Reviews :: V

V.A. “13th Street – The Sound Of Mystery Vol.3” (Gothic Metal / Elektro / EBM)
V.A. “15 Imaginary Songs – A Tribute to The Cure”
V.A. “2004-2014 – 10 Years Of Progress Productions Anniversary Compilation”
V.A. “25 Years Of Wacken – Snapshots, Scraps, Thoughts & Sounds (DVD/BD)” (Metal)
V.A. “80s Revolution Euro Disco, Vol. 2“ (Pop)
V.A. “a human scan(ner)” (Elektro Sampler)
V.A. “A Tribute to MANILLA ROAD – The Riddle Masters” (Epic Metal)
V.A. “Accession Records Vol.3” (Electro/Industrial/Wave/Future)
V.A. “Accession Records Vol.2” (Industrial/EBM/Wave)
V.A. “Accession Records Vol.1” (Elektro/Wave)
V.A. “Advanced electronics Vol.2” (Electro)
V.A. “Advanced electronics” (Elektro)
V.A. “(AE)quilibrium – Man vs. Machine” (Gothic Rock / EBM / Metal / Synthie Pop)
V.A. “ALL FREAKS – Punk Vol.1” (Punk Sampler)
V.A. “Alternative Moments” (Alternative Rock)
V.A. “Armageddon Over Wacken 2004 (3CD)” (Metal)
V.A. “Armageddon Over Wacken 2003 (2CD)” (Metal)
V.A. “Band Unity – Breaking The Silence Vol.1” (Metal/Gothic)
V.A. “Bandmatrix-Berlin Sampler” (Rock/Pop/Wave+Sonstiges)
V.A. “Berenstark Vol. 9” (Crossover/Metal)
V.A. “Beyond inspiration – A tribute to Uli Jon Roth” (Hard Rock)
V.A. “Black Pagan Death Salute Vol. 2” (Black/Pagan/Death Metal)
V.A. “Black Snow 2 – the completely different Xmas compilation” (Industrial)
V.A. “Blackened” (Atmospheric/Melancholic Black Metal)
V.A. “Blackened II” (Post Black Metal / Blackened Death Metal)
V.A. “Blackmore’s Castle-A tribute to Deep Purple & Rainbow” (Rock)
V.A. “Big Noize”
V.A. “Born – Evolve – Progress 3” (Electro)
V.A. “Brutal Vision Vol.2? (Metal mehrerer Richtungen)
V.A. “Burning Roots (Volume One)” (Black Metal)
V.A. “Castle Rock – The best of” (Wave, MA, Gothic, Elektro Wave)
V.A. “Cat scratching Vol. 1” (Gohtic/Punk/Wave)
V.A. “Classic Video Collection Part 1 (DVD)” (Metal)
V.A. “Club de Sade/Session of Fetish” (Elektro)
V.A. “Clubtrax Vol.3 Anniversary Edition”
V.A. “Contaminated 5.0” (Extrem Metal)
V.A. “Contamination Festival (2-DVD)” (Metal)
V.A. “Cradle of Fear” (Splatter Film)
V.A. “Crossing all over Vol. 18” (Crossover/Metal/Rock)
V.A. “Crossing all over Vol. 17” (Crossover)
V.A. “Czech Assault” (Death/Grind Metal)
V.A. “DAC Club Classics”
V.A. “DareDevil O.S.T.” (Soundtrack)
V.A. “Dark Desire Vol.2” (Wave/Gothik/Elektro)
V.A. “Dark Roses” (Electro Pop/Dark Romantic)
V.A. “DarkmusiX Vol. I” (Gothrock / Electro)
V.A. “Decadance Compilation” (Elektro/Wave)
V.A. “Demonic And Divine” (Female (Gothic) Metal)
V.A. “Die Flut (Benefiz Sampler)” (Wave/Elektro)
V.A. “Die Zeit ist reif” (Family 5 Tribute)
V.A. “Disco Pop Volume 2” (Pop)
V.A. “Discover” (Electro Pop)
V.A. “Drachenfest Soundtrack” (Mittelalter)
V.A. “Dreams of what life could have been” (Black Doom Metal)
V.A. “Eagleution – A Tribute To Saxon” (Heavy Metal)
V.A. “Echozone Soest Festival 2010 Live DVD” (Gothic)
V.A. “Echozone – Plasmatic Mutation” (Gothic / Electro)
V.A. “EERIE – Emotional Music” (Dark Wave/Balladesk/Neo Klassik)
V.A. “Electric Funeral Cafe Vol 1 + 2” (Stoner / Doom / Sludge)
