Reviews :: I

I:SCINTILLA “Skin Tight” Single (Synth Rock)
I AM LETHE „Journey“ (Alternative/Doom/Gothic Metal)
I AM THE NIGHT „While The Gods Are Sleeping“ (Melodic Black/Death Metal)
„Nowadays Holocaust“ (Death Metal/Melodic Hardcore)
I SMASH THE PANDA „Into The Panda Basement“ (Hardcore/Deathcore)
I-REMAIN „Brutality of Terror“ (Thrash Metal / Hardcore)
IAMX „Alive In New Light“ (Electronica)
IAMX „Unfall“ (Electro / Instrumental)
IAMX „The Unified Field“ (Alternative / Electronica)
IAMX „The Alternative“ (Cabaret Wave Pop)
IAN ANDERSON „Rupi’s Dance“ (Folk Rock)
IC REX „Valonkantajan Alkemia“ (Black Metal)
ICARUS WITCH „Songs for the Lost“ (Heavy Metal)
ICARUS WITCH „Capture the Magic“ (Heavy Metal)
ICE AGES „Buried Silence“ (Industrial Dark Wave)
ICE CRYSTALS „The New Gloom“ (Heavenly Voices / Melancholic Wave)
ICED EARTH „The Blessed And The Damned – The Best Of“ (Heavy/Power Metal)
ICED EARTH „The Glorious Burden“ (Heavy Metal)
ICED EARTH „Tribute to the gods“ (Heavy Metal)
ICED EARTH „Horror Show“ (Heavy/Power Metal)
ICED EARTH „The Melancholy EP“
ICED EARTH „Alive in Athens“
ICON „Pain. Trust. Lies. Disharmony.“ (Death Metal)
ICON „Blindzone“ (Death Metal)
ICON & THE BLACK ROSES „same“ (Goth Rock)
ICON IN ME „Human Museum“ (Modern Thrash Metal)
ICONCRASH „nude“ (Wave / Rock)
ICTUS MORTIS „Schlachtmusik“ (Dark Metal)
ID:VISION „Plazmadkaos“ (Industrial/Black Metal)
IDISENFLUCH „Vergänglichkeit“ (Black Metal)
IDOLS ARE DEAD „Mean“ (Metal/Rock)
INFINITAS „Infernum“ (Folk/Melodic Metal)
IGNIS FATUU „Unendlich Viele Wege“ (MA-Rock)
IGNIS FATUU „Neue Ufer“ (MA Rock)
IGNITION880 „Demo“ (Electro / House / Rock)
IGNITOR „Road of Bones“ (Heavy Metal)
IHRESGLEICHEN „Kreuz An Kreuz“ (Gothic/Dark Melodic Metal)
IHSAHN „Arktis…“ (Stilmix)
IHSAHN „Angl“ (Prog Metal)
IHSAHN „The Adversary“ (Prog Extrem Metal)
IKON „Flowers For The Gathering“ (Gothic Rock)
IKON „In The Shadow Of The Angel“ (Gothic Rock)
IKON „destroying the world“ (Goth/Wave Rock)
IKON „Psychic Vampire“ (Electro Goth Rock)
IKON „from angels to ashes“ (Goth/Wave Rock)
IKON „On the edge forever“ (Wave-Rock)
IKUINEN KAAMOS „The Forlorn“ (Black/Dark/Doom Metal)
IKUINEN KAAMOS „So rose the dreadful ghost“ (Black/Death Metal)
ILL NINO „Dead New World“ (Modern Metal)
ILL NINO „Confession“ (Nu Metal)
ILL NINO „Revolution“ (New Metal)
ILL-SANITY „From Down Below“ (Melodic Death/Dark Metal)
ILL-SANITY „Winter Death“ (Melodic Death/Black Metal)
ILLDISPOSED „Reveal Your Soul For The Dead“ (Death Metal)
ILLDISPOSED „The Prestige“ (Death Metal)
ILLDISPOSED „Burn me wicked“ (Death Metal)
ILLDISPOSED „1-800 Vinication“ (Metalcore)
ILLDISPOSED „Kokaiinum“ (Death Metal)
ILLNATH „Third Act in the Theatre of Madness“ (Melodic Death/Black/Gothic Metal)
ILLNATH „Second Skin Of Harlequin“ (Black/Gothic Metal)
ILLOGICIST „The Insight Eye“ (Technical Death Metal)
