHR „Kampfbereit“ (Aggrotech / Electro)
NACHTMAHR „Mädchen in Uniform (EP)“ (Industrial)
NACHTMAHR „Alle Lust will Ewigkeit“ (Industrial / Aggrotech)
NACHTMYSTIUM „Assasins – Black Meddle Part I“ (Psychedelic Metal)
NACHTRUF „Schattengeister“ (Black Metal)
NACHTSUCHER „Komm mit mir“ (Gothic Metal/NDH)
NACHZEHRER „Teen taken from tent by aliens“ (Electro)
NACHZEHRER „Devil’s kiss“ (Avantgarde Elektro Wave)
NACHTZEIT „Där Föddes En Längtan“ (Black Metal)
NADIA SOHAEI „Talking With Myself“ (Synthie Pop )
NADIR „big open wound“ (Doom/Dark Metal)
NAER MATARON „Long Live Death“ (Black/Death Metal)
NAER MATARON „River at dash scalding“ (Black Metal)
NAGELFAR „Vinyl Box“ (Black Metal)
NAGELFAR „Hünengrab im Herbst (Re-Release)“ (Black Metal)
NAGELFAR „Virus West“ (Black Metal)
NAGLFAR „Pariah“ (Swedish Black Metal)
NAGLFAR „Sheol“ (Black Metal)
NAHUAL „Hail Satanic Victory“ (Black Metal)
NAHUI „a blue fire“ (Alternative Dark Musik)
NAILDOWN „Dreamcrusher“ (Modern Metal)
NAILDOWN „World Domination“ (Melodic Death/Power Metal)
NAILED „Hatred, Failure & the Extinction of Mankind“ (Death Metal)
NAILED TO OBSCURITY „King Delusion“ (Doom/Death Metal)
NAILED TO OBSCURITY „Abyss“ (Death Metal)
NAILGUN „New World Chaos“ (Dark Heavy Metal)
NAILS „You Will Never Be One Of Us“ (Grindcore)
NAIO SSAION „out loud“ (New Rock/Gothic Metal)
NAKARUGA „Nakaruga“ (Extreme Metal)
NALE „Ghost Road Blues“ (Modern Metal)
NANO INFACT „Circuitry Of Blades“ (Industrial / Electro)
NANOWAR OF STEEL „A Knight At The Opera“ (True Metal)
NAON „Working Title“ EP (Electro Pop)
NAPALM DEATH „Throes Of Joy In The Jaws Of Defeatism“ (Grindcore)
NAPALM DEATH „Logic Ravaged By Brute Force“ (Grindcore)
NAPALM DEATH „Coded Smears And More Uncommon Slurs“ (Grindcore)
NAPALM DEATH „Utilitarian“ (Grindcore)
NAPALM DEATH „Utilitarian“ (Grindcore)
NAPALM DEATH „Smear Campaign“ (Grindcore/Death Metal)
NAPALM DEATH „leaders not followers“
NAPALM DEATH „Enemy of the Music Business“
NAPE „Synthetic Unity“ (Grunge)
NARAKA „In Tenebris“ (Symphonic Dark/Black/Death Metal)
NARBELETH „Indomitvs“ (Black Metal)
NARBELETH „A Hatred Manifesto“ (Black Metal)
NARGAROTH „Rasluka Part II (MCD)“ (Black Metal)
NARJAHANAM „Undama Tath’hur Al Shams Mn Al Gharb“ (Death/Black Metal)
NARNIA „Enter the gate“ (Melodic Metal)
NASUM „Helvete“ (Extrem Metal/Grind)
NASTRANDIR „zwischen Horizonten“ (Viking/Pagan Metal)
NÅSTROND „Muspellz Synir“ (Black Metal)
NATIVE WINDOW „Native Window“ (Folk Hard Rock)
NÀTTSÒL „Stemning“ (Folkore Black Metal)
NATTVIND „subuniverses“ (Gothic Heavy Rock)
NATURE AND ORGANISATION „Snow Leopard Messiah“ (Neofolk)
