Reviews :: P

P.A.I.N. MANAGEMENT „Lobotomy“ (Metal)
P.H.O.B.O.S. „tectonics“ (Industrial/Noise/Doom Metal)
P.O.D. „Satellite“ (Nu Metal)
P.O.X.  „Insanity Is No Disgrace“ (Psychobilly)
P. PAUL FENECH „International Super Bastard“ (Psychobilly)
P.R.I.D.E. „PRIDE“ (Rock/Hard Rock)
PAAR „Hone“ (Cold Wave/ Atmospheric Noise)
PAATOS „Silence of another Kind“ (Melacnholie Rock)
PACMAN „Girlfriends“ (Alternative)
PADDY’S FUNERAL „We don’t serve clowns“ (Folk Punk)
PADDY’S FUNERAL „Celtic Voodoo“ (Irish Punk Rock)
PADDY’S FUNERAL „Pour in“ (Folk Punk)
PADDY MURPHY „Coffin Ship“ (Irish Folk)
PAGANIZE „Evolution Hour“ (Heavy Metal)
PAGANIZER „Scandinavian Warmachine“ (Death Metal)
PAIL „Faith In The Void“ (EBM)
PAIMON „Metamorphine“ (Melodic Death/Folk Metal)
PAIMON „Terra Oblivionis“ (Dark Metal)
PAIN „Psalms Of Extinction“ (Elektro Metal)
PAIN „Live is overrated (DVD)“ (Elektro Metal)
PAIN „Nothing remains the same“ (Elektro Metal)
PAIN „Rebirth“
PAIN CONFESSOR „Turmoil“ (Melodic Death Metal)
PAIN CONTROL „Subvert“ (Misch Metal)
PAIN IN THE ASS „sPain“ (Hardcore)
PAIN MACHINERY, THE „Restart“ (EBM / Industrial)
PAIN MACHINERY, THE „Surveillance Culture“ (EBM)
PAIN OF SALVATION „Ending Themes on the two Deaths of… (DVD)“ (Progressive Metal)
PAIN OF SALVATION „Scarsick“ (Progressive Metal)
PAIN PRINCIPLE „Waiting for the Flies“ (Extreme Metal)
PAINBASTARD „Kriegserklaerung“ (Electro / Industrial)
PAINBASTARD „skin on my fire“ (EBM/Dance Elektro)
PAINHATCH „Democore“ (Hardcore)
PAINT THE TOWN RED / RISE AND FALL „Weapons (Split EP)“ (Hardcore)
PALACE „Dreamevilizer“ (Heavy Metal)
PALE FOREST „of machines and man“
PALE OBSESSION „Songs of Love and death“ (Gitarren Wave)
PALINDROME “Bundle These Last Scatteres Synapses” (ProgRock)
PALLAS „The Dreams Of Men“ (Prog Rock)
„Erazor of life“ (Elektro Goth)
PANCHRYSIA „Massa Damnata“ (Black Metal)
PANDEMIA „Feet of Anger“ (Death Metal)
PANDEMIA „Spreading the message“ (Death Metal)
PANDEMONIUM „Hellspawn“ (Death Metal)
PANDIQUE „Weltenklang“ (Elektro Trance Pop)
PANICZONE „Rise of the Damned“ (Death Metal)
PANS PARK „DNA“ (Alternativ Dark Rock)
PANTERA „Cowboys from Hell“ (Thrash Metal)
PANTHEON I „The Wanderer and His Shadow“ (Black Metal)
PANTOKRATOR „Aurun“ (White Metal/Death Metal)
PANYCHIDA „Paganized“ (Pagan Metal)
PANZER AG „This is my battlefield“ (Industrial/Elektro/Noise)
PANZERBALLETT „Tank Goodness“ (Jazz Metal)
PARA:NOID „sick in your head“ (EBM/Elektro Goth Rock)
PARADISE LOST „Obsidian“ (Gothic Metal)
PARADISE LOST „Believe In Nothing“ [Remix/Remaster] (Gothic Rock)
