SIGURIMI „Sigurimi“ (Grindcore / Hardcore / Black Metal)


(Grindcore / Hardcore / Black Metal)

Wertung: gut

: 10.10.2014

Label: Eigenproduktion

Webseite: Bandcamp

Holy raging elk! When you dig deeper in the history of Micael Zetterberg you′ll find out that his musical outputs are plenty and very varied, as I think the human soul is. With WARDENCLYFFE he′s the clockwork of doom, with AGGRESSIVE MUTILATOR he′s going crazy Black Metal / Punk-style and then you′ll find SIGURIMI.

The first sign of life is a three track EP, available at Bandcamp, and it blows your mind. It′s fast and aggressive as hell it takes no prisoners and it′s a fucking Grindcore/Hardcore/Black Metal mayhem deluxe. I really love the vocals that sound very Hardcore / Punk influenced when he′s screaming out his messages and together with the Grind-/Hardcore outburst it makes sense and… yeah fun. I guess the vocals are lifting it up to a higher level of recognition.

The short eruptions include samples as well and a very nice piano part… sounds strange? It is. Hardcore meets Black Metal and Grind. Everyone who can relate to that reference should definately try this out and it will only take 6:22 minutes to get rid of your anger and frustration. (chris)