ILLOGISTIC „Subjected“ (Experimental Death Metal)
ILLUM ADORA „Ophidian Kult“ (Black Metal)
ILLUM ADORA „Infernum Et Necromatium“ (Black Metal)
ILLUM ADORA „…Of Serpentine Forces“ (Black Metal)
ILLUMINATA „Where Stories Unfold“ (Female Fronted Cinematic Metal)
ILLUMINATA „From The Chalice Of Dreams“ (Female Symphonic/Gothic Metal)
ILLUMINATE „Ein Ganzes Leben“ (POP-Romantik-Wave)
ILLUMINATE „Zeit der Wölfe“ (Melancholic Wave)
ILLUMINATE „Zwei Seelen“ (Dark Poesie Wave)
ILLUMINATE „Kaltes Licht“ (Melancholic Wave)
ILLUMINATE „Ein neuer Tag“
ILLUMINATUS „The Rising Tide (EP)“ (Doom Rock/Metal)
ILLUMINATUS „The Wrath Of The Lambs“ (Doom Rock/Metal)
ILLUMINATUS „aborted revolutions EP“ (Prog Dark/Doom Metal/Rock)
ILLUSION OF LIGHT „E-X-P-E-R-I-M-E-N-T-E“ (Future/Synthie Pop)
IM NEBEL „Vitriol“ (Prog Dark/Black Metal)
IMAGIKA „Devils on both sides“ (Power/Thrash Metal)
IMAGIKA „and so it burns“
IMATEM „Journey – Home“ (Electro / Wave)
IMMEMOREAL „Temple of retribution“ (Melodic Death Metal)
IMMORTAL „Sons of Northern Darkness“ (Black Metal)
IMMORTAL DYING „Souls And Machines“ (Death Metal)
IMMORTAL REMAINS „Everlasting Night“ (Dramatic Black Metal)
IMMORTAL RITES „For Tyrant’s Sake“ (Melodic Death Metal)
IMMORTAL SOULS „IV: The Requiem for the Art of Death“ (Melodic Death Metal)
IMMORTAL TEARS „Lasombra, the heart of darkness“ (Dark/Black Metal)
IMMUNOLOGY „Thorn dive“ (Dark Electro)
IMPALED „Death After Life“ (Black/Death/Thrash Metal)
IMPALED NAZARENE „Manifest“ (Black Metal)
IMPALED NAZARENE „Pro Patria Finlandia“ (Black Metal)
IMPEDIGON „As desire fade…“ (Melodic Death Metal)
IMPELLITERI „Pedal To The Metal“ (Power Metal)
IMPELLITERI „System X“ (Hard Rock)
IMPENDING DOOM „Beyond the altar of obscurity“ (Black/Death Metal)
IMPERIA „Queen of Light“ (Bombast Goth Metal)
IMPERIAL AGE „Warrior Race“ (Symphonic Metal)
IMPERIAL SODOMY „Tormenting the pacifist“ (Grind/Death Metal)
IMPERIOUS „Tales Of Woe – The Journey Of Odysseus, Part II: From Hades To Ithaca“ (Black Metal)
IMPERIOUS „Tales Of Woe – The Journey Of Odysseus – Part I: From Ilion To Hades“ (Black Metal)
IMPIETY „Skullfucking Armageddon“ (Black Metal)
IMPIETY „Terroreign“ (Death/Black Metal)
IMPIOUS „The Killer“ (Death/Thrash Metal)
IMPLANT „The Productive Citizen“ (Electro / EBM)
IMPLANT „Implantology“ (EBM Industrial)
IMPRESSIONS OF WINTER „iuturna“ (melancholic Wave)
IMPURE „doorless“ (Crossover/New Metal)
IN AETERNUM „The Blasphemy Returns“ (Black/Death Metal)
IN AURORAM „When Daylight Fades“ (Neoklassik/Dark Ambient/Experimental Folk)
IN BATTLE „Kingdom Of Fear“ (Death Metal)
IN BLACKEST VELVET „InSuiSight (MCD)“ (Melodic Death Metal)
IN BLACKEST VELVET „Demo 2002“ (Melodic Death Metal)
IN BLACKEST VELVET „Edenflow“ (Melodic Death Metal)
IN CASE OF FYR „Bitter And Betrayed“ (Metalcore)
IN DEMONI „Genetic Degeneration“ (Death Metal)