PARADISE LOST „Medusa“ (Gothic Metal)
PARADISE LOST „Paradise Lost“ (Gothic Metal)
PARADISE LOST „Erased“ (MCD) (Gothic Metal)
PARADISE LOST „Symbol of life“ (Modern Gothic Metal)
PARADOX „Electrify“ (Power/Thrash Metal)
PARAGON „Screenslaves“ (Heavy Metal)
PARAGON „Forgotten Prophecies“ (Heavy Metal)
PARAGON „Revenge“ (Heavy Metal)
PARAGON „The dark legacy“ (Heavy Metal)
PARAGON „Law of the Blade“ (Heavy Metal)
PARAGON BELIAL „Nosferathu Sathanis“ (Black Metal)
PARANOIZ „Promo ’08“ (Thrash Metal)
PARANOIZ „Mindchasm“ (Death/Thrash Metal)
PARANOIZ „Silentriver“ (Extrem Metal)
PARANOIZ „Paranoiz“ (Extrem Metal)
PARHELION „Midnight Sun“ (Ambient / Minimal)
PARLOTONES, THE „A world next door to yours“ (Indie Rock)
PARRALOX „Recovery“ (Electro Pop)
PARRALOX „Sharper Than A Knife“ EP (Electro)
PARRALOX “Creep” EP (Electro)
PARRALOX „Supermagic (Maxi)“ (Electropop)
PARRALOX „Isn`t It Strange (EP)“ (Electronica)
PARRICIDE „Just Five“ (Grindcore)
PARRICIDE „Just Past“ (Death Metal)
PARZIVAL „Casta“ (Neoklassik/ Bombast/ Percussion/ Oper)
PARZIVAL „Die Kulturnacht“ (Martial Wagner Goth)
PARZIVAL „Urheimat“ (EBM / Industrial)
PASSENGER „passenger“ (Nu/Death Metal/Rock)
PAST ALIVE, THE „Waht you need“ (Heavy Metal)
PAST ALIVE, THE „Deepest Inner“ (Metal/Rock/Alternative)
PATENBRIGADE: WOLFF „Baustoff (Popmusik für Rohrleger)“ (Electro / Ambient)
PATENBRIGADE: WOLFF „Demokratischer Sektor“ (Electro)
PATH OF DEVASTATION „Eternal Disease EP“ (Death/Black Metal)
PATH OF GOLCONDA „The Threshold Diaries“ (Black/Death/Thrash Metal)
PATH OF GOLCONDA „destination:downfall“ (Black/Death/Thrash Metal)
PATH OF SAMSARA „The fiery hand“ (Black Magic Rock’n’Roll)
PATH OF SAMSARA „Path of Samsara“ (Progressive Metal)
PATHFINDER „Fifth Element“ (Symphonic Metal)
PATHFINDER „Beyond the space – beyond the time“ (Orchestral Epic Power Metal)
PATHOLOGY „Pathology“ (Brutal Death Metal)
PATHOS „Katharsis“ (Power/Thrash Metal)
PATHOSRAY „Pathosray“ (Progressive Metal)
PATHS OF PRAKRITI „Axis Mundi“ (Psychedelic Folk)
PAUL GILBERT & JIMI KIDD „Raw Blues Power“ (Blues Rock)
PAUL RODGERS „Live in Glasgow (Blu-Ray Disc)“ (Hard Rock)
PAUL ROLAND „Roaring Boys“ & „Sarabande“ (Psychedelic Rock)
PAVILLON ROUGE „Solmeth Pervitine“ (Industrial Extrem Metal)
PAVLA MIKULASOVA „Mirror“ (Independent)
PAZUZU „End of Ages“
PEACOCKS, THE „Don’t Ask“ (Rockabilly / Psychobilly)
PECADORES „Rogai Por Nos, Pecadores!“ (Dark Electro / Industrial)
PECCATUM „On my Regrety“ MCD
PECCATUM „Amor Fati“
PEEPSHOWS, THE „Refuge for degenerates“ (Rock’n’Roll)
PEGAZUS „In Metal we trust“ (Heavy Metal)
