Reviews :: R

R:I:P “… out to R:I:P all nations” (Power/Thrash/Death Metal)
RA “Then I Woke Up In Paradise” (Wave / Post Punk)
RA “Scandinavia” (Dark Punk)
RA AL DEE EXPERIENCE “Diatessaron” (Folk)
RAA HOOR KHUIT “Passage through Sephiors” (Black Metal)
RABENGRAB UND MIRO KLAVIER “Split CD” (Akustisch / Experimental / Klassik)
RABENHOLZ “Akt I – Auf Welken Schwingen…” (Black Metal)
RABENSCHREY “Auf den Fersen” (MA-Folk)
RABENSCHREY “Donnerhall” (Pagan MA-Folk)
RABIA SORDA “The World Ends Today” (Electro)
RACER X “Technical Difficulties”
RADARMEN “Radarmen” (Psychobilly)
RADINATION “Contrast Show” (Alternativ Pop)
RADIO DCS “I Try My Best To Mainstream” (Wave / Darkwave)
RADWASTE “Radwaste” (Thrash / Power Metal)
RÄMOUNS “Rockaway Beach Boys” (Punk Pop)
RAFFLESIA “In The Face Of Suffering” (Metal)
RAGE “From The Cradle To The Stage (2 DVD)” (Heavy Metal)
RAGE “soundchaser” (Heavy/Power Metal)
RAGE “Unity” (Heavy/Power Metal)
RAGE “Welcome to the other side” (Heavy/Power Metal)
RAGE “Ghosts”
RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE “The Collection” (Crossover)
RAGESTORM “The Passion” (Deathcore)
RAGING AGE “Regions Of Sorrow” (Death Metal)
RAGING SPEEDHORN/MONSTER MAGNET “Desertfest Split” (Sludge/Stoner)
RAGING SPEEDHORN “Lost Ritual” (Extreme Metal)
RAGING SPEEDHORN “We will be dead tomorrow” (Hard Core/Metal)
RAGNARÖEK “Eiskalt” (MA Rock)
RAGNARÖEK “Rache” (MA-Rock)
RAGNAROK “Collectors Of The King” (Black Metal)
RAGNARØK “Blackdoor miracle” (Black Metal)
RAGNARØK “In nomine satanas” (Black Metal)
RAGNARØK “Diabolical Age”
RAIN FALL WITHIN “refuge” (Gothic Metal)
RAIN OF ASHES “Suicide Dream” (Death/Thrash Metal)
RAIN PAINT “nihil nisi mors” (Death/Doom/Gothic Metal)
RAINBOW “Live in Munich 1977 (DVD)” (Hard Rock)
RAINBOW “Live in München 1977 (CD+DVD)” (Classic Rock)
RAINOVER “Transcending The Blue And Drifting Into Rebirth” (Female Fronted Dream Rock)
RAINSTORM PROJECT “Purple Eyes” (Rock/Pop/Metal)
RAINTIME “Tales from sadness” (Power/Melodic Death Metal)
RAKOTH “Planeshift (Re-Release)” (Dark/Folk Metal)
RAKOTH “Jabberworks” (Orchestral Dark Metal)
RAKOTH “Planeshift” (Folk Dark/Black Metal)
RAM-ZET “Neutralized” (Prog Extreme Metal)
RAM-ZET “Intra” (Experimental Black Metal)
RAM-ZET “Escape” (Experimental Black Metal)
RAMAZURI “Der Tragödie ärgster Teil” (Ska / Punk Rock)
RAM-ZET “Pure Therapy” (Industrial Power/Black Metal)
RAMESSES “Misanthropic Alchemy” (Experimental Black/Doom Metal)
RAMESSES “We Will Lead You To Glorious Times” (Doom Metal)
RAMHORN “Damaged Equilibrium” (Heavy / Doom Metal)
RAMHORN “Crystal Vanity” (Dark/Doom Metal)
RAMMSTEIN “Völkerball (DVD+CD)” (NDH)
RAMMSTEIN “Reise Reise” (NDH)
RAMPART “Codex Metallum” (Heavy Metal)
RAMPART “Voice of the Wilderness” (Heavy Metal)