NAUGHTY ZOMBIES „Lost Songs“ (Post Punk / Bat Cave)
NAUMACHIA „Wrathorn“ (Melodic Death Metal)
NAVEL „Songs of Woe“ (Rock)
NAYLED „Antibody EP“ (Metal-/Emocore)
NAZARETH „Homecoming – Greatest Hits Live in Glasgow“ (Hard Rock)
NAZGHOR „Death’s Withered Chants“ (Melodic Black Metal)
NAZXUL „Totem“ (Black Metal)
NAZXUL „Iconoclast“ (Black Metal)
NCOR „Tiefenrausch“ (Elektro Wave)
NEAL MORSE „Sola Scriptura“ (Prog Rock)
NEAL MORSE „?“ (Prog Rock)
NEAL MORSE „Testimony“ (Prog Rock)
NEÀNDER „Eremit“ (IndieRock / Doom/Post/Sludge/Black Metal)
NEAR EARTH ORBIT „M.A.S.S. Extinction“ & „Back Catalogue“ (Ambient Goth Rock)
NEAR EARTH ORBIT „Trans Neptunian Objects“ (Dark Rock / Electro)
NEAR EARTH ORBIT „End Of All Existence“ (Dark Rock / Electro)
NEBELHEXE „Dead Waters“ (Atmospheric Dark Wave)
NEBELHEXE „Essensual“ (Female Dark Rock)
NEBELMYTHEN „Morgennebel“ (Atmosphäric Black Metal)
NEBULAR MOON „Metamorphosis“ (Dark/Black Metal)
NEBULAR MOON „…of dreams and magic“
NEBUNAM „Nebunam“ (Black Metal)
NECARE „Ruin“ (Doom/Death Metal)
NECDUM ERANT ABYSSY „Ondoyance“ (Gothic/Electro Wave)
NECRO FACILITY „Wintermute“ (Electro / Alternative)
NECRODAEMON „Prophecy of the decadent“ (Black Metal)
NECRODEATH „Draculea“ (Black/Thrash Metal)
NECRODEATH „20 Years Of Noise 1985-2005“ (Old School Thrash Metal)
NECRODEATH „Ton(e)s of hate“ (Black/Thrash Metal)
NECRODEATH „Black as pitch“ (Black/Thrash Metal)
NECROMANTIA „The Sound of Lucifer Storming Heaven“ (Black Metal)
NECROMANTIX „What Happens In Hell Stays In Hell“ (Psychobilly)
NECROMESSIAH „Antiklerical Terroristik Death Squad“ (Black/Thrash Metal)
NECROMORPH „Under The Flag“ (Grind/Crust/Death)
NECROMORPH „Grinding Black Zero“ (Death Metal)
NECROMORPH + VIOLENT HEADACHE „Split“ (Death Metal/Grindcore)
NECRONOM „A darkening path“ (Death/Dark Metal)
NECRONOM „Exordium“ (Death/Dark Metal)
NECRONOMICON (D) „Revenge of the Beast“ (Thrash Metal)
NECRONOMICON (D) „Construction Of Evil“ (Thrash Metal)
NECRONOMICON „Peccata Mundi“
NECROPHAGIA „The divine art of torture“ (Death/Gore Metal)
NECROPHAGIA „Holocauste de la morte“
NECROPHOBIC „Dawn Of The Damned“ (Death/Black Metal)
NECROPHOBIC „Death to All“ (Black/Death Metal)
NECROPHOBIC „Hrimthursum“ (Black/Death Metal)
NECROPHOBIC „bloodhymns“ (Death/Black Metal)
NECROPHOBIC „The 3rd Antichrist“
NECROS CHRISTOS „Domedon Doxomedon“ (Death Metal)
NECROS CHRISTOS „Nine Graves“ (Death Metal)
NECROS CHRISTOS „Doom of the Occult“ (Death Metal)
NECROSPHERE „Revived“ (Death Metal)
NECROTIC FLESH „Postmortem Pleasures“ (Death Metal)
NECROTOMBS „Embalmed In Rotten Flesh“ (Death Metal)