V.A. “Electropop 9” (Electro Pop)
V.A. “Electropop 8” (Electropop)
V.A. “Electropop 7” (Electro Pop)
V.A. “Electropop 6” (Electropop)
V.A. “Electropop 2” (Elektro/Synthie Pop)
V.A. “Elektrisch Vol.2” (Synth Piop)
V.A. “Elektropolis 2”
V.A. “Endzeit Bunkertracks Act 5” (Electro / Industrial)
V.A. “Extended Electronics” (Electro)
V.A. “Forever – A Tribute to The Mission”
V.A. “Freddy vs. Jason (OST)” (Metal)
V.A. “Full Metal Jukebox Vol. 4” (Metal)
V.A. “Full Metal Jukebox Vol. 3” (Black/Gothic Metal)
V.A. “Full Metal Jukebox Vol. 2” (Death/Thrash Metal)
V.A. “Full Metal Jukebox Vol. 1” (Heavy/PowerMetal)
V.A. “Generation Underground” (New Wave)
V.A. “Ghostriders of German Gothic” (Gothic)
V.A. “Gotham Anthem Vol.1” (Goth Rock/Wave)
V.A. “Gothic Moods” (Gothic)
V.A. “Gothic Visions III” (Elektro / Gothic Rock/Metal)
V.A. “Gothic Visions II (Special DVD+CD Edition)” (Gothic / Wave / Electro)
V.A. “Heaven & Hell”
V.A. “Heavy Metal Nation IV” (Metal)
V.A. “Heavy Metal Nation III” (Metal)
V.A. “Heavy Metal Nation II” (Metal)
V.A. “Heavy Metal Nation” (Rock/Metal)
V.A. “Hellfest Compilation – Vol.III” (Death Metal/Metalcore)
V.A. “Heroes of Steel – Vol.4” (Heavy/Power Metal)
V.A. “Heroes of Steel” (Heavy Metal)
V.A. “Hitpack Fresh 3” (Punk/Rock/Pop)
V.A. “Hitpack Fresh 2” (Punk/Rock/Pop)
V.A. “Hörsturz Vol.6” (Alternativ / Metal)
V.A. “Hörsturz Vol.5” (Crossover)
V.A. “Hörsturz Vol.4” (Crossover)
V.A. “Hörsturz Vol.3” (Crossover)
V.A. “Hörsturz” (Crossover)
V.A. “Hymns to the fallen III”
V.A. “Join The Dark Side, We Have The Music!” (Wave / Post Punk)
V.A. “Join The Dark Side – We Have The Music” (Label Compilation)
V.A. “Joining Forces” (Death/Thrash Metal)
V.A. “Kosmoloko 2” (Angst Pop)
V.A. “Krieg gegen das Kreuz II” (Black Metal)
V.A. “Krieg Gegen Das Kreuz” (Black Metal)
V.A. “Kriegerherzen” (MA/Folk)
V.A. “La Danse Macabre” (Gothic Sampler)
V.A. “La Danse Macabre 3” (Gothic/Dark Wave Sampler)
V.A. “La Danse Macabre 5” (Gothic/Dark Wave Sampler)
V.A. “Lady Death (DVD)” (Comicverfilmung)
V.A. “Lightwaves Part II” (Dark Voices)
V.A. “Lightwaves” (Romantic Wave/Heavenly Voices)
V.A. “Live At Wacken 2013 (CD/DVD/Blu-Ray)” (Metal)
V.A. “Live at Wacken 2012 (DVD/CD)” (Metal)
V.A. “Live At Wacken 2010 (CD/BluRay)” (Metal)
V.A. “Magic – A Tribute to Ronnie James Dio” (Heavy Metal)
V.A. “Metal Evolution” (Dokumentation)
V.A. “Metal Ostentation – Volume 10” (Mix Metal)
V.A. “Metal Ostentation – Volume 9” (Mix Metal)
V.A. “Metal Ostentation – Volume 8” (Mix Metal)
V.A. “Metal Ostentation – Volume 7” (Mix Metal)
V.A. “Metal Ostentation – Volume 6” (Mix Metal)
V.A. “Metal Ostentation – Volume 4” (Metal)
V.A. “Metal Ostentation – Volume 3” (Metal Mix)
V.A. “Metal Ostentation – Volume 5” (Metal Mix)
V.A. “Metalmania 2005 (DVD+CD)” (Metal)
V.A. “MetalMessage Vol.V” (Pagan/Viking/Folk Metal)
V.A. “MetalMessage Vol.IV” (Black/Viking/Folk Metal)
V.A. “MetalMessage Vol.III” (Black/Viking/Folk Metal)
V.A. “MetalMessage Vol.II” (Black/Viking/Folk Metal)
V.A. “MetalMessage Vol. I” (Black/Viking/Pagan Metal)
V.A. “Might is Right – Nordic Warchants II” (Pagan/Viking/Black Metal)