RAMPART “Warriors (EP)” (Heavy Metal)
RAMPIRES “Bat To The Bone” (Psychopunk)
RAN “RAN” (Female Ethereal Elektro)
RANDOM HAND “Seething is believing” (Skacore)
RANSOM “escape from suburbia” (Punk Rock)
RANTANPLAN “Pauli” (Ska-Punk)
RAPIDFORCE “Burst under Pressure” (Thrash Metal)
RAPTURE (D) “Peace, Love And Happiness” (Death/Thrash Metal)
RAPTURE (FIN) “Silent Stage” (Dark Metal)
RAPTURE (FIN) “Songs for the withering” (Dark Metal)
RASMUS, THE “hide from the sun” (Dark Pop Rock)
RASPAIL “Dirge” (Post Rock / Doom)
RATTENFÄNGER “Epistolae Obscurorum Virorum” (Death Metal)
RAUHNACHT “Urzeitgeist” (Black Metal)
RAVAGE “Get Fucking Slaughtered” (Death Metal)
RAVEN “Wiped out” (Speed Metal)
RAVEN “One Last Time” (Modern Goth Rock)
RAVENBLACK “Wicked Wine And Weeping Willows” (Gothic/Heavy Metal)
RAVENDUSK “Shadowcast” (Epic Black Metal)
RAVENOUS, THE “Blood Delirium” (Gore/Death Metal)
RAVENOUS “Assembled in Blasphemy”
RAVENRYDE “In the Spirit of Darkness” (Hard Rock)
RAVENS CREED “Albion Thunder” (Death/Thrash Metal)
RAVENSCRY “One Way Out” (Metal)
RAVENSIRE “The cycle never ends” (Epic Metal)
RAVEONETTES “Observator” (Indie Rock)
RAVEONETTES, THE “Raven In The Grave” (New Wave / Independent)
RAW “The Beastard” (Thrash Metal)
RAXA “Oxlahun ti ku” (Dark/Doom Metal)
RAZA DE ODIO “La Nueva Alarma” (Folk/Tribal Thrash Metal)
RAZORBACK “Criminal Justice” (Melodic Metal/Rock)
RAZORBACK “Animal Anger” (Melodic Metal)
RE-VISION “Chapter IV…all for the sake of love” (Rock)
RE-VISION “longevity” (Gothic Metal)
RE:WORK “Coma” (Elektro)
REACTIVE BLACK “Upcoming Evil” (E-Wave Rock)
REACTORY “Heavy” (Thrash Metal)
READERSHIP HOSTILE “Toll Of The Rattle” (Deathrock/Punk Wave/Batcave)
READERSHIP HOSTILE “Readership Hostile-EP” (Deathrock/Gothic/Batcave)
READJUST “Access all Areas” (Dark Electro/EBM)
REAL:DEAD:LOVE “Vanice Falling” (Gothic Rock)
REALM, THE “The Fall Of An Empire” (Goth Rock)
REALM OF CARNIVORA “Verised Relvad” (Black Metal)
REALMBUILDER “Blue Flame Cavalry” (Epic Metal)
REALMS OF ODORIC “Second Age” (Soundtrack)
REAPER “Dirty Cash (MCD)” (Electro / Industrial)
REAPERS INC. “musica nostra” (Trash Pop/Goth Metal)
REARDON “Free from code” (Rock)
REAXION GUERRILLA “I Hate You” (Industrial / Electro)
REB BEACH “Masquerade” (Hard Rock)
REBAELLIUN “The Hell´s Decrees” (Death Metal)
REBAELLIUN “Burn the promised land”
REBEL TED ROCK “Demo” (Rockabilly)
REBELLION “Arise – From Ginnunga gap to ragnaroek” (Epic Power Metal)
REBELLION “Miklagard” (Epic Power Metal)
REBELLION “Miklagard (MCD)” (Epic Power Metal)
REBELLION “Sagas Of Iceland” (Power Metal)
REBELLION “Born A Rebel” (Power Metal)
REBELLION “Shakespear’s Macbeth – a tragedy in steel” (Power Metal)
REBENTISCH “Charisma” (Lyrik/ Dark Wave/ Wave Pop)
REBENTISCH “Empathie” (Wave)