NECROTTED „Worldwide Warfare“ (Death Metal)
NECROTTED „Utopia 2.0“ (Deathcore / Death Metal)
NEFACIO „Live in Neuss“ (MA-Rock)
NEFARIUM „Ad Discipulum“ (Black Metal)
NEGATE „The dead guy palace“ (Hardcore/Death Metal)
NEGATIVE „Neon“ (Hard Rock)
NEGATIVE „God likes your Style“ (Melodic Rock’n’Roll)
NEGATIVE „Sweet and Deciteful“ (Melodic Rock’n’Roll)
NEGATIVE CREEPS „Mutual Annihilation“ (Thrash Metalcore)
NEGATIVE REACTION „endofyoerror“ (Hateful Doom Metal)
NEGATIVVM „Tronie“ (Black Metal)
NEGATOR „Gates to the Pantheon“ (Black Metal)
NEGATOR „Panzer Metal“ (Black Metal)
NEGATOR „Die eisernen Verse“ (Black Metal)
NEGATOR „Old Black“ (Black Metal)
NEGLECTED FIELDS „Splenetic“ (Technical Death Metal)
NEGLECTED FIELDS „Mephisto Lettonica“
NEGURA BUNGET „Om“ (Transylvanian Black Metal)
NEGURA BUNGET „maiastru sfetnic“ (Epic Black Metal)
NEHEMAH „Reqiuem Tenebrae“ (New Old School Black Metal)
NEHEMAH „Shadows from the past“ (Black Metal)
NEHEMAH „Light of a dead star“ (Black Metal)
NEHL AëLIN „Le Monde Saha“ (Alternative)
NEIKKA RPM “ Rise of the 13th Serpent“ (Industrial/EBM)
NEKRARCHON „Gehinnam“ (Black Metal)
NEKROPOLIS „The perversion of humanity“ (Black/Death Metal)
NEKROVAULT „Totenzug: Festering Peregrination“ (Death Metal)
NEMHAIN „From The Ashes“ (Rock´n´Roll)
NEMESEA „Mana“ (Goth Metal)
NEMESIS „Forever in Metal“ (Heavy / Power Metal)
NEMESIS INFERNI „Another kind of evil“ (Dark/Gothic Metal)
NEMESIS SOPOR „Glas“ (Black Metal)
NEMESIS SOPOR „Wurzelloser Geist“ (Black Metal)
NENIA „C’alladhan“ (Dark Folk)
NEO „Sindustrial“ (Electro / Industrial)
NEON DREAM „Anodyne“ (Gothic Rock)
NEON SUNRISE „twisted nerve“ (Prog Metal)
NEON SUNRISE „Burning the focus“
NEON SYNTHETICS „Alchemy of Rebirth“ (Elektro Metal)
NEONGRAU „Spam N Space“ (Electropop / New Wave)
NEOTEK „Sex, Murder and Rock’n’Roll“ (Electro / Industrial )
NEPHENCY CHAOS ORDER „Pure Black Disease“ (Black/Death Metal)
NEPHTHYS „The secret gates“
NERAIA „EP“ (Death Metal / Core)
NERGARD „a bit closer to heaven“ (Prog Metal/ Wave Pop)
NERGARD „Memorial for a wish“ (Melodic Metal Musical)
NEROARGENTO „Underworld“ (Electro Rock)
NEROCAPRA „Vox Inferi“ (Death Metal)
NERONOIA „Un Mondo In Me“ (Dark Ambient / Darkwave / Industrial)
NERONOIA „Il Rumore Delle Cose“ (Dark Ambient / Darkwave / Industrial)
NERTHUS „The Crowned´s Reunion“ (Ancient Metal)
NERTHUS „Black Medieval Art“ (Black Metal)
NERTHUS „Scattered to the Four Winds“ (MA/Black Metal)
NEST „woodsmoke“ (Dark Folk)
NETHERBIRD „Arete“ (Melodic Black/Death/Viking Metal)
NETHERBIRD „The Grander Voyage“ (Melodic Black/Viking/Doom Metal)