IN DISGRACE „Define Death“ (Atmospheric Death Metal)
IN DISGRACE „…before aftere“ (Death/Gothic Metal)
IN EXILE „Hours passed in Exile“ (Melodic Metal)
IN EXTREMO „40 wahre Lieder“ (MA Rock)
IN EXTREMO „Quid Pro Quo“ (MA Rock)
IN EXTREMO „Kunstraub“ (MA-Rock)
IN EXTREMO „Sterneneisen live – Laut sind wir und nicht die Leisen (CD/DVD)“ (MA Rock)
IN EXTREMO „Am Goldenen Rhein (DVD + 2CD)“ (MA Rock)
IN EXTREMO „Sängerkrieg: Akustik Radio Show“ (MA Rock)
IN EXTREMO „Sängerkrieg“ (Rock/MA)
IN EXTREMO „Kein Blick zurück“ (MA Rock)
IN EXTREMO „Mein rasend Herz“ (MA Rock/Metal)
IN EXTREMO „nur ihr allein (MCD)“ (MA Rock)
IN EXTREMO „7“ (MA Rock)
IN EXTREMO „Kyffhaeuser Live“ (MA Rock)
IN EXTREMO „Sünder ohne Zügel“ (Mittelalter Rock/NDH)
IN FLAMES „Come Clarity“ (Melodic Death Metal)
IN LOVE YOUR MOTHER „The Great Ape Project“ (verrückter Metal)
IN MEMORIAM „through the tides“ (Black/Death Metal)
IN MITRA MEDUSA INRI „kalte Farben“ (Elektro Dark Wave)
IN MITRA MEDUSA INRI „Without a view of things“ (Wave Pop)
IN MITRA MEDUSA INRI „Darkness between us“ (Dark Wave Pop)
IN MITRA MEDUSA INRI „dreams“ (Dark Wave Pop)
IN MOURNING „The weight of oceans“ (Prog/Melodic Death Metal)
IN MOURNING „Shrouded Divine“ (Melodic Prog Death Metal)
IN MY DREAMS „XII Reasons To Remember“ (Alternative Rock)
I-M-R (IN MY ROSARY) “Letters from the Paper Garden” (Dark Wave Pop)
IN MY ROSARY „The shades of cats“ (Wave Pop)
IN MY ROSARY „A collection of Fading Moments“
IN PECCATUM „antilia“ (Goth Metal)
IN-QUEST „The comatose quandaries“ (Death/Thrash Metal)
IN SHADOWS AND DUST „Enlightened By Darkness“ (Death Metal)
IN SILENTIO NOCTIS „Through Fragments Of Christianity“ (Black/Gothic Metal)
IN SLUMBER „Scars Incomplete“ (Death Metal)
IN SOLITUDE „Opus: Universe“
IN STRICT CONFIDENCE „The Hardest Heart“ (Electro)
IN STRICT CONFIDENCE „Somebody Else´s Dream“ (Dark Electro)
IN STRICT CONFIDENCE „Utopia“ (Dark Wave / Electro)
IN STRICT CONFIDENCE „La Parade Monstrueuse“ (Alternative / Electro)
IN THE NURSERY „cause+effects“ (Electro Wave)
IN THE WOODS „Pure“ (Psychedelic Blackened Prog Doom)
IN THE WOODS… „Live at the Caledninahall“ (Black Gothic Metal)
IN THIS TEMPLE „Display“ (Metalcore)
IN TORMENTATA QUIETE „Teatroelementare“ (Theater/Folk/Gothic/Black Metal)
IN TORMENTATA QUIETE „In Tormentata QuiEte“ (Gothic/Folk/Black Metal)
IN TYRANNOS „Die Maske fällt“ (Polit Dark Thrash Metal)
IN VAIN „The Latter Rain“ (Prog Black Metal)
IN-VALID „vertikaos“ (Dark Wave)
IN VALID „Geschenkt“+“Scherben unter mir“+“Demo 2001“ (Wave Rock)
IN VIRO „Gehorche! Fühle! Glaube!“ (Neue Deutsche Härte)
INACTIVE MESSIAH „Sinful Nation“ (Orchestral Dark Metal)
INALLSENSES „Hysterical Psychosis“ (Death Metal)
INAMABILIS „Dark Scenario“ (Black/Thrash Metal)
INBORN SUFFERING „Wordless Hope“ (Doom/Death Metal)
INC „Moribund“ (Death Metal)
INCARCERATION „Catharsis“ (Death Metal)
