NULLL COLLECTIVE, THE „De Monstris“ (Doom Metal)


„De Monstris“
(Doom Metal)

Wertung: Empfehlung /Recommendation

: 2010

Label: Aesthetic Death

Webseite: Homepage, Facebook

First: I′m writing this review in bad english because I′m too lazy to do it in german and then get asked to translate it. And I owe it to Stu of Aesthetic Death who sent me this piece of dark, crushing, memorable Doom.

Holy fuck. I have no clue if THE NULL COLLECTIVE is still alive but they better are. „De Monstris“ is a record that came out in 2010 via Aesthetic Death and I′m glad I received it just recently, as I think I wasn′t ready for this kind of darkness back then. The three songs, together with two shorter interludes and a Bonus Track, are unbelievable. You can hardly speak of songs in common terms… „Exocation of the Void-Self“, „Divine Skin“ and „Feed the whore“ are soundscapes from a feverish dream, or better a nightmare. Some call it Funeral Doom but in my opinion that′s not exactly how I would label them. Honestly, I don′t even fuckin′ know how to label this piece of desperation. „Repulsugloid (Part 1)“ is a Death Metal piece but the other tracks are beyond explanation.

Harsh riffs are combined with atmospheric parts and the addition of some electronic sounds is very valuable here. Sometimes it becomes epic, sometimes repetitive, sometimes disturbing, sometimes solemn and always stimulating. The voices seem to come out of the depths of everyones soul and they won′t proclaim happy times, that′s for sure. I′m not able to describe you a song in its whole because the music is something more. It′s a picture painted in dark colours, a movie directly from your damaged subconsciousness, it seems not to be man-made, it′s ethereal. So everyone will discover different things while listening to it.

And for all you guys and gals out there who hate the commercially driven birthday of Christ here′s your song for the next anti-christmas party: „Silent Night“. Disturbing, but beautiful in strange ways the band reveals the filth about all that fuzz. You hate christmas? Then turn it on! Together with „Jingle Bells“, also available at their website, you get into the right x-mess mood.

The first listen to the record was quite irritating but then I got addicted… it′s true. I thought about the music while driving my car or working or listening to other bands and I couldn′t wait to turn it on again and get drowned in this deep black sea.

This is what the guys said about themselves in 2010:
„‚The NULLL Collective‘ is a group of like-minded artists from around the world who are sick of commercialism and artistic conformity in both the world at large and in the microcosmic wasteland of underground extreme music.“

So you can find some songs as download for free on their website and I recommend to take a look… I hope their idea is still alive. „Why do you review a records that’s four years old“ you might ask. Because it found me and embraced me. And because it needs to be heard. That’s fuckin‘ all. (chris)