NETHERBIRD „The Ferocious Tides Of Fate“ (Black Metal)
NETHERFELL „Between East And West“ (Folk Metal)
NETZ „Exit Märchenland“ (Future Pop)
NEUN WELTEN „The See I`m Diving In“ (Folk)
NEUN WELTEN „Destrunken“ (Eerie Emotional Music)
NEUN WELTEN „Vergessene Pfade“ (Naturmystik/Nordic Folk)
NEUROSIS „The eye of every storm“ (Psychedelic Doom Rock)
NEUROSIS „a sun that never sets“ (Doom/Dark Rock)
NEUROTICFISH „Gelb“ (Atmospheric SarKastic Elektro)
NEUROTICFISH „Bomb E:P“ (Synth Pop)
NEUROTICFISH „Need/It’s not to me“ (Remix Elektro)
NEUROTICFISH „les chansons nourtiques“ (Future Pop/EBM)
NEVER COMES SILENCE „One second eternity“ (Atmosphäric Metal)
NEVER COMES SILENCE „Red Ocean“ (Atmospheric Metal)
NEVER DIE ALONE „Havoc“ (Deathcore)
NEVERLAND „Reversing Time“ (Power Metal)
NEVERLAND „Neked“ (Gothic/Modern Metal)
NEVERLAND „Neverland“ (Melodic Power Metal)
NEVERLAND IN ASHES „8:16“ (Melodic Death Metal)
NEVERMORE „Enemies of reality“ (Power/Thrash Metal)
NEVERMORE „Dead heart in an dead world“
NEVERTRUST „Eye of the Observer“ (Metal)
NEVROTIX, THE „Paranoid“ (Psychobilly)
NEW BORN HATE „Obsessed“ (Death/Thrash/Core)
NEW BREED „pleasure&pain“ (Goth Rock)
NEW CONCEPT „The outer gates“ (Elektro Pop)
NEW CONCEPT „Wheel of love“
NEW DIVISION, THE „Gemini“ (Electro / Wave)
NEW DIVISION, THE „Shadows“ (Elektro / New Wave)
NEW LIGHT CHOIR „Volume II“ (Hard Rock)
NEW LOW, THE „Misery“ (Hardcore)
NEW LOW, THE „Fall Empire“ (Hardcore)
NEW MODEL ARMY „From Here“ (Independent Rock)
NEW MODEL ARMY „Winter“ (Independent Rock)
NEW MODEL ARMY „Between Wine And Blood“ (Independent Rock)
NEW MODEL ARMY „High“ (Rock)
NEW MODEL ARMY „Carnival“ (Independent Rock)
NEW RAIN „New Rain“ (Suicidal Art Rock)
NEW SEED 55, THE „Ghhrrrrrr.“ (Rock`n`Roll / Rockabilly)
NEW SEED 55, THE „same“ (Rockabilly / Punk)
NEW SKIN „New Skin“ (Elektro Goth Rock)
NEW ZERO GOD „MMXIII“ (Alternativ Goth Rock)
NEW WORLD DEPRESSION „pure brutal and honest“ (Death Metal)
NEW WORLD DEPRESSION „Unseal Pandoras Curse“ (Death Metal)
NEWVEMBER „meanless & breathless“
NEXT WASTE DIMENSION „Signal to noise“ (Extrem/Dance Metal)
NEXUS „The Paradise Complex“ (Death/Progressive Metal)
NEXUS KENOSIS „Elsewhen“ (Electro)
NHOR „Momenta Quintae Essentiae“ (Folk)
NHOR „Within The Darkness Between The Starlight“ (Black Metal)
NHORIZON „Skydancers“ (Symphonic Metal)
NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS „Abattoir Blues/ The Lyre of Orpheus (DCD)“
NICKELBACK „Live at Sturgis 2006 (DVD)“ (Rock)
NICKELBACK „The long road“ (Modern Rock)
NICKELBACK „Curb“ (Modern Rock)
NICKELBACK „Silver Side Up“ (Modern Rock)
