Reviews :: Y

Y3K „Retribution“ (Black/Dark/Death Metal)
Y-LUK-O „sin(n)“ (Industrial Pop)
Y-LUK-O „kerion celsi“ (Elektro/Industrial)
YABANCI „Grimorium“ (Gothic Rock)
YABANCI „Birth (EP)“ (Female fronted Goth Rock)
YAK „Iron Flavoured Candies“ (Avantgarde)
YARGOS „To be or not to be“ (Prog Rock)
YATTERING „genocide“ (Death Metal)
YEAR OF THE GOAT „The Unspeakable“ (Occult Rock)
YEAR OF THE GOAT „The Key and the Gate“ (Psychedelic Okkult Rock)
YEAR OF THE GOAT „Angels‘ Necropolis“ (Occult Rock)
YEAR OF THE GOAT „Lucem ferre“ (Psychedelic Rock)
YELLOWHOUSE „Illusion of everyday“ (Gitarren Rock)
YENDRI „Malfunction“ (Female Cold Industrial)
YENDRI „Dangerous thoughts“ (Cold Elektro)
YENDRI „Breakdowmn of reality“
YESTERDAY I HAD ROADKILL „Age of Distrust“ (Death Core)
YGGDRASIL „Kvällningsvindar över Nordrönt Land“ (Folk Metal)
YHDARL „Loss“ (Black Metal)
YOGI LANG „No Decoder“ (Progressive Rock)
YORBLIND „melancholy souls“ (Melodic Death Metal)
YORICK „plebeian reign“ (Folk Wave)
YORICK „The rest is silence“ (Atmospheric Wave/Folk)
YOUNG GODS, THE „Data Mirage Tangram“ (Psychedelic Elektro Rock)
YOUNG GODS, THE „Super Ready / Fragmente“ (Experimental Elektro Wave)
YOUR ARMY „Sicker Than Us“ (Indie Rock)
YOUR ARMY „Ignite“ (Rock)
YOUR DYING TRUTH „Access“ (Metalcore)
YOUR LIFE ON HOLD „Echoes From The Bardo“ (Goth Rock)
YOUR LIFE ON HOLD „My Name Is Legion For We Are Many“ (Post Goth Rock)
YOUR LIFE ON HOLD „Burning For The Ancient Connection“ (Post-Goth-Rock)
YOUR MIND IS MY PUPPET „Illuminate The Dark“ (Metalcore)
YOUR OWN DECAY „Never Enough“ (Death Metal)
YOUR SHAPELESS BEAUTY „My swan song“ (Dark/Death Metal)
YUGGOTH „sunsets“ (Rock/Metal)
YUPPIE CLUB „It’s all about money“ (Grind- / Hardcore)
YUPPIE CLUB „Pretty Insane“ (Grindcore)
YUPPIE-CLUB/OH YEAH! OH YEAHHHH! „Fucking Grind Split“ (Grindcore)
YWOLF „Dream Warrior“ (Soundtrack / Black Metal)
YYRKOON „Unhealthy Opera“ (Death/Thrash Metal).