INCEPTION OF ETERNITY „Into Darkness“ (Gothic/Symphonic/Electro Metal)
INCHTABOKTABLES „ultimate Live“ (MA Rock)
INCHTABOKTABLES „Mitten im Krieg“ (Folk-Core)
INCITE „All out war“ (Thrash Metal)
INCREDIBLE PAIN „Screaming In Agony“ (Thrash/Death Metal)
INCUBATOR „lieBISSlieder“ (Thrash / Death Metal)
INCUBATOR „Divine Comedy“
INCUBITE „Toxicum“ (Electro / Industrial)
INCUBUS „A Crow Left Of The Murder“ (Grunge Rock)
INDIVIDUAL INDUSTRY „Dreams Never End“ (Electro / Shoegaze)
INDUKTI „Idmen“ (Progressive Rock)
INDUSTRIEGEBIET „Wer schön sein will muss sterben“ (Industrial)
INDYUS „Ashes Of Dystopia“ (Death/Thrash Metal)
INERT „Obliteration Of The Self“ (Death Metal)
INERTIA „Deworlded“ (Industrial / Electro / EBM / Rock)
INERTIA „Repeat & Follow (CDS)“ (Industrial / Electro)
INFECDEAD „Soul perforation“ (Death/Grind Metal)
INFECTED BRAIN „Deconstructive Surgery“ (Death Metal)
INFECTED BRAIN „II“ (Brutal Death Metal)
INFEKTION „New Virus“ (Dark Electro)
INFEKTION „Virus of time“ (Dark Electro)
INFERNAL MAJESTY „One Who Points To Death“ (Thrash Metal)
INFERNAL POETRY „Nervous System Checking“ (Death Metal)
INFERNAL WAR „Axiom“ (Black Metal)
INFERNO „Omniabsence Filled By His Greatness“ (Black Metal)
INFERNO REQUIEM „Moon“ (Black Metal)
INFERNO REQUIEM „Gloomy Night Stories“ (Black Metal)
INFERNUM „The Curse“ (Doom/Black Metal)
INFESTING SWARM „Desolation Road“ (Black Metal)
INFESTUM „Ta Natas“ (Black Metal)
INFESTUS „Ex/Ist“ (Black Metal)
INFINITE HORIZON „Soul Reducer“ (Power Metal)
INFINITY „The Arcane Wisdom of Shadows“ (Melodic Black Metal)
INFLAMMARE „In Memory Of Inflammare“ (Metal)
INFLICTION „The Silencer“ (Death/Heavy/Gothic Metal)
INFLICTION „The faint smell of suicide“ (Melodic Death/Thrash Metal)
INGRIMM „Auf Gedeih und Verderb“ (Mittelalter Metal)
INGRIMM „Henkt Ihn“ (MA-Metal/NDH)
INGRIMM „Todgeweiht“ (MA Metal)
INGRIMM „ihr sollt brennen“ (MA Metal)
INHUMAN HATE „Twillight of a Lost Soul“ (Black / Doom Metal)
INHUMAN HATE „Twilight of a Lost Soul“ (Black Metal)
INHUMAN HATE „Merciless Misanthropic“ (Black Metal)
INHUMAN HATE „Propagation Of Chaos“ (Black Metal)
INHUME „Moulding The Deformed“ (Grindcore/Death Metal)
INHUME „Chaos Dissection Order“ (Grind/Death Metal)
INISHMORE „Three Colours Black“ (Melodic Power Metal)
INJUSTICE „Melancholeric“ (Nu Core/Metalcore)
INKASSO MOSKAU „Die Sünde“ (Endzeitpunk)
INMOST SILENCE „Crawling in Circles“ (Female Goth Metal)
INNER AGGRESSION „Beginning of an Inner War“ (Melodic Black/Death Metal)
INNER EXIT „Touched“ (Female Folk Wave)
INNER SHRINE „Heroes“ (Gothic/Doom Metal)
INNERFIRE „Of Legends & Allegiance“ (Melodic Death/Dark Metal)
INNERSELF „Emotional Disorder“ (Thrash/Heavy Metal)
INNTRANCE „The Basis Of Trancetherapy“ (Metalcore/Nu Metal)
INQUISITION „Timetraveller“
INQUISITOR „I am sick, I must die“ (Thrash / Death)
