UNQUIET GRAVE, THE „Cosmic Dawn“ (Doom)


„Cosmic Dawn“

Wertung: Exzellent

: 03.08.2015

Label: Caligari Records

Webseite: Bandcamp

Micael Zetterberg is definately one of the most driven people when it comes to create music. And his variety of styles is very impressing to me: with AGGRESSIVE MUTILATOR („Kill a million“„Terror, Incest and Death“, „Poison Minds“, „Langrocken“) he′s creating a massive Black / Thrash / Punk outburst; SIGURIMI („Sigurimi“) is a bone-crushing Grind- and Hardcore-Bastard; with WARDENCLYFFE he released one of the finest records this year („Control all delete“). But now he releases his newest hellhound to the world and the universe: THE UNQUIET GRAVE. The record company Caligari Records describes it as „swedish doom rock with folk influences“ and yes… there′s no better way to label the music.

His interpretion of Doom is very subtle and gently; the three songs sound very fluffy and for satan′s sake he didn′t overproduce it with too many tracks, so you can hear the guitar, bass, drums and singing. That′s the point where the „folky“ attititude shows in my opinion. But on the other hand, the songs are still heavy, no doubt.

The opener „Cosmic Dawn“ is nothing but a fucking hit, my friends! A great groove that reminds me about SIGIRIYA in their „Return to earth“-era combines very fine singing melodies and cool riffs and solos and a great middle part. Very releaxed song with great guitar playing and atmosphere. I′m definately in love with this song that deals with the end of the world. And if that′s the last tune mankind will hear, when the earth explodes, it couldn′t be any better, hehehe…

[bandcamp track=1776156418 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=000000 size=venti]

„Mother′s Trial“ deals with witchcraft and reminds me of great movies like „Blood on Satan′s Claw“ or „The Witchfinder General“… hauting melodies everywhere including great vocals from Micael. Well, to be honest… here we have the second „hit“. It′s barely imaginable that anyone could resist this magic… honestly!

[bandcamp track=1834399102 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=000000 size=venti]

„Whispers in the dark“ sounds a little more epic and that′s maybe because of the vocals on the one hand because Micael works with several voices to give it a great feeling. On the other hand the structure is a visual doom theatrical so you can see pictures while enjoying this song. That′s simply brilliant and, yes you guessed right, I will call it another „hit“.

[bandcamp track=375186097 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=000000 size=venti]

„Cosmic Dawn“s musical approach is kind of stripped down and owns a not-too-massive Doom-feeling but within it′s filigree characterit′s not a typical Doom record what makes it nothing less than a black diamond in the sea of mediocracy. If you′re tired of „wall of sound“-recordings and prefer to listen to some lighter stuff but with a very dark, melancholic and doomy edge: here you are. The whole underground and maybe Fenriz should definately give this Tape (yeah, a Tape) a try, that′s fucking sure! I′m definately blown away by this great release.

Another thing that delights me is that the „Norrköping Band of Brothers“ is doing well. The great guitar solos are contributed by noone else than Thomas Sabbathi (GRIFTEGARD, YEAR OF THE GOAT), Joona Hassinen (GRIFTEGARD) mastered the tape and the beautiful layout is done by Ola Blomkvist (GRIFTEGARD, WARDENCLYFFE). I guess we all should be thinking about calling Norrköping the Doom Capital of the World, my dear fellows! (chris)