REBENTISCH “Unter der Stadt” (Elektro Wave / Experimental-Wave)
REBENTISCH “Herz zerrissen” (E-Dark Pop)
REBENTISCH “Intimität” (E-Dark Pop)
REBENTISCH “Impressionen” (Dark Wave Pop)
REBENTISCH “Weltschmerz” (Dark Wave Pop)
REBENTISCH “Defizits” (Melancholic Wave)
REBENTISCH “Integration” (Dark Pop)
REBENTISCH+SCHORSCH “ein Gefühl” (Elektro)
REBIRTH OF NEFAST “Only Death” (Black Metal)
RECKLESS LOVE “Reckless Love” (Glam Rock)
RECKLESS TIDE “Helleraser” (Thrash Metal)
RECKLESS TIDE “Repent Or Seal Your Fate” (Thrash Metal)
RECTOR SCANNER “Vocoder” (Elektro)
RED CELL “Endings And Beginnings” (Synthpop)
RED HARVEST “The Red Line Archives” (Industrial)
RED HARVEST “Internal Punishment Programs” (Industrial/Extrem Metal)
RED HARVEST “Sick transit gloria mundi” (Industrial/Black Metal)
RED INDUSTRIE “Switch” (Electro / Industrial / Techno)
RED STORM “Alert” (Electro Rock)
RED SUN REVIVAL “Identities” (Wave Rock)
RED SUN REVIVAL “Embers” (Alternative / Gothic Rock)
RED SUN REVIVAL “Running From The Dawn” (Gothic Rock)
RED TO GREY “Admissions” (Thrash Metal)
REDEEM “Awake” (Alternative / Rock)
REDEEMA “[so:pho:more] ” (Eelktro Metalcore)
REDEMPTION “Frozen in the Moment – Live in Atlanta” (Progressive Metal)
REDEMPTION “The Origins of Ruin” (Prog Metal)
REDEMPTION “The Fullness Of Time” (Power/Prog Metal)
REDEMPTOR HOMINIS “Prémices I-IV” (Black Metal)
REDKEY “Rage Of Fire” (Heavy/Power Metal)
REDLAND “Erdenhölle” (EBM/Gothic)
REDLAND “Ich muß nun geh’n”
REDRUM INC. “Heavy Division” (Stoner Core)
REECE KRONLUND “Solid” (Hard Rock)
REFLECTED BLACK “Ascension” (Metal)
REFLECTION “When Shadows fall” (Doom Metal)
REFLECTION “Made in Hell” (Thrash Metal)
REFUSAL “We Rot Within” (Death Metal/Grindcore)
REGARDE LES HOMMES TOMBER “Exile” (Black Metal/Sludge)
REGICIDE “Break the silence” (Klassik/Folk Rock)
REGICIDE “Viorus” (Klassik Rock)
REGULATORS, THE “Above the low” (Southern Rock)
REIGN OF DECAY “Perceptions of Reality” (Death Metal)
REIGN OF EREBUS “Humanracist” (Black Metal)
REINCIDENTES “Cosas De Este Mundo” (Rock/Hard Rock)
REINO ERMITANO “Conjuros de poder” (Heavy Doom)
REISM “Lifestyle Product” (Industrial Rock/New Metal)
REIZSTROM “Dwarfs Like Giants” (Electro / EBM)
REIZSTROM “Ghost (EP)” (Old School Electro, EBM)
REIZSTROM “Zettel am Zeh” (Old School Electro, EBM)
REMAIN IN SILENCE “…and the Soul goes on” (Melancholic Wave/ Dark Wave Pop)
REMEMBER TWILIGHT “Fünf” (Metal / Rock)
REMEMBER TWILIGHT “Musik über Niedergang und Verderben” (Kammermusik Core)
REMEMBER TWILIGHT “der tolle Mensch” (Kammermusik Core)
REMEMBER TWILIGHT “Kammermusik-Core” (Kammermusik Core)
REMO PARK “Alien Healer” (Industrial Rock)
REMO PARK “Aviator is chasing time” (Alternative Rock)
REPTIL “Throne Of Collapse” (Industrial Metal)