NICKELBACK „the state“ (Modern Rock)
NIDINGR „Sorrow Infinite and Darkness“ (Avantgarde Psycho Black Metal)
NIEDERSCHLAG „mehr als sterben“ (NDH)
NIEMANN „Nie wieder (MCD)“ (NDH)
NIFELHEIM „Envoy of Lucifer“ (Black Metal)
NIFTERS „If this one becomes a hit I swear I am going to kill myself (MCD)“ (Goth Metal/Crossover)
NIGHT CONQUERS DAY „Rebellion is the art of survival“
NIGHT CROWNED „Hädanfärd“ (Melodic Black/Death Metal)
NIGHT CROWNED „Impius Viam“ (Melodic Black/Death Metal)
NIGHT DEMON „Live Darkness“ (Heavy Metal)
NIGHT DEMON „Darkness remains“ (Heavy Metal)
NIGHT DEMON „Curse of the damned“ (Heavy Metal)
NIGHT IN GALES „Dawnlight Garden“ (Death Metal)
NIGHT IN GALES „The Last Sunsets“ (Death Metal)
NIGHT IN GALES „Necrodynamic“ (Death/Thrash Metal)
NIGHT MIASMA „Exhausted“ (Dark Punk)
NIGHT NAIL „S/T“ (Cold Wave/ Dark Dream Pop)
NIGHT NURSE „Night Nurse“ (Psychobilly)
NIGHTCHILD, THE „Some Stories And Thoughts“ (Gothic Rock)
NIGHTFALL „LYSSA / Rural Godsd & Astonishing Punishment“ (Dark/Death Metal)
NIGHTFALL „I am Jesus“ (Melodic Dark/Death Metal)
NIGHTFOREST „Winternight“ (Black Metal)
NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA, THE „Internal Affairs“ (Classic Rock)
NIGHT NAIL „March To Autumn“ (Melancholic Dark Wave)
NIGHTLAND „The Great Nothing“ (Symphonic Melodic Death/Gothic Metal)
NIGHTMARE (JAP) „the WORLD Ruler“ (J-Rock)
NIGHTMARE „Genetic Disorder“ (Power Metal)
NIGHTMARE „The Dominion Gate“ (Heavy Metal)
NIGHTRAGE „Descent Into Chaos“ (Melodic Death Metal)
NIGHTRAGE „Sweet Vengeance“ (Melodic Death Metal)
NIGHTSHADE, THE „wired“ (Elektro Metal)
NIGHTSHADE „Wielding the Scynthe“ (Melodic Death Metal)
NIGHTWARD „Face the fall“ (Melodic Death/Thrash Metal)
NIGHTWISH „highest hopes“ (Symphonic Goth Metal)
NIGHTWISH „end fo innocence (DVD)“ (Opern Metal)
NIGHTWISH „Century Child“ (Opern Metal)
NIGHTWISH “ 4 Ballads of the eclipse“ (MCD)
NIGHTWISH „Oceanborn“
NIGHTWISH „Wishmaster“
NIHIL NOVI SUB SOLE „Jupiter Temple“ (Dark Ambient, Martial Ambient)
NIHIL NOVI SUB SOLE „promo 2009“ (Ambient / Industrial)
NIHILISM „Beyond Redemption“ (Death Metal)
NIHILISTIC FRONT, THE „Procession To Annihilation“ (Doom Metal)
NIHILO „The Antichrist/The Flaming Bed in Benum“ (Death Metal)
NIK PAGE „sinmachine“ (Goth Pop/Dark Rock)
NIK PAGE „Sacrifight“ (Goth Rock)
NIKKI PUPPET „Puppet On A String“ (Hard Rock/Heavy Metal)
NILE „Vile Nilotic Rites“ (Death Metal)
NILE „What Should Not Be Unearthed“ (Death Metal)
NILE „Annihilation of the Wicked“ (Death Metal)
NILE „In their darkened shrines“ (Death Metal)
NIM VIND „The Stillness Illness“ (Horror Punk / Rock)
