Reviews :: 0-9

10 FOLD B-LOW „For Those Who Share The Sun“ (Extrem Metal)
10 FOLD B-LOW „Low tuned output“ (Extrem Metal)
100 DEMONS „100 Demons“ (Hardcore)
100BLUMEN „Distrust Authority“ (Noise Rock)
10000 WOMEN MAN „Drunk Love“ (Modern Rock)
11PARANOIAS „Stealing fire from heaven“ (Doom / Sludge / Psychedelic)
11TH HOUR, THE „Lacrima Mortis“ (Doom/Gothic/Death Metal)
11TH HOUR, THE „Burden of Grief“ (Doom Metal)
12000 DAYS „The devil in the grain“ (Neo Folk Wave)
13 BATS „Dust“ (Deathrock)
13 CANDLES „killing for culture“ (Goth Rock)
1349 „Hellfire“ (Black Metal)
1349 „Beyond the Apocalypse“ (Fast Black/Thrash Metal)
1349 „Liberation“ (Black Metal)
1476 „Our Season Drwas Near“ (Metal / Progressive)
1476 „Wildwood / The Nightside“ (Rock / Dark Rock)
16 „Zoloft Smile“ (Stoner Rock)
16 BLÅSARE UTAN HJÄRNA „Vi Ska Gå Till Botten Med Det Här“ (Hardcore Punk)
16VOLT „Beating Dead Horses“ (Industrial Rock)
18 SUMMERS „The Magic Circus“ (Dark Pop)
18 SUMMERS „virgn mary“ (Dark Pop)
1972 „coma“ (Dark Industrial)
2 LOVE OR 2 HATE „Pain Illusion“ (Electro Wave)
21ST CENTURY KILLING MACHINE „Sarcastic Rhymes“ (Thrash Metal)
2BLACK „Mind Infect“ (Thrash Metal)
2BLACK „No time to die“ (Thrash Metal)
2RAUMWOHNUNG „Wir sind die anderen (MCD)“ (Cool Elektro)
2TON PREDATOR „Demon Dealer“ (Power/Death/Thrash Metal)
2TON PREDATOR „Boogie“ (Metal/Hardcore)
2TON PREDATOR „In the Shallow Waters“
3 COLD MEN, THE „The 3 Cold Men“ (Wave)
3 INCHES OF BLOOD „Fire Up the Blades“ (Heavy Metal)
3 INCHES OF BLOOD „Advance And Vanquish“ (Heavy Metal)
32CRASH „Y2112Y“ (Electro)
36 CRAZYFISTS „Time And Trauma“ (Metalcore)
36 CRAZYFISTS „The Tide and ist Takers“ (Metalcore)
36 CRAZYFIST „A Snow Capped Romance“ (Hardcore/Nu Metal)
36 CRAZYFISTS „Bitterness the star“ (Nu Metal)
3RD ATTEMPT, THE „Born In Thorns“ (Black Metal)
3RD CULTURE, THE „Origin of soil“ (Dark Electro)
4 EVAS, THE „Break Out“ (Alternative Rock)
4 ORDER „The Journal“ (Heavy Metal)
4:25 TWINS „4:25 Reasons“ (Electro / New Wave)
40 BELOW SUMMER „The Last Dance“ (New Metal/Modern Rock)
40 BELOW SUMMER „The morning after“ (Nu Metal/Hardcore)
4YN „Take it as a compliment“ (Nu Metal)
4LYN „Neon“ (Nu Metal)
56#ALLEY CHAPS „World Of Shadows“ (Neo Rockabilly / Psychobilly)
5BUGS „Vora City“ (Punk Rock)
5RAND „Dark Mother“ (Melodic Metal)
6 FEET DOWN „Strange“ (Psychobilly)
6 FEET DOWN „One Night in Hell“ (Psychobilly)
69 CHAMBERS „War on the Inside“ (Modern Rock)
69 EYES, THE „Angels“ (Gothic Rock)
69 EYES, THE „Paris kills“ (Goth Pop)
69 EYES, THE „Blessed be“
69 EYES, THE „Gothic girl (MCD)“
69 EYES, THE „Wasting my dawn“
6TH AWAKENING „Psychopath“ (Death Metal)
7-9-7 „Get Me To The World On Time“ (Pop Rock)
777 „Feel the Fire“ (Occult Rock)
7 SEALS „Moribund“ (Fantasy Power Metal)
7 SEALS „Mooncurse“ (Metal/Melodic Rock)
7TH NEMESIS/PUNISHMENT „Chronicles of a sickness“ (Death Metal)
9MM ASSI ROCK’N’ROLL „Champagner, Koks & Nutten“ (Rock’n’Roll).