PEGAZUS „Live!… Thrunder Down Under (2-CD)“ (Heavy Metal)
PEIBOL „Viajes Al Fin De La Noche (EP)“ (Alternative / Punk)
PENDRAGON „Pure“ (ProgRock)
PENETRALIA „Carpe Noctem“
PENTACROSTIC „The Pain Years 1989-2010“ (Death/Doom Metal)
PENTAGRAM „Curious Volume“ (Doom Rock)
PENTAPHONE „Nevertheless“ (Alternative Rock)
PENTARIUM „Zwischenwelt“ (Death Metal/NDH)
PENTAVISION „Pentavision“ (Goth Rock)
PENUMBRA „skandinavien“ (Ambient Techno)
PERGAMON „The Abyss Below“ (Prog Metal)
PERISHING MANKIND „Wonderland“ (Melodic Death Metal)
PERISHING MANKIND „Fall of Men“ (Melodic Death Metal)
PERKELE „Erotic circus“
PEROPERO „Lizards“ (Progressive Metal)
PERRY, IAN „Shadowman“
PERSECUTION „Mental Chaos“ (Melodic Death Metal)
PERSECUTION „Nightfall of Mind“ (Gothic/Death Metal)
PERSEFONE „Spiritual Migration“ (Progressive Death Metalcore)
PERSEFONE „Truth inside the shades“ (Melodic Death/Prog Metal)
PERSEKUTOR „Permanent Winter“ (Ice Cold/Raw Black Metal)
PERSEPHONE „Letters to a stranger“ (Chanson Dark Wave)
PERSEPHONE „Home“ (Melancholic Wave)
PERSUADER „When Eden Burns“ (Power Metal)
PERSUADER „The Hunter“ (Power Metal)
PERSUADER „Evolution Purgatory“ (Power Metal)
PERVERSITY „In the Garment OF Lust“ (Death Metal)
PERZONAL WAR „Bloodline“ (Thrash Metal)
PERZONAL WAR „When Times Turn Red“ (Thrash Metal)
PESSIMIST „Call to War“ (Thrash Metal)
PESSIMIST „Slaughtering the faithful“ (Death/Grind Metal)
PEST „The Crowning Horror“ (Metal)
PEST „Vado Mori“ (Black Metal)
PESTEROUS MIND „Halluci.nation“ (Deathdingsbums)
PESTILENCE „Presence Of The Pest (Live At Dynamo Open Air 1992)“ (Death/Trash Metal)
PESTNEBEL „Nachtwelten“ (Black Metal)
PESTNEBEL „Reich der Schatten“ (Black Metal)
PESTSCHWADRON „Im Auftrag gegen den Herrn“ (Black Metal)
PETER GABRIEL „Live in Athens“ (Pop)
PETER GABRIEL „So (Classic Albums) DVD/ Blu-Ray“ (Avantgarde)
PETER GABRIEL „Live Blood“ (Avantgarde)
PETER GABRIEL „New Blood ­ Live in London (Blu-Ray Disc)“ (Avantgarde)
PETER HEPPNER „My Heart Of Stone“ (Electro Pop)
PETER MURPHY „Lion“ (Goth Rock/ Dark Pop)
PETER PAN SPEEDROCK „Buckle up and shove it!“ (Fast-Forward Rock´n´Roll)
PETER PAN SPEEDROCK „We want Blood!“ (Rock’n’Roll)
PFEFFER „Herz bricht“ (NDH/Pop/Rock)
PHANTOM-X „Rise Of The Phantom“ (Heavy Metal)
PHANTOMS OF FUTURE „reviews/Archiv2/inside/outside“
PHARAOH „Be Gone“ (Power Metal)
PHAZE 1 „Uprising“ (Death Metal)
PHAZE I „Phaze I“ (Dark/Death/Thrash Metal)
PHAZM „antebellum death’n’roll“ (Doom/Death’n’Roll)
PHIL CAMPBELL AND THE BASTARD SONS „Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons“ (Hard Rock)