NIMBIFER „Demo I & Demo II“ (Black Metal)
NINDRIEL „Tavernenrausch und Traumgespinste“ (Folk Metal)
NINE „It’s your Funeral“ (Alternative/Core Metal)
NINE SHRINES „Retribution Therapy“ (Metalcore)
NINKHARSAG „The Dread March of Solemn Gods“ (Melodic Black/Death Metal)
NITZER EBB „Industrial Complex“ (EBM / Industrial)
NIOWT „Loverboy“ (New Wave)
NITROLYT „Hollywood Death Scene“ (Modern Metal)
NIVEAU MIT MUSIK „Demo“ (Akustik)
NO:CARRIER and Friends „Ghosts Of The West Coast“ (Wave / Synth Pop)
NO:CARRIER „Wisdom & Failure“ (Electro Pop)
NO:CARRIER „Last Scene“ (Electro)
NO:CARRIER „Between The Chairs“ (Elektro Pop)
NO COMMENT „Best of 1992-2004“ (Wave Pop)
NO DAWN „Dark Aura“ (Death Metal)
NO MORE FEAR “Mad(e) In Italy” (Death Metal)
NO NEED TO STAY „Persona Obscura“ (Metalcore)
NO ONE’S OWNED „White“ (Crossover)
NO PRIDE „Der Quell des Lebens“ (Epic Goth/Death Metal)
NOBILITY OF SALT „Those narrow streets“ (Western Dark Romantik)
NOBILITY OF SALT „The silent ship (EP)“ (Romantic Dark Wave)
NOBILITY OF SALT „The tremulous sea “ (Wave Rock)
NOBLESSE OBLIGE „Affair of the Heart“ (Wave/Synth Pop)
NOCTE OBDUCTA „Irrlicht (Es Schlägt Dem Mond Ein Kaltes Herz)“ (Black Metal)
NOCTE OBDUCTA „Totholz (Ein Raunen Aus Dem Klammwald)“ (Black Metal)
NOCTE OBDUCTA „Mogontiacum (Nachdem Die Nacht Herabgesunken.)“ (Black Metal)
NOCTE OBDUCTA „Umbriel“ (Ambient/Black Metal)
NOCTE OBDUCTA „Sequenzen einer Wanderung“ (Avantgarde Metal)
NOCTE OBDUCTA „Aschefrühling (MCD)“ (Atmospheric Black Metal)
NOCTE OBDUCTA „Nektar – Teil II (Seen, Flüsse, Tagebücher)“ (Atmospheric Black Metal)
NOCTE OBDUCTA „Nektar – Teil I (Zwölf Monde, eine Handvoll Träume)“ (Atmospheric Black Metal)
NOCTE OBDUCTA „Stille = Das nagende Schweigen“ (Dark Metal)
NOCTIFERIA „Slovenska Morbida“ (Industrial Metal)
NOCTIFERIA „Per aspera“ (Black/Death Metal)
NOCTIS „For Future’s Past“ (Dark/Doom Rock/Metal)
NOCTUARY „When Fires Breed Blood“ (Black Metal)
NOCTURNAL BREED „We Only Came For The Violence“ (Black/Thrash Metal)
NOCTURNAL BREED „Napalm Nights“ (Black/Thrash Metal)
NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION „The Cult Of Negation“ (Black Metal)
NOCTURNAL RITES „Grand Illusion“ (Melodic/Power Metal)
NOCTURNAL RITES „Shadowland“ (Melodic/Power Metal)
NOCTURNAL WINDS „of art and suffering“ (Melodic Death Metal)
NOCTURNAL WINDS „Everlasting Fall“
NOCTURNALIA „Above Below Within“ (Psychedelic Rock)
NODE „Das Kapital“ (Death Metal)
NODE „Sweatshops“ (Melodic Death Metal)
NODFYR „In een andere tijd“ (Heathen Metal)
NOEKK „The Grimalkin“ (Fantasy Dark Rock)