INQUISITOR „Walpurgis – Sabbath of Lust“ (Death / Thrash)
INQUISITOR „The Quantum Theory of Id“ (Black Metal)
INTO COFFIN „Unconquered Abysses“ (Death/Doom Metal)
INTO THE MIST „ITM“ (Gothic Rock/ Dark Wave)
INVERTIGO „Veritas“ (Progressive Rock)
INVINCIBLE SPIRIT, THE „Anthology 1984-2004“ (Dark EBM)
INRAGE „Built to destroy“ (Thrash Metal)
INSANE „Doppelfickerspiegelpanzer“ (Death/Gothic/Fun/Elektro Metal/NDH)
INSANIA (S) „Fantasy – a new dimension“ (Power Metal)
INSANIA (S) „Sunrise in Riverland“ (Power/Melodic Metal)
INSANIA (D) „Never 2L84H8“ (Power/Heavy Metal)
INSANIA (D) „Fear“
INSANITY ALERT „Moshburger“ (Crossover)
INSANITY ALERT „Insanity Alert“ (Crossover)
INSANITY ALERT „Second Opinion“ (Crossover)
INSANITY REIGNS SUPREME „Unorthodox“ (Black Death Doom Metal)
INSCAPE „Lichtjahrhundert“ (Synth Wave)
INSCAPE „Nachtmeer“
INSENSE „The Silent Epidemic“ (Modern Metal)
INSENSE „Soothing Torture“ (Death Metal/Hardcore)
INSIDE „Extremities“ (Dark Pop/Rock)
INSIGNIUM „In die Abgründe“ (Black Metal)
INSISION „Ikon“ (Death Metal)
INSISION „Revealed And Worshipped“ (Death Metal)
INSISION „Beneath the folds of flesh“ (Death/Gore Metal)
INSOMNIUM „above the weeping world“ (Melodic Death/Dark Metal)
INSOMNIUM „Since the day it all came down“ (Melodic Death/Dark Metal)
INSOMNIUM „In the halls of awaiting“ (Melodic Death Metal)
INTENSE „As our army grows“ (Power Metal)
INTERNAL DISFUNCTION „nine feed under“ (Glam Punk Rock)
INTERNECINE „The book of lambs“ (Death Metal)
INTESTINE BAALISM „Banquet in the darkness“ (Death Metal)
INTO ETERNITY „The Scattering of Ashes“ (Prog Thrash/Death Metal)
INTO ETERNITY „Buried in oblivion“ (Metal)
INTO ETERNITY „Dead or dreaming“ (Heavy Metal)
INTO ETERNITY „Same“ (Heavy Metal)
INTO THE ABYSS „adrenochrome (Live)“ (Psychadelic Rock)
INTO THE MIST „Graveyard of Stars“ (Gothic Rock)
INVADER „Tales of a Madman“ (Melodic Death Metal)
INVADER „It has begun“ (Melodic Death Metal)
INVICTUS „The Catacombs Of Fear“ (Death Metal)
INVISIUS „The Spawn Of Condemnation“ (Melodic Death/Metalcore)
INVOCATOR „Through the flesh to the soul“ (Thrash Metal)
INVOID „Invidia“ (Death Metal)
INVOID. „Sick Creature Domination“ (Deathcore)
INVOID. „infiltration“ (Deathcore)
iO „For the Masses“ (Rock)
ION „Madre, protegenos“ (Ambient Folk)
ION JAVELIN „Time For Change“ (Electro Pop)
IONIC VISION „Completed Isolation“ (EBM / New Wave)
IPERYT „No State Of Grace“ (Industrial Black Metal)
IRA TENAX „Portrait of the fallen“ (Melodic Death Metal)
IRA TENAX „Trapped“ (Death/Dark Metal)
IRA TENAX „Days of Wrath“ (Melodic Death/Gothic Metal)
IRATE ARCHITECT „Visitors“ (Death/Grind Metal)
IRATUS NEBULA „Natur und Seele“ (Black/Pagan Metal)
IRIDIO „Waves of Life“ (Celtic Folk)
IRIJ „Irij (EP)“ (Folk)
IRMINSUL „Fäder“ (Folk/Pagan Metal)
IRMINSUL „Irminsul“ (Dark Folk Metal)
IRON BASTARDS „Fast & Dangerous“ (Rock´n´Roll)