REPTILE MASTER “In the light of a sinking sun” (Doom /Sludge)
REPTILIAN “Thunderblaze” (Heavy/Power Metal)
REPTILIAN “Castle of Yesterday” (Heavy/Power Metal)
REPTYLE “Night And The River” (Goth’n’Roll/Dark Dirt Rock)
REPTYLE “Corruption” (Goth Rock)
REPTYLE “Consequence” (Goth Rock)
REPTYLE “a high and lonely place” (Goth Rock)
REPTYLE “Descent to heaven” (Goth Rock)
REPTYLE “…till life do us part” Gothic Rock)
REPTYLE “monochrome”
REPUGNANT “Hecatomb”
REPUGNANT “Strategies of dissolving our respiration”
REPUKED “Pervertopia” (Black Metal)
REPULSIVE AGGRESSION “Conflagration” (Death Metal)
REQUIEM “Global Resistance Rising” (Death Metal)
REQUIEM “Reqiuem Forever” (Prog Power Metal)
REQUIEM “Mask of damnation” (Prog Power Metal)
REQUIEM LAUS “The eternal plague” (Melodic Death Metal)
REQUITAL “They shall be” (Thrash Metal)
RESECTION “Zenith” (Brutal Death Metal)
RESISTANCE OF YIELD “Towards the Apocalypse” (Death Metal)
RESISTANT “Ancient future” (Hardcore)
RESURGENCY “No Worlds. ..Nor Gods Beyond” (Death Metal)
REGURGITATE “Deviant” (Grindcore)
REGURGITATE “Hatefilled Vengeance” (Grind Core)
RESONANCE ROOM “Unspoken” (Dark Rock)
RESPAWN “The Chaos Engine” (Metalcore)
RESPAWN “Nature´s Foul Child” (Power/Thrash Metal)
RESURRECTED “Endless Sea of loss” (Death Metal)
RESURRECTED “Blood spilled” (Death Metal)
RESURRECTED “Butchered in excrement” (Death Metal)
RESURRECTION “Mistaken For Dead” (Death Metal)
RESURRECTURIS “Nazienda” (Metal)
RESURRECTURIS “Non Voglio Morire” (Extreme Metal)
RESURRECTURIS “The cuckoo clocks of hell” (Death Metal)
RETARDED RATS, THE “I Hate Chocolate” (Garage / Psychobilly)
RETARDED RATS, THE “Screams From The 10th Planet” (Psychobilly)
RETROSIC, THE “God of hell” (Dark Electro)
REVEALING DAWN “Misguided Light” (Black/Death Metal)
REVEL IN FLESH “Manifested Darkness” (Death Metal)
REVEL IN FLESH “Deathevokation” (Death Metal)
REVENANT “Chaos Paradox (MCD)” (Black/Death Metal)
REVENGE “Harder than Steel” (Speed Metal)
REVERENCE “When darkness calls” (Heavy Metal)
REVERENCE “Chamber of divine elaboration” (Doom/Industrial/Black Metal)
REVEREND BIZARRE “Death is glory…now” (Doom Metal)
REVEREND BIZARRE “III-So long suckers” (Doom Metal)
REVEREND BIZARRE “In the Rectory of the bizarre Reverend” (Doom Metal)
REVEREND BIZARRE “Slice Of Doom” (Doom Metal)
REVEREND KILL “War & Conflict” (Death Metal)
REVEREND KILL “His Blood Our Victory” (Melodic Death Metal)
RÊVERIE “Wandel” (Dark Pop/Metal)
REVIVALRY, THE “A Tribute To Running Wild” (Heavy Metal)
REVIVER “Reviver” (Heavy Metal)
REVOLT “ReVolt” (Alternative Rock)
REVOLTING “Monolith Of Madness” (Death Metal)
REVOLTING “Visages Of The Unspeakable” (Death Metal)
REVOLTING COCKS “Cocked & Loaded” (Industrial Rock’n’Roll)