NOEKK „The water sprite“ (Romantic Doom Rock)
NÖVÖ „I Flee“ (Electro)
NODRAMA „The Patient“ (Modern Metal)
NOISE CAPITAL „Ghost Army“ (Indie Rock)
NOISE FOREST „Zero existence“ (Metal/Hardcore)
NOISE THERAPY „Tokyo 5-0“ (Punk Rock)
NOISE VICTIM „Pretty damaged“ (Crossover)
NOISEDELIK „In The Name Of The Father“ (Dark Ambient)
NOISEFREAK „Sick Sessions“ (Hardcore)
NOISUF-X „Dead End District“ (Industrial)
NOISUF-X „Excessive Exposur“ (Industrial / Electro / Gothic)
NOKTA „Lifetime Part II“ (Power Metal)
NOLONGERHUMAN „Depersonalization“ (Industrial)
NOMAD „Transmigration of Conciousness“ (Death Metal)
NOMADS „Up-tight!“ (Punk/Garagen Rock)
NOMANS LAND „Raven Flight“ (Viking Metal)
NOMENCLATURA „Different“ (Elektro Rock)
NOMENCLATURA „Stitch Me“ SCD (Electro Pop)
NOMINON „Remnants of a Diabolical History“ (Death Metal)
NON „not everything is made in China“ (Indie Rock)
NON HUMAN LEVEL „Non Human Level“ (Death/Thrash Metal)
NON OPUS DEI „Sem al diavol va porti al mal“ (Black Metal)
NONE VALUELESS ART „End Level Of Technical Ecstasy“ (Pagan/Black Metal)
NONE VALUELESS ART „…until nature abolishes us“ (Black Metal)
NONE VALUELESS ART „Memorabilia – Strictly Black Metal (MCD)“ (Pagan Black Metal)
NONE VALUELESS ART „forlorn in a dying world…“ (Pagan Black Metal)
NONEUCLID „The Crawling Chaos“ (Death Metal)
NONEXISTENCE „Nihil“ (Cosmic Doom/Black Metal)
NOOPINION „No Chains for Change“ (Hardcore Punk)
NOPLACETOHIDE „Vergangenheit“ + „Zukunft“ (Thrash Metal/Hardcore)
NORDAFROST/UNLIGHT „To Our Forefathers (Split EP)“ (Black Metal)
NORDAFROST „Back To The Shores Of Grey“ (Black Metal)
NORDAFROST „North Arise“ (Black/Death Metal)
NORDFROST „Naturgewalten“ (Pagan Black Metal)
NORDLANDER, ERIK „Into the sunset“
NOrDREAM „memories progression“ (Progessive Metal)
NORHOD „The Blazing Lily“ (Symphonic Metal)
NORMAHL „Jong’r (DVD+CD)“ (Punk/Film)
NORMAHL „Voll Assi“ (Deutsch Punk)
NORSEMEN „Bloodlust“ (Viking/Death Metal)
NORTHER „Till Death Unites Us“ (Melodic Death Metal)
NORTHER „Death unlimited“ (Melodic Death/Black Metal)
NORTHER „Mirror of madness“ (Melodic Death/Black Metal)
NORTHER „Dreams of Endless War“ (Melodic Death/Black Metal)
NORTHERN DISCIPLINE „Burn-Beaten Soil“ (Modern Metal)
NORTHERN LITE „Memory Leaks“ (Pop / Electro)
NORTHERN LITE „Letters & Signs – Part Two“ (Electropop)
NORTHERN LITE „Unisex“ (Alternativ Elektro Rock)
NORTHERN LITE „Temper“ (Alternativ Elektro Rock)
NORTHERN LITE „Gone (MCD)“ (Cold Elektro Pop)
NORTHERN LITE „Reach the sun“ (Elektro Gitarren Wave)
NORTHERN SADNESS „Riddles Of Lunacy“ (Dark Electro)
NORTHERN TALES „A Vocalist’s diary“ (Heavy/Thrash Metal)