V.A. “Might Is Right – Nordic Warchants” (Pagan/Black/Viking Metal)
V.A. “Mit Fester Hand – Allerseelenlieder” (Neofolk / Industrial)
V.A. “Modern Noise Vol.2” (Punk/Pop/Metal)
V.A. “more relicts – A tribute to Pink Floyd” (Floyd Psychadelic)
V.A. “MTV 2 Headbangers Ball” (Metal)
V.A. “Music inspired by Da Vinci” (Soundtrack)
V.A. “Naked Noise+Silent Dream”
V.A. “Neil Gaiman / Where’s Neil when you need him” (Wave Rock)
V.A. “Neo.Pop.04” (Elektro Pop)
V.A. “New Dark Age Vol.1” (Gothic/Death Rock)
V.A. “New Dark Age Vol.2” (Goth Rock/Batcave/Deathrock)
V.A. “New Swiss Waves” (Gohtic/ Wave)
V.A. “Nighthawk Vol. 1 Compilation” (Metal)
V.A. “No war/bittersüss” (Benefiz Sampler)
V.A. “Nordic Warchants – Might is Right (2-CD)” (Pagan/Folk/Black Metal)
V.A. “O.S.T. Erbsen auf halb sechs” (Soundtrack)
V.A. “O.S.T. Heavy Metal F.A.K.K.2”
V.A. “O.S.T. Queen of the damned” (Nu Metal)
V.A. “O.S.T. The Scorpion King” (Nu Metal)
V.A. “Oak Folk” (Folk)
V.A. “Opera Metal Vol. 2” (Opera Metal)
V.A. “Only the Diehard Remain” (Metalcore / Punk)
V.A. “Pagan Folk Und Apocalyptic Psychedelia 3” (Folk / Industrial)
V.A. “Plan X From The Eastern Dark” (Punk/Post Punk/Deathrock/Psychobilly)
V.A. “Project: Gothic” (Gothic /Wave)
V.A. “Projekt: The new Face of Goth” (Gothic/Elektro/Ethereal)
V.A. “Psychomania 9? (Psychobilly Fanzine + 2CD)
V.A. “Punk Chartbusters Vol. 6” (Punkrock)
V.A. “Pushing Scandinavian Rock to the man! Vol.2” (Garagen Rock)
V.A. “Pushing Scandinavian Rock To The Man Vol.3” (Rock)
V.A. “Rage of Achilles Compilation” (Extrem Metal)
V.A. “Raíz Ibérica” (Folk)
V.A. “Re-Machined – A Tribute to DEEP PURPLE’s MACHINE HEAD” (Hard Rock)
V.A. “Resident Evil – OST” (Crossover/Metal)
V.A. “Retroactivity 2017-2009” (Dark Wave/Gothic)
V.A. “return to light 2” (Dark Wave/Electro Wave)
V.A. “return to light” (Synth Pop/Elektro/Goth)
V.A. “Ride The Pale Horse” (Country/Rockabilly/Alternative)
V.A. “Roadrage DVD” (Crossover)
V.A. “Roadrunner Roadrage 2003” (New Metal/Crossover)
V.A. “Rock Diamonds” (Hard Rock)
V.A. “Rock your life Vol.1” (Crossover)
V.A. “Roots! Riot! Rumble!” (Punk / Rock’N’Roll)
V.A. “Saarland Underground – Metal Sampler 2011” (Metal)
V.A. “Saarland Underground – Metal Sampler 2010” (Metal)
V.A. “Saarland Underground Metal Sampler 2006” (Metal)
V.A. “Schattenreich Vol.2” (Gothic/Wave/Elektro)
V.A. “Schattenreich Vol.4 (CD/DVD)” (Gothic Metal/Rock/Elektro/Alternative)
V.A. “Schattenreich Compilation” (Wave/Gothic/Elektro)
V.A. “ Sampler 2” (Death/Thrash/Black Metal)
V.A. “ Sampler 1” (Death/Thrash/Black Metal)
V.A. “Shadowplay – A Tribute To Joy Division” (Goth Rock)
V.A. “Sin-Atra” (Hard Rock)
V.A. “Sleazy Listening”
V.A. “Snowflakes II” (Folk/Neoclassic/Darkwave/Post Rock)
V.A. “Sounds For The Evil” (Horrorpunk)
V.A. “Spikefarm Sampler-Vol 1 Naulattaa 2002” (Finnen Metal/Gothic)
V.A. “Stairways” (Gothic/ Dark Wave Compilation)
V.A. “Strange Works Vol.2” (Goth/Wave/Elektro)
V.A. “Street Attack Vol. 6” (Punk/Metal/Rock)
V.A. “Strobelights Vol. 1” (Deathrock/Batcave/Gothic)
V.A. “Suite Noir – Serie in Schwarz (DVD)” (Krimi)