REVOLVER “The unholy mother of fuck” (Rock’n’Roll/Metal/Punk)
REVOLVING DOOR “Milk & Honey” (Modern Rock)
REWIRING GENESIS “A Tribute to “The Lamb lies Down on Broadway” (ProgRock)
RHAPSODY “Live in Canada 2005 – The Dark Secret” (Klassik/Epic Metal)
RHAPSODY “The Magic Of The Wizard’s Dream (MCD)” (Klassik/Epic Metal)
RHAPSODY “Symphony Of Enchanted Lands II – The Dark Secret” (Metal Soundtrack)
RHAPSODY OF FIRE “Triumph or agony” (Epic Orchestral Metal)
RHEA’S OBSESSION “re: initiation” (Spiritual Wave)
RHESUS FACTOR “Return To The Classix” (EBM)
RIGHT TO THE VOID “Kingdom Of Vanity” (Death Metal)
RHINO BUCKET “Sunrise on Sunset Blvd.” (Hard Rock)
RHOMBUS “Here Be Dragons” (Goth Rock/Melancholic Wave)
RHOMBUS “Remembrance day” (UK Goth Rock)
RIBOZYME “Blacklist Mercy” (Alternative Rock)
RIBSPREADER “The Van Murders” (Death Metal)
RIBSPREADER “Opus Ribcage” (Death Metal)
RIBSPREADER “Bolted to the cross” (Death Metal)
RICHARD BARBIERI “Stranger Inside” (Elektro / Ambient)
RICHARD CHRIST “Richard Christ” (Industrial Rock)
RICHTASTE “Lights and Shades” (Rock)
RICK SPRINGFIELD “Shock/denial/anger/acceptance” (Melodic Rock)
RICOCHETS “The ghosts of our love” (Rock’n’Roll)
RIDDICK JONES “Die Ärste (EP)” (NDH/Rock)
RIEFENSTAHL “Instinkt” (Deutsch Metal)
RIEFENSTAHL “Seelenschmerz” (Deutsch Metal)
RIGER “Gjallar” (Black/Pagan Metal)
RIGER “Des Blutes Stimme” (Black/Pagan Metal)
RIMMERSGARD “Demo 1” (Epic Pagan Metal)
RIMRUNA “Der Hatz Entronnen” (Black Metal)
RIMRUNA “Frostbann” (Black Metal)
RIMTHURS “Gravskrift” (Black Metal)
RINDERWAHNSINN “Kampf der Welten”
RING OF FIRE “Burning live in Tokyo” (Neoclassic Power Metal)
RING OF FIRE “Dreamtower” (Melodic Power Metal/Rock)
RING OF FIRE “The oracle” (Heavy Metal)
RIOT V “Unleash the fire” (Heavy / Power Metal)
RIOTS “The Dark Prophecy” (Gothic/Glam Metal/Rock)
RIP, THE “S/T” (Dark Wave/Electro Wave)
RIPE “A Moment of Forever” (Power Metal)
RIPTIDE MOVEMENT, THE “Getting Through” (Alternative Rock)
RI:SA “The Maggots Are Satisfied… And They Remind of Their Substrates” (Electro / Experimental / Industrial)
RISE TO ADDICTION “Some other Truth” (Hard Rock)
RISE TO ADDICTION “A New Shade of Black for the Soul” (Rock/Metal)
RISE TO FALL “Defying the gods” (Melodic Death Metal)
RISE TO FALL “Restore the balance” (Modern Melodic Death Metal)
RISING FORCE “Birth of the sun” (Heavy Metal)
RISING MOON “… for the remained time” (Death Metal)
RIVENDELL “elven tears” (Folk Metal)
RIVER, THE “Broken Window (10”-Vinyl)” (Doom Metal)
RIVERSIDE “Voices in my head” (Dark Rock)
RIVERSIDE “second Life syndrome” (Dark Art Rock)
RIVETHEAD “RIVETHEAD” (Industrial Metal)
RMS, THE “From Below” (Metal)
ROADKILL “Dark Side (EP)” (Heavy Metal)
ROB ROCK “Garden of Chaos” (Melodic Power Metal)
ROB ROCK “Eyes of eternity” (Melodic Metal)