NORTHWIND „Chronicas De Aravan: El Retorno Del Rey“ (Epic Power Metal)
NORTT „Galgenfrist“ (Doom Metal)
NOSFERATOS „Pandemonium“ (Death Metal)
NOSFERATU + DEMORIAN „Split“ (Black Metal)
NOSGOTH „Ines de Castro“ (Opern Metal)
NOSGOTH „Lines Of Sorrow“ (Opera Metal)
NOSTRADAMEUS „Pathway“ (Power Metal)
NOT ABOVE EVIL „Always Darkest Before“ (Death Metal)
NOTHING TO FEAR „Prepared Lies“ (Electro / EBM)
NOTRE DAME „Creepshow Freakshow Peepshow“ (Horror Metal)
NOUMENA „Anatomy of life“ (Melodic Death/Dark Metal)
NOUMENA „Absence“ (Melodic Death/Dark Metal)
NOUVE, THE „Kathie doesn’t come (MCD)“ (Wave Pop)
NOUVE, THE „The last goodbye is not always the End“ (Wave Pop)
NOVA-SPES „A Dog And His Boy“ (Electro Pop / Dark Pop)
NOVA-SPES „Black Sheep On White Fields“ (Electro)
NOVA-SPES „Leben Ist Krieg“ (Electro)
NOVEMBER NÖVELET „The World In Devotion“ (Angst Pop)
NOVEMBER PROCESS „Newspeak“ (Elektro)
NOVEMBERS DOOM „Nephilim Grove“ (Death/Doom)
NOVEMBERS DOOM „The Pale Haunt Departure“ (Death/Doom Metal)
NOVEMBERS FALL „Mythaeon“ (Melodic Death Metal)
NOVEMBERS FALL „Broken Memories“ (Melodic Death Metal)
NOVEMBRE „The Blue“ (Prog Dark/Gothic Metal)
NOVEMBRE „Dreams d’Azur“ (Dark/Gothic Metal)
NOVEMBRE „Novembrine Waltz“ (Gothic Metal)
NOVEMBRE „Classica“
NOX FORMULAE „The Hidden Paths of Black Ecstasy“ (Black Metal)
NOX INTERNA „A Minor Road“ (Gothic)
NOX INTERNA „Spiritual Havoc“ (Gothic Rock)
NOX INTERNA „The Seeds Of Disdain“ (Gothic / Dark Wave)
NOX NOVACULA „Nox Novacula“ (Death Rock/ Goth ’n‘ Roll)
NOZZLE „Winter“
NTRSN „People like Gods“ (Electro-Industrial/EBM)
NUCLEAR ASSAULT „Third World Genocide“ (Thrash Metal)
NUCLEAR ASSAULT „Alive Again“ (Heavy Metal)
NUCLEAR SALVATION „Ruins Of Reality“ (Death Thrash Metal)
NUCLEAR VOMIT „Koryto“ (Grindcore)
NUCLEUS TORN „Andromeda Awaiting“ (Folk / Metal / Klassik)
NUCLEUS TORN „Travellers“ (Progressive / Folk / Metal)
NUCLEUS TORN „Knell“ (Folk Metal)
NUCLEUS TORN „Nihil“ (Folk Rock)
NUDE „Cities and faces“ (Gothic Rock)
NULLKERN „Kernkraft“
NULLL COLLECTIVE, THE „De Monstris“ (Doom Metal)
NULL POSITIV „Amok“ (Nu Metal/NDH/Alternative)
NULL POSITIV „Koma“ (Nu Metal/NDH/Alternative)
NUMAN, GARY „scarred“ (Wave Pop)
NUNFUCKRITUAL „In Bondage to the Serpent“
NUSQUAMA „Horizon Ontheemt“ (Black Metal)
NUUK „play“ (Wave Rock)
NUUK „hetrodyne (MCD)“ (Wave Rock)
NYDVIND „Sworn To The Elders“ (Pagan Metal)
NYIA „More than you Expect“ (Avantgarde Grindcore)
NYKTOPHOBIA „What Lasts Forever“ (Death Metal)
NYKTOPHOBIA „Fate Of Atlantis“ (Death Metal)
NYMF „Nymf“ (Stoner Rock)
NZ „Aggressions“ EP (EBM).