V.A. “Support The Underground” (Black/Death/Thrash Metal)
V.A. “Swing`s Not Dead” (New Swing)
V.A. “Synth&Wave Essentials” (80er/Synth Wave)
V.A. “Take Off Music” (Elektro/Wave)
V.A. “Tanz der Nacht” (Elektro/Goth/Wave)
V.A. “The ascension of mother dance” (Wave/Gothic)
V.A. “The attack of the dragon … a tribute to Queen”
V.A. “The Beast – A Tribute to Iron Maiden” (Heavy Metal)
V.A. “The Crow III – Salvation”
V.A. “The first im.pact!” (Misch Metal)
V.A. “The Gothic Grotesque & Elektro Bizarre” (Gohtic/Elektro)
V.A. “The Reaper Comes V” (Metal)
V.A. “The Reaper Comes III” (Metal)
V.A. “The spooky Halloween Creepshow” (Goth Rock)
V.A. “The Finest Noise Sampler Nr. 28” (Genremix)
V.A. “The Wicked Lake Soundtrack” (Industrial / Modern Metal)
V.A. “This is the Blues Vol. 1-4” (Blues)
V.A. “Too Legit For The Pit: Hardcore Takes The Rap” (Hardcore)
V.A. “Tribute to Baron Rojo” (Hard Rock/Metal)
V.A. “Tribute to Jason Becker” (Hard Rock)
V.A. “Tribute to Led Zeppelin” (Hard Rock/Metal)
V.A. “Tribute to Mayhem” (Black Metal)
V.A. “Underworld (OST)” (Pop/Crossover/Nu Metal)
V.A. “Union 4” (Hard/Melodic Rock)
V.A. “Ván Compilation 2013” (Label Sampler)
V.A. “Vates Noctis – Compilation Vol.1” (Black/Death/Thrash Metal)
V.A. “Victory through total domination – Labelcompilation Vol. III” (Black Metal)
V.A. “Visionaires of the Macabre Vol.II – An Evil Elite” (Black Metal)
V.A. “Visions of Metal – Compilation II” (Metal)
V.A. “Visions of Metal” (Metal Sampler)
V.A. “Voices From The Arctic Circle” (Black/Death/Thrash Metal)
V.A. “Voices of darkness” (Gothic/Elektro/Romantik)
V.A. “Waking Up Dead (DVD)”
V.A. “Wave-Board Sampler Vol.1” (Electro/Synthiepop/Metal)
V.A. “We Are Rockers – A Tribute To GODLESS WICKED CREEPS” (Psychobilly)
V.A. “We wish you a metal xmas and a headbanging new year” (Rock/Metal)
V.A. “Whom The Moon A Nightsong Sings”
V.A. “WWF- The Music Vol.4”
V.A. “Zillo Club Hits 7” (Elektro Wave)
V.A. “Zoundbies Compilation Vol. 1” (Post Punk/Bat Cave)
V.E.G.A. “Cocaine” (Black Metal)
V:28 “VioLution” (Industrial Death Metal)
V8WIXXXER “Wixxxer ohne Grund” (Rock’n’Roll)
V8 WANKERS “Foxtail Testimonial” (Rock ‘n’ Roll)
V8 WANKERS “The Demon Tweak” (Heavy Speed Rock)
V8 WANKERS “Automotive Rampage” (Punk/Street Rock’n’Roll)
VADER “Impressions in Blood” (Death Metal)
VADER “The Art Of War (MCD)” (Death Metal)
VADER “Revelations” (Death Metal)
VAGRANTS, THE “Be true” (Rock)
VAINERZ “Silence” (Electropop)
VAINERZ “Patient” (Synth Wave Pop)
VAINERZ “You Create It” SCD (Electropop)
VAINERZ “I Try To Be” MCD (Elektro)
VALBORG “Endstrand” (German Metal Monster)
VALBORG “Romantik” (Doom Metal)
VALBORG “Nekrodepression” (Death Doom Metal)
VALBORG “Glorification of pain” (Prog Rock/Doom/Black Metal)
VÀLI “Skoglandskap” (Folk)
VALIANCE “wayfaring” (Power Metal)
VALHALLA “The Aftermath” (Speed Metal)
VALHALLA “Northman” (Thrash/Viking Metal)
VAN CANTO “Dawn of the Brave” (A Capella Metal)
VAN CANTO “Break the Silence” (A Cappella Metal)
VAN CANTO “Hero” (Acapella Metal)
VAN LANGEN “Zeychen der Zeyt” (MA Rock)
VANBARGEN “Get Wild” (Rock’n’Roll)