ROB ROCK “Rage of creation”
ROB ZOMBIE “Past, Present & Future – The Best Of CD+DVD” (Metal)
ROBERT JACKSON “Personal Jesus” (Alternative Rock)
ROCK AID ARMENIA “Smoke on the Water” (Hard Rock)
ROCK CIRCUS “Coversongs” (Hardrock)
ROCK ‘N’ ROLL WRESTLING BASH, THE “Trash du Jour (DVD)” (Rock ‘n’ Roll Wrestling)
ROCK SCIENCE (Brettspiel)
RODS, THE “Vengeance” (Heavy Metal)
ROGASH “Supremacy Undone” (Death Metal)
ROGER MIRET & THE DISASTERS “Gotta get up now” (Punk’n’Roll)
ROGER ROTOR “Sightseeing Bizarre” (Industrial / Noise)
ROGERS “Augen Auf” (Punk Rock)
ROGERS “Flucht nach vorn” (Punk Rock)
ROLLING STONES “Crossfire Hurricane” (Doku DVD / Blu Ray)
ROLLING STONES “Some Girls – Live in Texas 1978” (DVD / Blu-Ray)
ROLLING STONES, THE “Ladies & Gentlemen” (Rock’n’Roll)
ROLLING STONES, THE “Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out 40th Anniversary” (Rock’n’Roll)
ROMANTIC TOMCATS “Seasick” (Rockabilly / Swing)
ROMBOLO “Köd” (Black Metal)
ROME “Hall Of Thatch” (Dark Folk)
ROME “Hansa Studios Session” (Dark Folk)
ROME “The Hyperion Machine” (Folk)
ROME “Coriolan” (Dark Folk)
ROME “Anthology 2005-2015” (Neofolk)
ROME “A Passage To Rhodesia” Digipack Version (Dark Folk)
ROME “A Passage to Rhodesia” (Neo Folk / Industrial)
ROME “Hell Money” (Folk)
ROME “Die Ästhetik der Herrschaftsfreiheit” (Apocalyptic Folk)
ROME “Our Holy Rue – The Merchant Fleet 10” (Neofolk)
ROME “Nos Chants Perdus” (Chanson Noir, Folk)
ROME “L’Assassin (CDS)” (Acousitic-Folk, Chanson Noir)
ROME “Flowers From Exile” (Neo Folk)
RONDELLUS “Sabbatum” (Medieval Sabbath)
ROOM 101 “The Gentlemen’s plan” (Alternativ Blues Rock)
ROOM WITH A VIEW “first year departure” (Wave Rock/Dark Pop)
ROOT “Heritage Of Satan” (Black/Dark Metal)
ROOT “Casilda” (Dark Metal)
RORCAL “The way we are, the way we were, the way we will be…” (Doom Metal)
ROSAE CRUCIS “Worms of the earth” (True Metal)
ROSE TATTOO “Blood Brothers” (Rock’n’Roll)
ROSE TATTOO “Pain” (Rock’n’Roll)
ROZENCRANTZ “Salvation” (Melancholic Wave Rock)
ROSAE CRUCIS “Fede Potere Vendetta (Overlord Edition)” (Power Metal)
ROSENFELS “Victor” (Melancholic Klassik Wave)
ROSENFELS “Handbuch der allgemeinen Chemie” (Melancholie Pop)
ROSENFELS “Trespiano”
ROSS THE BOSS “Hailstorm” (Heavy Metal)
ROSS THE BOSS “New Metal Leader” (Heavy Metal)
ROSWELL SIX “Terra Incognita – A Line in the Sand” (Prog Metal)
ROT ON THE MARCH “Era Of The Penultimate Steps” (Gothic Rock)
ROTE MARE “Serpents of the Church” (Doom Metal)
ROTERSAND “Capitalism TM” (Electro)
ROTERSAND “Torn Realities” (Electro)
ROTERSAND “Truth Is Fanatic Again” (Electro)
ROTERSAND “truth is fantastic” (Elektro Wave)
ROTERSAND “merging oceans (MCD)” (Elektro Wave)
ROTOR “Fünf” (Stoner Rock)
ROTOR “Festsaal Kreuzberg” (Stoner Rock)