PHILLIP BOA „Decadence & Isolation“ (Indie Rock)
PHILLIP BOA & THE VOODOOCLUB „slipstream“ (Rock/Pop)
PHILIP H. ANSELMO & THE ILLEGALS „Choosing Mental Illness As A Virtue“ (Metal)
PHILIP STEELE „City of Light – Die letzten Tage von Jim Morrison“ (Hörbuch)
PHILM „Fire from the evening sun“ (Post Hardcore)
PHILOSOPHER „Laws ov Form (EP)“ (Death Metal)
PHILTRON „Chronotrope“
PHOBOS CORP. „Felicity (EP)“ (Symphonic/Female Metal)
PHORKYAS „Das siebte Jahr“ (Melodic Death Metal)
PHOSGORE „Domination“ (Industrial / Electro)
PHOTONENSURFER „Neue Weltordnung“ (Deutsch Rock)
PHRANK „Whats your pleasure“ (Elektro/Industrial)
PIBONE PROJECT, THE „Till The End“ (Melodic Death Metal)
PICTURA „Rebirth EP“ (Progressive Death Metal)
PICTURE „Warhorse“ (Heavy Metal)
PIGHEADED „Rock’n’Roll Bloodbros.“
PIGS AND PYRAMIDS „Pink Floyd Tribute“ (Prog Rock)
PIGSKIN „Exposed to threat“ (Modern Thrash Metal)
PIGSKIN „Epidemic“ (Thrash’n’Core)
PIKKU-ORAVA „Taivas lyö tulta (MCD)“ (Power Metal)
PILLORIAN „Obsidian Arc“ (Black Metal)
PILORI „Zeit des Lichts“ (Dark Folk)
PILORI „and when the twilight’s gone“
PILORI „Feuilles Tombantes“
PIN UP WENT DOWN „2 Unlimited“ (Gothic Metal Cabaret)
PINK CREAM 69 „Thunderdome“ (Hard Rock)
PINK FLOYD „Behind the Wall – Inside the minds of Pink Floyd“ (Doku)
PINK FLOYD „The Story of „Wish you were here“ (Blu-Ray/DVD)“ (Artrock)
PINK FLOYD „The dark side of the moon (DVD)“ (70er)
PINK INDUSTRY „New Naked Technology 2010 Remasters“ (New Wave)
PINK TURNS BLUE „Tainted“ (Post Punk/Dark Wave)
PINK TURNS BLUE „The AERDT – Untold Stories“ (Post Punk)
PINK TURNS BLUE „Ghost“ (Dark Rock)
PINK TURNS BLUE „Phoenix“ (Emotionaler Dark Wave)
PINK TURNS BLUE „Re-union“ (Melancholic Wave Rock)
PINKOSTAR „The trick is to keep breathing“ (Modern Rock)
PINKOSTAR „Solargirl“ (Straight Rock)
PIPES AND PINTS „Found And Lost“ (Punk)
PIPES AND PINTS „Until We Die“ (Celtic Punk / Folk Punk)
PISSING RAZORS „Fields of Disbelief“
PIT OF DOOM „Atonement“ (Groove Core Death Metal)
PITBULLS IN THE NURSERY „Lunatic“ (Death Metal)
PITCH BLACK „Pitch Black“ (Hardcore/Punk)
PITCHBLACK INC. „Alles ist gesagt“ (Synthpop / Electro / EBM)
PLACENTA „Fixed Action Pattern“ (Death Metal)
PLACID SILENCE „Tides are Turning“ (Hard Rock)
PLAGUEWIELDER „Chambers of Death“ (Doom)
PLAN E „Bassonova“ (Psychedelic Dark Wave)
PLAN E „Best kept secret“ (Dark Wave Pop)
PLANAR EVIL „Mankind Way of Life“ (Thrash Metal)
PLANET RAIN „Gods of the new world chaos“ (Metal Core)
PLANET X „Quantum“ (Prog Metal)
PLANETARIET „Deluxe“ (Instrumental Post Rock/Shoegaze)
PLANLOS „Champagner & Zigarettenqualm“ (Punk Rock)