VANDEL “Suspicion” (Doom Metal)
VANDEN PLAS “Christ 0” (Prog Metal)
VANDERBUYST “At the Crack of Dawn” (Hard Rock)
VANDERBUYST “Shakira / Little Sister” (Hard Rock)
VANDERBUYST “Flying Dutchmen” (Hard Rock)
VANDERBUYST “Early Assaults” (Hard Rock)
VANDERBUYST “Vanderbuyst” (Hard Rock)
VANDERHOOF “A blur in time” (Hard Rock)
VANESSA “Ave Agony” (Electro / Industrial)
VANGUARD “Retribution” (Electro)
VANGUARD “Sanctuary” (Electro)
VANGUARD “Succumbra” (Gothic Metal)
VANGUARD X MORTEM “Vanguardismortem” (Atmospheric Metal)
VANHELGA “Happiness” (Experimental Black Metal)
VANHELGA “Ångest” (Experimental Black Metal)
VANHELGA “Längtan” (Experimental Black Metal)
VANIK “Vanik” (Hard Rock / Heavy Metal)
VANILLA FUDGE “Out through the In Door” (Rock)
VANISHING POINT “The Fourth Season” (Power Metal)
VANISHING POINT “In Thought” (Power Metal)
VANISHING POINT “Embrace the silence” (Melodic Metal)
VANITAS “Lichtgestalten” (Dark/Gothic Metal)
VANITAS “Der Schatten einer Existenz” (Dark/Gothic Metal)
VANITAS “Das Leben ein Traum” (Melodic Death/Gothic Metal)
VANITY “Occult you” (Goth Rock/ Dark Wave)
VANLIGT FOLK “Vanligt Folk” (Pop / EBM)
VANMAKT “Ad Luciferi Regnum” (Black Metal)
VANUM “Burning Arrow” (Black Metal)
VARATHRON “Untrodden Corridors Of Hades” (Black Metal)
VARCARME “Feast Of The Cannibal” (Death Metal)
VARDAN “Hidden in a Tomb” (Black Metal)
VARDLOKKUR “Articulo Mortis” (Black Metal)
VARDLOKKUR “Fragmentteret Okkult Bespottelse” (Black Metal)
VARDLOKKUR “Med Doden Til Folge (MCD)” (Black Metal)
VARG “Das Ende aller Lügen” (Pagan Metal/NDH)
VARG “Wolfszeit” (Viking Metal)
VARGNATT “Durch Die Stille…” (Black Metal)
VARGNATT “Nur ein Traum” (Black Metal)
VARGNATT “Wintergrab” (Black Metal)
VARGRIMM “Des Wolfes Zorn” (Pagan Metal)
VARGRAV “Reign in Supreme Darkness” (Symphonic Black Metal)
VARGSANG “Throne Of The Forgotten” (Black Metal)
VARGSVINTER “Nott” (Black Metal)
VARON “Impressions 2001/2002” (Melodic Death Metal)
VARULV “Hellish Presence” (Black Metal)
VARUS “A New Dawn” (Symphonic Folk/Death Metal)
VAS “in the garden of souls” (Medieval/Heavenly Voices)
VASELYNE “The Fire Within” (Ambient / Ethereal Wave)
VASQUEZ, BETO “Infinity” (Prog Klassik Metal)
VASSAFOR “Malediction” (Black / Death Metal)
VASSAGO “Knights from hell”
VASTATOR “Machine Hell” (Heavy Metal)
VAVEYLA “Abandoned Like A LIghthouse” (Death/Doom Metal)
VED BUENS ENDE “Written in Waters” (Black/Dark Metal)
VEGA “Scarecrow” (Goth Metal)
VEHEMENT “All that’s Behind” (Thrash Metal)
VEHEMENTER NOS “Same” (Black Metal / Ambient)
VELDRAVETH “Funeral By The Shades Of Immortal Trees” (Primitiv Black Metal)
VELJANOV “The sweet life” (melancholic Wave)
VELNIAS “Sovereign Nocturnal” (Black / Doom Metal)
VELVET ACID CHRIST “Subconcious Landscapes” (Electro)
VELVET ACID CHRIST “The Art Of Breaking Apart” (Dark Electro)
VELVET ACID CHRIST “Hex Angel” (Electro/Industrial/Gothic)
VELVET ACID CHRIST “Dial 8 (MCD)” (Industrial/EBM)
VELVET ACID CHRIST “Twisted thought Generator”
VELVETCUT “Electric Tree” (Alternative Rock)
VELVETCUT “13” (Rock)
VEMOD “Venter På Stormene” (Dark Ethereal Metal)