ROTTEN SOUND “Cycles” (Death Metal/Grind)
ROTTEN SOUND “Consume to Contaminate (EP)” (Death/Grind Metal)
ROTTEN SOUND “Exit” (Death/Grind Metal)
ROTTEN SOUND “Murderworks” (Death/Grind Metal)
ROTTING CHRIST “Sanctus Diavolos” (Dark/Black Metal)
ROTTING CHRIST “Genesis” (Dark Metal)
ROTTING CHRIST “Sleep of the angels”
ROXX, THE “To Heaven with Hell” (Heavy Metal)
ROYAL ANGUISH “A Journey Through The Shadows Of Time” (Death/Gothic Metal)
ROYAL HUNT “The Watches” (Prog Rock/Metal)
ROYAL HUNT “The Mission” (Prog Melodic Hard Rock)
ROZENCRANTZ “Tears Black Reign” (Rock)
RPWL “Wanted” (Progressive Rock)
RPWL “Beyond man and time” (Prog Rock)
RPWL “The Gentle Art of Music” (Progressive Rock)
RPWL “The RPWL Experience” (Prog Rock)
RUBBER CHUKKS “Queen Of Hell” (Rockabilly)
RUBBER CHUKKS “Kill my neighbour” (Neo-Rockabilly)
RUBBER CHUKKS “Sandra Lee” (Rockabilly)
RUDE “Remnants…” (Death Metal)
RUDE “Soul Recall” (Death Metal)
RUDE REVELATION “Lost in entropy” (Melodic Death/Thrash Metal)
RUINS “Front of final foes” (Black/Death Metal)
RUINS OF BEVERAST, THE “Exuvia” (Black Metal)
RUINS OF BEVERAST, THE “Takitum Tootem! (Wardance)” (Black Psychedelia)
RUINS OF BEVERAST, THE “Blood Vaults (The Blazing Gospel Of Heinrich Kramer)” (Black / Doom / Death)
RUINS OF BEVERAST, THE “Enchanted by Gravemould” (Black Metal)
RUINS OF BEVERAST, THE “Foulest Semen of a Sheltered Elite” (Black/Doom Metal)
RUINS OF THE PAST “Ruins of the Past” (Symphonic Doom/MeloDeath Metal)
RULERS OF THE PLANET “The Voodoo E.P.” (Punk Rock)
RUMMELSNUFF “Rummelsnuff & Asbach” (Electro)
RUNAMOK “Electric Shock” (Thrash Metal)
RUNAMOK “Back For Revenge” (Thrash Metal)
RUNEMAGICK “Dawn Of The End” (Death/Doom Metal)
RUNEMAGICK “On Funeral Wings” (Death/Doom Metal)
RUNEMAGICK “Darkness Death Doom” (Death/Doom Metal)
RUNEMAGICK “Requiem of the Apocalypse” (Death/Dark Metal)
RUNEMAGICK “Enter the realm of death”
RUNNING DEATH “The Call of Extinction” (Thrash Metal)
RUNNING WILD “Rapid Foray” (Heavy Metal)
RUNNING WILD “Best Of Adrian” (Heavy Metal)
RUNNING WILD “Rogues En Vogue” (Heavy Metal)
RUNNING WILD “20 years history” (Heavy Metal)
RUNNING WILD “Live-2CD” (Heavy Metal)
RUOSKA “Kiisu” (Elektro Heavy Metal/Rock)
RUSH “Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland” (Blu-Ray Disc) (Progressive Rock)
RUSH “2112 & Moving Pictures (Classic Albums)” (Progressive Rock)
RUSH “Snakes and Arrows Live (Blu-Ray Disc)” (Progressive Rock)
RUSHMOON “Blood, Tears, Love & Hate” (Prog/Hard Rock)
RUSTED CHAINS “In Nights of Nemesis” (Death Metal)
RUSTED CHAINS “DEMOlition” (Death Metal)
RUSTY DIAMONDS “Vol.1 – (Atlain-G.O.E.)” (Power/Heavy Metal)
RYA “Personal Cosmos” (Elektro Pop)
RYKERS “Life is a gamble…so is death”
RYKERS “From the cradle to the grave”.