PLAGUE THROAT „The Human Paradox“ (Death Metal)
PLASTIC „Black Colours“ (Elektro Wave/Future Pop)
PLASTIC „sense of life (MCD)“ (Elektro Pop)
PLASTIC „Kunststoff“ (Wave Pop)
PLASTIQUE NOIR „Affects“ (Gothic / Dark Wave)
PLASTIQUE NOIR „Dead Pop“ (Gothic Rock)
PLATITUDE „Nine“ (Neoclassic Metal)
PLATITUDE „Secrets of life“ (Neoclassic Metal)
PLEASURES REMAIN „magmastars“ (Synthie Pop)
PLEXUS „Plexus“ (Heavy/Power Metal)
PLENTY SUFFERING „SOU.NET“ (Melodic Death/Thrash Metal)
PLUTONIUM „Wind of change“ (Black/Doom Metal)
PLUTONYAN „DOXA (EP)“ (Black/Elektro/Space Metal)
PODRIDO/ENDLESS DEMISE „When Words Are A Waste Of Time/Endless Demise“ (Grindcore)
POEMA ARCANUS „Timeline Symmetry“ (Doom Death)
POEMA ARCANVS „Telluric Manifesto“ (Prog/Dark/Doom Metal)
POEMA ARCANUS „iconlast“ (Dark Black Metal)
POESIE NOIRE „Sense Of Purpose“ (Electro / New Wave)
POLYTUNE „bytes and items“ (Synthiepop)
POISONBLACK „Drive“ (Gothic/Alternative Rock/Metal)
POISONBLACK „Lust Stained Despair“ (Gothic Rock/Metal)
POISONBLACK „Escapextasy“ (Gothic Rock/Metal)
POMEGRANATE „This illusion sound “ (Cold Electro)
POOBALLS „Still Burning“ (Alternative / Rock)
POODLES, THE „Sweet Trade“ (Melodic Hard Rock)
POODLES, THE „Metal will stand tall“ (Melodic Hard Rock)
POOR GENETIC MATERIAL „A Day in June“ (Artrock)
POP ELECTRONIQUE „Retro“ (Electro Pop)
PORN „The Ogre Inside – Remixed“ (Industrial Metal)
PORN „The Ogre Inside“ (Industrial Rock)
PORTA NIGRA „Schöpfungswut“ (Melodic Black Metal)
PORTASH „Framed Lives“ (Dark Pop)
PORTASH:ROCKS! „Same (MCD)“ (Synthie Pop)
PORTION CONTROL „Violenty Alive“ (Industrial/EBM/Elektro)
POSSESSED „Seven Gates of Horror“ (Death Metal)
POSSESSION „Storm of hateness“ (Death Metal)
POSTHUMANBIGBANG „Posthumanbigbang“ (Progressive Metal)
POSTMORTEM „Seeds of Devastation“ (Death / Thrash Metal)
POSTMORTEM „Constant Hate“ (Thrash / Death Metal)
POTENTIA ANIMI „Das erste Gebet“ (MA Rock)
POTENTIAM „Years in the shadows“ (Dark Avantgare Metal)
POTHEAD „grassroots“ (Rock)
POTHOLE SKINNY „time shapes the forest lake“ (Acoustic Folk)
POWER „Roll the Dice“ (Thrash Metal)
POWER „Thrashblitz“ (Thrash Metal)
POWER QUEST „Master Of Illusion“ (Power Metal)
POWERAGE „Business toys“
POWERGOD „Long Live The Loud – That’s Metal Lesson II“ (Heavy Metal)
POWERGOD „Nemesis-Evilution Part III“ (Heavy Metal)
POWERGOD „Bleed For The Gods – That’s Metal Lesson One“ (Heavy Metal)
POWERWOLF „Call Of The Wild“ (Sakral Power Metal)
POWERWOLF „Blessed & Possessed“ (Sakral Power Metal)
POWERWOLF „Preachers Of The Night“ (Power Metal)
