Был замечен „стало ещё только хуже“ (Psychedelic)


Был замечен

„стало ещё только хуже“

Wertung: gut

: 12.05.2016

Label: Robustfellow Prods.

Webseite: Facebook

Well, a few days ago we received a Facebook message that encourages us to check out a new band and actually I did. Even if you don’t like the new social media, without Facebook I would never ever have discovered this piece of music. And that would have been a shame…

Был замечен are located in Kharkiv and the name means something like „Was seen“ and the album title is translated by Google as „It became even worse“ and the music is described as „lo-fi psychedelic freakout madness“. That’s enough to arouse my interest.

The three musicians (plus several guest musicians) seem to have a good time jamming and creating strange psychedelia with so much ideas and influences, it would be a blast to see them live on stage some time! Crazy psychedelia meets up with a piano, organ, percussions, didgeridoo, saxophone (ok, I still don’t like the instrument, but so what), russian / ukrainian vocals (Sorry dudes, I can’t figure that out…), rough guitars and a lot of energy. The sound is lo-fi for sure and it feels like the record was recorded live in the studio with some overdubs and it delights the listener with freedom of art and musicianship.

„шифровал“ („Encrypted“) is a fucking treat for your ears! You have to check it out, if you get the chance. It includes everything you love when you listen to psychedelic / space / ritualistic rock, including a great 60’s inspired singalong.

„в один конец“ („At one end“) sound like a dark ritual for the first 4 and a half minutes and reminds me of ANTONIUS REX / JACULA before it gets a lot calmer with acoustic guitars and a flute but the song soon reach his climax including a kind of crazy flute solo.

Another track worth mentioning (well actually all tracks of the record are worth to be mentioned) is „они“ („They“) with it’s great GOBLIN influences, in my humble opinion.

The band releases their records („стало ещё только хуже“ is the second full legth) only as a tape and digitally but they made this release really special: it is limited to 51 handnumbered tapes in a wooden triangle box and it includes a booklet, sticker, pin and a download code for a mp3 and lossless FLAC version. You can already pre-order your copy at for 25 Euro; after the official release (12.05.2016) it will be at 30 Euro. It was a pleasure to enjoy this record over and over.


Fans of „lo-fi psychedelic freakout madness“ should not hesitate to get their hands this little gem and you should definitely check out the Label Robustfelow Prod. because they gathered some great underground bands around… it’s exciting that the stoner / psychedelic underground in Russia / Ukraine is so alive and kicking! Many thanks to the band for helping me translating the songtitles! (chris)