VENAL FLESH “Worshiping At The Altar Of Artifice” (Dark Electro)
VELVETSEAL “Lend me your Wings” (Goth Metal)
VENDEMMIAN “One In A Million” (Gothic Rock)
VENDETTA “Hate” (Thrash Metal)
VENDUL “Black Magic Black Night” (Black Metal)
VENENUM “Trance of Death” (Death Metal)
VENOM “The Singles” (Black Metal)
VENOM “Hell” (Metal)
VENOM “In league with satan” (Black Metal)
VENOM “Re-Releases” (Black Metal)
VENOM “Resurrection”
VENOMOUS CONCEPT “Politics Versus The Erection” (Hardcorepunk)
VENTURIA “Hybrid” (Nu Rock)
VERDICT “Reflections of pain” (Thrash Metal)
VERDUNKELN “Weder Licht noch Schatten” (Black Metal)
VERGE “The Process of Self-Becoming” (Post Black Metal)
VERHEERER “Monolith” (Black Metal)
VERHEERER “Maltrér” (Black Metal)
VERHEERER “Archar” (Black Metal)
VERIKALPA “Tuoppitanssi” (Troll/Folk/Dark Metal)
VERITAS MENTIS “Promo 2006” (Death Metal)
VERLUSTPRINZIP “Ganz nah am Licht” (Experimental / Lyrik)
VERMIS “Liturgy Of The Annihilated” (Death Metal)
VERNEY 1826 “Sacrow” (Ambient, Klassik)
VERRECK ATTACK “alone against all” (Heavy/Death Metal)
VERSENGOLD “Zeitlos” (Acoustic MA/Folk/Rock)
VERSOVER “House of bones” (Heavy/Power Metal)
VERSUS “Different Twillight Places” (Electro / Alternative)
VERSUS THE STILLBORN-MINDED “The Eternity Itch” (Sludge)
VERWESER “II” (Black Metal)
VERY END, THE “Soudcheck for your Funeral” (Death / Thrash Metal)
VESANIA “Distractive Killusions” (Symphonic Black Metal)
VESPERS DESCENT “Reality Dysfunction” (Melodic Death/Thrash Metal)
VESTAL CLARET “The Cult of Vestal Claret” (Heavy / Doom Metal)
VESTFALIA’S PEACE “Loneliness” (Cold Wave)
VETLE “Blodvegen Promo” (Ambient)
VETUS OBSCURUM “Blood Revelations” (Black Metal)
VHÄLDEMAR “Fight to the end” (Heavy Metal)
VI “De Praestigiis Angelorum” (Black Metal)
VIA MISTICA “Under my Eyelids” (Goth Metal)
VIA OBSCURA “Traum” (Gothic Metal)
VIBRATÖR “Heavy Rock Tank” (Heavy Metal)
VIC ANSELMO “In My Fragile” (Gothic)
VICIOUS “Vile, Vicious & Vicorious” (Thrash/Death Metal)
VICIOUS ART “Pick up this sich child” (Death Metal)
VICIOUS CIRCLE “Search For The Solution & More” (Old School Hardcore)
VICIOUS CIRCLE “This Forests’s Dark Heart (MCD)” (Black/Dark Metal)
VICIOUS CIRCLE “Beneath a dark sky” (Black/Dark Metal)
VICIOUS MARY “Vicious Mary” (Melodic Hard Rock)
VICIOUS RUMORS “Celebration Decay” (Heavy/Thrash Metal)
VICIOUS RUMORS “Concussion Protocol” (Heavy/Thrash Metal)
VICIOUS RUMORS “Sadistic Symphony” (Heavy/Power Metal)
VICK LECAR “Blue Moon” (Hard Rock)
VICTORY “Fuel to the Fire” (Hard Rock)
VICTORY “Instinct” (Hard Rock)
VIDARGÄNGR “A World That Has To Be Opposed” (Black Metal)
VIGILANTE “The New Resistance” (Industrial Metal)
VIGILANTE “Army Of Time (EP)” (Industrial / Metal)
VII ARCANO “Inner deathscapes” (Thrash/Death Metal)
VII GATES “In hoc signo vinces” (Melodic Power Metal)
VII GATES “Fire, Walk With Me” (Klassik/Heavy Metal)
VII SINS “Victim of sins”
VILE “II” (Death Metal)
VILE “Vile” (Death Metal)
VILE “Depopulate” (Death/Grind Metal)
VILEFUCK “Intoxicated by Madness” (Thrash Metal)
VILLAINY “Villainy I” (Black Thrash)