PRÄPARAT, DAS „Unschuldsblicke“ (Gothic)
PRAGER HANDGRIFF „Fossile Brennstoffe“
PREDATHOR „Dead end Road“ (Death Metal)
PREDATOR „Predator“ (Heavy/Power Metal)
PREDOMINANT LUNATICS „Thirteen lost souls“ (Melancholic Wave)
PREDOMINANT LUNATICS „hoping for dusk“ (Wave Rock)
PREJUDICE „Dominion Of Chaos“ (Brutal Death Metal)
PREMACY „Voices above“ (Rock)
PREMACY „Fragile Lives“ (Rock)
PREMONITIONS OF WAR „Left in Kowloon“ (Extrem Metal)
PRESIDENT EVIL „Back from Hell’s Holiday“ (Stoner Rock)
PRESIDENT EVIL „Hell in a Box“ (Thrash’n’Roll)
PRESIDENT EVIL „Thrash ’n‘ Roll Asshole Show“ (Thrash ’n‘ Roll)
PRESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, THE „Freaked out and small“ (Rock’n’Roll)
PRESSURE CELL, THE „Invisible Lives“ (Heavenly Voices/Melancholic Pop)
PRESSURE RECALL „Endless Lies“ (Modern Rock)
PRESTO BALLET „The Lost Art of Time Travel“ (Progressive Rock)
PRETTY MAIDS „Planet Panic“ (Heavy Metal)
PRIDE „Signs of purity“ (MelodiPRINCIPE VALIENTE „Barricades“ (Dream Pop/Post Punk/ Shoegaze) c Rock/Hard Rock)
PRIDE OF LIONS „The Destiny Stone“ (Melodic Rock)
PRIDE TIGER „The Lucky Ones“ (Hard Rock)
PRIESTESS „Prior to the Fire“ (Heavy Rock)
PRIMAL FEAR „Rulebreaker“ (Heavy Metal)
PRIMAL FEAR „Seven Seals“ (Power Metal)
PRIMAL FEAR „Jaws of death“
PRIMORDIAL „Storm before calm“ (Dark/Folk Metal)
PRIMORDIAL „Spirit the earth a flame“
PRINCIPE VALIENTE „Barricades“ (Dream Pop/Post Punk/ Shoegaze)
PRINCIPE VALIENTE „Principe Valiente“ (Wave)
PRINCIPE VALIENTE „Oceans“ (Post Rock / New Wave)
PRINCIPE VALIENTE „Choirs Of Blessed Youth“ (Indie Rock / Shoegaze)
PRINCIPE VALIENTE „Principe Valiente“ (Indie / Shoegaze)
PRIVATEER, THE „Facing the tempest“ (Power/Folk Metal)
PRIVATEER „The Traitors“ (Speed Metal)
PRIVILEGE OF APPROVAL „Privilege Of Approval“ (Death Metal)
PRO-PAIN „Age of Tyranny / The Tenth Crusade“ (Hardcore)
PRO-PAIN „Prophets of Doom“ (Hardcore)
PRO-PAIN „Run For Cover“ (Hardcore)
PROBOT „Same“ (Metal)
PROCESSION „Doom Decimation“ (Doom Metal)
PROCESSION „To reap Heavens apart“ (Doom Metal)
PROCESSION „Destroyers of the Faith“ (Doom Metal)
PROFANATION „Contorted Bodies In Pain“ (Death Metal)
PROFANATOR „Fallen“ (Thrash Metal)
PROFANE EXISTENCE „… the era of light to end“ (Black Metal)
PROFANE OMEN „Reset“ (groovy Thrash Metalcore)
PROFUNDI „The Omega Rising“ (Black Metal)
PROGHMA-C „Bar-do Travel“ (Progressive Metal)
PROJECT: FAILING FLESH „The Conjoined“ (Extreme Metal)
PROPHECY, THE „Into the Light“ (Doom Metal)
PROPHECY, THE „Afterlife“ (Black Metal)
PROJECT: FAILING FLESH „A Beautiful Sickness“ (Modern X-treme Metal)