IRON CROSS „Iron Cross“ (Power Metal)
IRON GRIFFIN „Curse of the Sky“ (Heavy Metal)
IRON FIRE „Voyage of the Damned“ (Power Metal)
IRON FIRE „To the Grave“ (Power Metal)
IRON FIRE „Blade of triumph“ (Power Metal)
IRON FIRE „Revenge“ (Power Metal)
IRON FIRE „On the Edge“ (Power Metal)
IRON FIRE „Thunderstorm“
IRON HORSE „Same“ (Melodic Southern Hard Rock)
IRON HORSES „Black Leather“ (Heavy Metal)
IRON HORSES „Titan ’n‘ Bones“ (Rock ’n‘ Roll)
IRON JAWS „Guilty of Ignorance“ (Speed Metal)
IRON MAIDEN „A Matter of Life and Death“ (Heavy Metal)
IRON MAIDEN „Death On The Road (DVD)“ (Heavy Metal)
IRON MAIDEN „Death On The Road“ (Heavy Metal)
IRON MAIDEN „The History of Iron Maiden Part 1: The Early Days (DVD)“ (Heavy Metal)
IRON MAIDEN „Dance of death“ (Heavy Metal)
IRON MAIDEN „Wildest Dreams (MCD)“ (Heavy Metal)
IRON MAIDEN „Visions of the Beast (DVD)“ (Heavy Metal)
IRON MAIDEN „Eddie’s Archive“ (Heavy Metal)
IRON MAIDEN „Edward The Great – The greatest Hits“ (Heavy Metal)
IRON MAIDEN „Rock in Rio“ (Heavy Metal)
IRON MAIDEN „Brave New World“
IRON MONKEY „Our Problem“
IRON SAVIOR „Megatropolis“ (Power Metal)
IRON SAVIOR „Battering Ram“ (Heavy/Power Metal)
IRON SAVIOR „Dark Assault“
IRON SAVIOR „I’ve been to hell (MCD)“
IRON VOID „Excalibur“ (Doom Metal)
IRONBASE „Maschne Eisenbass MCD“ (Electro NDW)
IRONHEART „Metallic Minstrel“
IRONWOOD „Fire Water Ash“ (Folk Metal)
IRONWOOD „Ironwood (EP)“ (Folk Metal)
IRRLICHT „Prés Du Miroir“ (Dark Wave / Dark Pop)
IRRLICHT „Collection 1997 – 2011“ (Gothic)
IRRLICHT „Garten der seraphine“ (Lyric Dark Wave)
IRRLICHT „Gedankensplitter“ (Lyric-Dark Wave)
ISEGHAAL „Under The Sign of Baphomet“ (Black Metal)
ISEGRIM „Dominus Infernus Ushanas“
ISENBURG „Erzgebirge“ (Black/Pagan Metal)
ISENGARD „Crownless Majesty“ (Power Metal)
ISENORDAL „Shores Of Mourning“ (Black/Doom/Folk Metal)
ISKALD „Revelations of Reckoning Day“ (Black Metal)
ISKALD „Shades of Misery“ (Black Metal)
ISLAND „Orakel“ (Dark Death/Black Metal)
ISOLATION „Closing A Circle“ (Melancholic Metal/Rock)
ISOLATION „Isolation“ (Black Metal)
ISOLFUR „Pfad Des Canis Lupus“ (Black Metal)
ISOLE „Silent running“ (Epic doom Metal)
ISOLE „Bliss of Solitude“ (Doom Metal)
ISRATHOUM „Monument of Brimstone“ (Black Metal)
ISTAPP „Frostbiten“ (Black/Folk Metal)
ISTHAR „Chaos Death Reincarnation (EP)“ (Black/Death Metal)
ISVIND „Gud“ (True Norwegian Black Metal)
ISZOLOSCOPE „False vacuum“ (Electro)
IURAMENTUM „blood-drowned“ (Melodic Death Metal)
IURAMENTUM „The Awaking“ (Viking Metal)
IVANHOE „Lifelines“ (Power Metal)
IVANHOE „Walk In Mindfields“ (Power/Prog Metal)
IVENBERG „neither god nor satan“ (Melodic Black/Death Metal)
IVORY KNIGHT „Unconscience“ (Heavy Metal)
IVORY NIGHT „The Healing“ (Power Metal)
IVORY NIGHT „Machine“ (Heavy Metal)
IVORY NIGHT „7-Dawn of the night“ (Heavy Metal)
IVORY TOWER „Beyond the stars“.