VINCENT BLACK SHADOW, THE “Fears in the Water” (Wave Pop)
VINDLAND “Hanter Savet” (Melodic Black Metal)
VINTERRIKET “Landschaften ewiger Einsamkeit” (Dark Ambient)
VINTERRIKET “Gjennom takete Skogen”
VINTERSORG “Till Fjälls del II” (Nordic Folk/Black Metal)
VINTERSORG “Naturbal” (Prog Folk/Viking Metal)
VINTERSORG “Solens Rötter” (Folk Metal)
VINTERSORG “Ödemarkens son”
VINTERTHRON “Reign of Opposites” (Black Metal)
VIOLENT DEVOTIES “Within the Great and the Venom (EP)” (Death Metal)
VIOLENT WORK OF ART “The Worst Is Yet To Come” (Industrial Metalcore)
VIOLET MOON “Morbid Visions” (Dark/Goth Metal)
VIOLET TEARS “Breeze of Solitude” (Female Wave Rock)
VIRGIN IN VEIL “Permanent Funeral” (Deathrock)
VIRGIN BLACK “elegant…and dying” (Orchestral Doom Metal)
VIRGIN BLACK “sombre romantic” (Epic/Goth-Rock)
VIRGIN SNATCH “Act of Grace” (Thrash Metal)
VIRGIN STEELE “Virgin Steele I”+”Guardians of the flame” (Melodic Metal)
VIRGIN STEELE “Hymns to victory” (Melodic Metal)
VIRGIN STEELE “The Book of Burning” (Melodic Metal)
VIRGIN STEELE “Magick Fire Music”
VIRGIN STEELE “The House of Atreus Act II”
VIRTUOCITY “Secret Visions” (Melodic Metal)
VISION BLEAK, THE “The Unknown” (Dark Metal)
VISION BLEAK, THE “The Kindred Of The Sunset (EP)” (Dark Horror Rock/Metal)
VISION BLEAK, THE “The Witching Hour” (Horror Metal)
VISION BLEAK, THE “Set Sail To Mystery” (Gothic / Horror Metal)
VISION BLEAK, THE “The wolves go hunt their prey” (Dark Metal)
VISION BLEAK, THE “Carpathia” (Horror Goth Rock/Dark Metal)
VISION BLEAK, THE “The deathship has a new captain” (Horror Goth Rock)
VISION BLEAK, THE “Creepy and Haunting Entertainment (MCD)” (Straight Goth Rock)
VISION DIVINE “The Perfect Machine” (Power/Prog/Melodic Metal)
VISION DIVINE “Vison Divine”
VISION TALK “Distances” (Electro Pop)
VISION TALK “Unlike (Single)” (Synthie Pop)
VISIONS “Summoning The Void” (Dark Ambient)
VISIONS OF ATLANTIS “Maria Magdalena (EP)” (Symphonic Metal)
VISIONS OF ATLANTIS “Trinity” (Symphonic Metal)
VITAL REMAINS “Dechristianize” (Death Metal)
VITNE “Jupiter” (Prog Melodic Wave Rock)
VITSAUS “läti Vihassa ja Kunniassa” (Black Metal)
VITTORIO VANDELLI “a Day of warm Rain in Heaven” (Neoklassik / Theatralic Goth)
VIU DRAKH “Death Riff Society” (Death/Grind Metal)
VIU DRAKH “Take no prisoners, Grind them all and leave this hell”
VIVUS HUMARE “Einkehr” (Black Metal)
VLAD IN TEARS “Dead Stories Of Forsaken Lovers” (Dark Rock)
VLAD IN TEARS “Welcome To Vladyland” (Alternative Rock)
VLAD IN TEARS “Underskin” (Hard Rock)
VLAD IN TEARS “after the end” (Dark Rock)
VNV NATION “Automatic” (Elektro)
VNV NATION “Of Faith Power And Glory” (Electro)
VNV NATION “Matter & Form” (Future Pop)
VNV NATION “Pastperfect (DVD)” (Future Pop)
VNV NATION “futureperfect” (Future Pop)
VOBISCUM “Christenblut” (Black Metal)
VODOO HILL “Vodoo Hill”
VÖLUR “Disir” (Folk / Doom)
VÖRGUS “White Trash Hellraisers” (Black ‘n’ Speed)
VÖRGUS “Hellfueled Satanic Action” (Thrash Metal)
VOGELFREY “12 Schritte zum Strick” (MA Metal)
VOICES OF DECAY “doing maximum” (Black Metal)
VOICES OF DECAY “Nocturnal Domain”