PROJECT: FAILING FLESH „A beautiful sickness“ (Thrash Metal)
PROJECT-X „Needles And Control (MCD)“ (EBM)
PROJECT HATE MCMXCIX, THE „The Lustrate Process“ (Prog Death/Elektro/Gothic Metal)
PROJECT HATE MCMXCIX, THE „Armageddon March Eternal“ (Industrial/Death/Dark Metal)
PROJECT HATE, THE „When we are done…Your flesh will be ours“ (Death/Gothic/Elektro Metal)
PROJECT PITCHFORK „Fragment“ (Dark Electro)
PROJECT PITCHFORK „Akkretion“ (Dark Electro)
PROJECT PITCHFORK „Look Up, I’m Down There“ (Dark Electro)
PROJECT PITCHFORK „Wonderland / One Million Faces“ (Dark Electro)
PROJECT PITCHFORK „Second Anthology“ (Dark Electro)
PROJECT PITCHFORK „Blood“ (Dark Electro)
PROJECT PITCHFORK „Black“ (Dark Electro)
PROJECT PITCHFORK „Quantum Mechanics“ (Dark Wave)
PROJECT PITCHFORK „First Anthology“ (Electro)
PROJECT PITCHFORK „Continuum Ride“ (Dark Electro)
PROJECT PITCHFORK „Kaskade“ (Elektro Rock)
PROJECT PITCHFORK „Live 2003/01“ (Elektro Wave)
PROJECT PITCHFORK „Collector – Fireworls & Colorchange“ (Elektro Rock)
PROJECT PITCHFORK „view from a throne“ (Electro Wave)
PROJECT PITCHFORK „Trialog“ (Electro Wave)
PROJECT PITCHFORK „Inferno“ (Elektro Rock)
PROJECT PITCHFORK „collector-adapted for the screen“ (Dark Elektro)
PROJEKT K8 „when the night of fore…“ (Goth Rock/Wave)
PROKE „Feldberg (EP)“ (Progressive Metal)
PROMETHEUS „beneath an alien Sky“ (Female Goth Metal)
PRONE TO SHADE „Flight 666“ (Thrash Metal)
PRONG „Power of the Damager“ (Hardcore)
PRONG „Scorpio Rising“ (Industrial Rock)
PRONG „100% live“ (Industrial Metal)
PRONOIAN MADE „Cherubim“ (Gothic Rock)
PRONTHER „Fang die Seife“ (Deutschmetal)
PRONTHER „Drei Könige vorm Herrn“ (Neue Deutsche Härte)
PROSPECTIVE „Perfect Evolution Of Humanity“ (Dark-Electro )
PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT „Left In Grisly Fashion“ (Brutal Death Metal)
PROTAFIELD „Nemesis“ (Industrial / Punk)
PROTOTYPE „Continuum“ (Prog/Thrash Metal)
PROTOTYPE „Trinity“ (Power/Prog Metal)
PROVENANCE, THE „Red Flags“ (Prog Dark Metal)
PROVENANCE, THE „How would you like to be spat at“ (Dark Metal)
PROVENANCE, THE „Still at arms lenght“ (Prog Gothic Metal)
PROVENANCE, THE „25th Hour Bleeding“ (Gothic Metal)
PRYMARY „The Enemy Inside“ (Progressive Metal)
PSEUDO „Introversion“ (Dark Wave)
PSY’AVIAH feat. Kyoko Baertsoen „Our Common Future“ Single (Electro)
PSY’AVIAH „Eclectric“ (Electro / Electro Rock)
PSY’AVIAH FEAT. AYRIA „Into The Game (EP)“ (Electro)
PSY:CODE „Delusion“ (Modern Metal)
PSYBORG CORP „The Mechanical Renaissance“ (Dark-Electro / Cyberpunk / Industrial)
PSYCHE „The 11th hour“ (Dark Pop)
