WARDENCLYFFE „The Omega Point“ (Doom Metal)


„The Omega Point“
(Doom Metal)

Wertung: gut

: 12 / 2015

Label: Ván Records

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WARDENCLYFFE are back with a bang. Within the first seconds after the spoken intro of „The Omega Point“ I thought I’m playing the 7“ on 45rpm. But I didn’t. I checked it, hahaha.

Their latest song is a quite punky, uptempo tune dealing with the… guess what… Omega point. When it comes to WARDENCLYFFEs lyrics, which are written by the Mad Doctor Jacob Nordangård himself, I always feel Mr. Gumby. His thoughts about singularity, the Omega Point and this stuff are making my brain hurt.

So I’m leeting loose of the intelligent approach (Sorry, Dr. J!) and simply enjoy this song. It’s different to what WARDENCLYFFE have done before and it’s not as majestic as the songs of „Control all delete“ or dark and crunchy like the EP „Ordo ab Chao“ but it’s a cool song anyway. Especially the rough voice (Jacob Nordangård) and the guitars (Ola Blomkvist and Robert Nadde Karlsson) are great and again Emil Åström (b) and Micael Zetterberg (d) are nailing the song to the point.

The second song is about „Rockefeller“ and the Mad Doctors thoughts about capitalism and power, I guess. Musically it gets more back to the basics and is a powerful midtempo songs with great breaks and a haunting guitar and on „Control all delete“ it would have been the fastest song, too. So I think it was an urge to write some faster songs and release them on a 7“; although I love their slower stuff the new songs should not discourage the fans of their previous releases.

More than this I am excited and curious what WARDENCLYFFE will sound like when they will be releasing a new record, because „work on the follow up record “The Temple of Solomon” has started, adding new dimensions to the Wardenclyffe-sound and themes.„! But until that you can feast your ears and mind at the study of the Omega Point when you have ordered the CD version because it includes the book „An inconvenient journey“ by Dr. Jacob Nordangård; but you’ll have to take a look at the Bandcamp-page because at Ván Records it is not listed anymore. But there you can grab your copy of the limited 7“ (100 pieces). (chris)