VOICES OF DESTINY “From The Ashes” (Symphonic/Gothic Metal)
VOICES OF MASSADA “four corners” (Goth Rock)
VOID “Void” (Elektro)
VOID, THE “Visions Of The Truth” (Gothic/Doom Metal)
VOID, THE “farewell” (Dark Metal)
VOID CONSTRUCT “Sensory Device” (Elektro/Industrial)
VOID OF SILENCE “Criteria OV 666” (Doom/Industrial Metal)
VOID KAMPF “Severe Mais Juste” (Electronic / Electro-Industrial / EBM)
VOIDHANGER “Wrathprayer” (Death / Thrash)
VOIVOD “Voivod Lives”
VOLBEAT “Rewind, Replay, Rebound” (Rock’n’Metal)
VOLBEAT “Seal The Deal & Let’s Boogie” (Metal/Rock’n’Roll)
VOLBEAT “Live From Beyond Hell/Above Heaven (DVD/Blu-Ray)” (Metal/Rock’n’Roll)
VOLKSMETAL “Volksmetal” (Volksmetal)
VOLKSTROTT “Todeskunst” (MA Folk Rock)
VOLTAGE “Buried nation” (Metal)
VOLTRON “Kaventsmann” (Doomcore)
VOLUNTARIA / TRAUER “Wintersturm (Split-CD)” (Black Metal)
VOM FETISCH DER UNBEIRRTHEIT “Vertilger” (Experimental Industrial Noise Black Metal)
VOM FETISCH DER UNBEIRRTHEIT “Psychohygiene (2-CD)” (Black Metal/Noise)
VOMIT SPELL “Demo 2019” (Death Metal)
VON BÖÖM / MOTORBREATH “Split-CD” (Crustcore)
VON BRANDEN “Flammenreich” (Dark/Black Metal)
VON BRANDEN “Scherben” (Dark Metal)
VON EINST “Prophezeiung der Ahnen” (Instrumental/Soundtrack)
VON HERTZEN BROTHERS “Stars Aligned” (Progressive Rock)
VON MAGNET “Archipielagos” (Experimental)
VONASSI “The Battle of Ego” (ProgRock)
VOODOMA “Bridges to Disurbi” (Dark Rock)
VOODOMA “Rebirth” (Dark/Elektro Metal)
VOODOMA “Evolution Zero (EP)” (Dark Metal)
VOODOMA “The Anti Dogma” (Dark Melodic Metal)
VOODOMA “Reign of revolution” (Heavy Metal)
VOODOMA “Dimension V” (Melodic Hard Rock/Metal)
VOODOMA “from glory and shade” (Melodic Rock)
VOODOO CIRCLE “Voodoo Circle” (Heavy Metal)
VOODOO CHURCH “Unholy Burial” (Deathrock)
VOODOO GODS “Shrunken Head” (Death Metal)
VOODOO HIGHWAY “Showdown” (Hard Rock)
VOODOO HILL “Wild Seed Of Mother Earth” (Hard Rock)
VOODOOSHOCK “voodoom EP” (Doom Metal)
VOODUS “Into the Wild” (Melodic Black Metal)
VORUM “Poisoned Void” (Death / Black Metal)
VORUM “Grim Death awaits” (Death Metal)
VORUM “Grim Death Awaits (EP)” (Death Metal)
VOTUM “Metafiction” (Progressiv Rock)
VOTUM “Time must have a stop” (ProgRock)
VOW DREAMS “Dead Two Times” (Atmospheric Death/Black Metal)
VOX “Zeitgeist”
VOX CELESTA “Via Regia” (Elektro Pop)
VOX INTERIUM “Yearning” (Death Metal)
VOYAGER “Univers” (Melodic Metal)
VOYAGER “Element V” (Space Metal)
VRANI VOLOSA “Where the heart burns” (Black/Pagan Metal)
VRANKENVORDE “Schlachtensang” (Pagan Metal)
VRANOROD “Dreamlike Fading” (Shoegaze/Alternative/Dark Pop)
VRANOROD “Vranorod” (Ambient Black Metal)
VREID “Milorg” (Black Metal)
VREID “I Krig” (Black Metal)
VREID “Pitch Black Brigade” (Black/Nordic Metal)
VREID “Kraft” (Black/Nordic Metal)
VSPOLOKH/VIKHR “Amongst mossy stones…” (Black Metal)
VSPOLOX “Sorrow Of The past” (Pagan Black Metal)
VULTURE INDUSTRIES “The Dystopia Journals” (Dark/Industrial Metal)
VYRE “Weltformel” (Avantgarde Black Metal)
VYRE “The Initial Frontier Pt.2” (Avantgarde Black Metal)
VYRE “The initial Frontier Pt.1” (Atmospheric Rock/Black Metal).