PSYCHE „Babylon Deluxe“ (Synthie Pop/elektro)
PSYCHE „The Quickening“ (Synthiepop)
PSYCHE „endangered species“ (Electro)
PSYCHE „The hiding place“ (Electro/Wave-Pop)
PSYCHE „sanctuary (MCD)“ (Wave Pop)
PSYCHO PRAXIS „Echoes from the Deep“ (Prog Rock)
PSYCHOMANTUM „Genius Loci“ (Black Metal)
PSYCHONAUT 4 „Tired, Numb, Still Alive – 3 Way Split“ (Black Metal)
PSYCHOPHILE „Transition“ (Elektro/Wave-Pop)
PSYCHOPUNCH „Greetings From Suckerville“ (Punk’n’Roll)
PSYCHOPUNCH „Kamikaze Love Reducer“ (Punk’n’Roll)
PSYCHOPUNCH „Smashed on arrival“ (Punk/Rock’n’Roll)
PSYCHOPUNCH „The pleasure kill“ (Rock’n’Roll)
PSYCHOPUNCH „Original Scandinavian Superdudes“ (Rock’n’Roll)
PSYCHOROIKA „Upir“ (Dark Elekto)
PSYCHOSTARS „Making Friends With Monsters“ (Horror Rock)
PSYCHOTRON „Open The Gate“ (Power/Thrash Metal)
PSYCHOTRON „Chaos Cosmoc Time“
PSYCORE „I’m not one of us“
PSYKOXYDE „Automa Mind Sanatorioum“ (Harsch Elektro)
PSYKRA „Terra II“ (Experimental Black Metal)
PYLON „The Harrowing of Hell“ (Doom Metal)
PTSD „Burepolom“ (Modern Metal)
PUDDLE OF MUD „Come clean“ (Grunge)
PUISSANCE „Grace of God“ (Elektro Neo Klassik)
PUISSANCE „Stato Collapse“ (Neoklassik Dark Wave)
PUISSANCE „Total cleansing“ (Electronic Dark Wave)
PULCHER FEMINA „Darkness Prevails“ (Electro / Pop / Alternative)
PULSE „Pulse“ (Rock/Hard Rock)
PULVERIZED „Rise From Your Grave“ (Thrash/Death Metal)
PUMP „Sonic Extasy“ (Hard Rock)
PUN „Perseverance“ (Nu Metal/Groove Core)
PUNISH „Dawn of the Martyr“ (Death Metal)
PUNISHABLE ACT „Anti-Vision“ (Hardcore)
PUNISHMENT „Live Payback“ (Death Metal)
PUPPETLAND „two minds“
PURE INC. „Parasites and Worms“ (Rock)
PURE INC. „A New Days Dawn“ (Hard Rock)
PURE REASON REVOLUTION „The Dark Third“ (Prog Rock)
PURE WRATH „Hymn to the Woeful Hearts“ (Melodic Black/Death/Folk Metal)
PURGAMENTUM „Aschewelt“ (Black Metal)
PURGATORY „Deathkvlt – Grand Ancient Arts“ (Death Metal)
PURGATORY „Necromantaeon“ (Death Metal)
PURGATORY „Cultus Luciferi – The Splendour of Chaos“ (Death Metal)
PURGATORY „Luciferianism“ (Death Metal)
PURITAN, THE „Lithium Gates“ (Doom Metal)
PUSSYBATS, THE „Indestructible“ (Glam Wave Rock)
PUSSYBATS, THE „famous last songs“ (Goth/Glam Rock/Pop)
PUSSYCAT KILL „Faster Than Punk“ (Punk Rock)
PYLON „Armoury of God“ (Doom Metal)
PYOGENESIS „She makes me wish I had a gun“ (Punk Rock/Crossover)
PYRAMAZE „Immortal“ (Power Metal)
PYRAMAZE „Melancholy Beast“ (Melodic Power Metal)
PYRAMID „The immaculate lie“ (Heavy/Prog Power Metal)
PYRRHON „An Excellent Servant But A Terrible Master“ (Death Metal)
PZYCHO BITCH „big lover“ MCD (Elektro/EBM).