BLACK DEPTHS GREY WAVES „Nightmare of the blackenend heart“ (Noise)


„Nightmare of the blackenend heart“

Wertung: ???

: 2011

Label: Aesthetic Death

Webseite: Homepage

Aesthetic Death is a great label, no doubt. It has delivered some of the finest tunes mankind was allowed to hear but… wtf is BLACK DEPTHS GREY WAVES?

It′s occult noise. Three songs in 44:31 minutes. Wait, there are no songs, actually. There′s static noise combined with whispered words and I guess that′s what delivering the occult. If you accept their approach and your mind is hungry for experimental stuff, you can join in. In its best moments you can feel the noise to be an moving entity and I wouldn′t dare to listen to it on a full moon night. If you′re not into nightmarish brain experiments it will be the most annoying piece of sound you ever heard.

I′m sure someone will find his holy grail with this CD but it left me confused, annoyed, interested and confused again. Check out the track „Final key to pure thought“, it′s the most „listenable song“ I can offer you. Stay dark and negative, folks. (chris)