AGGRESSIVE MUTILATOR „Crude Abomination“ (Black / Thrash / Punk)


„Crude Abomination“
(Black / Thrash / Punk)

Wertung: good

: 29.11.2015

Label: Stygian Shadows Production

Webseite: Bandcamp

I guess I described Micael Zetterberg as a workaholic before and he always proves me right. „Crude Abominations“ is the next release from AGGRESSIVE MUTILATOR and again it gives me a fucking great time listening to it. Four tracks in ten minutes you’ll find at the newest effort which is released by Stygian Shadows Productions as a tape in a 111 pieces limitation.

The first song is the title track and it’s simple and raw black thrash with a cool groove sounds like a bastard from VENOM and early SODOM. The last song on this tape „Rape the goat“ delivers the same way: great, raw, unpolished black chrome with a cool chorus and a sinister feeling at all. Great stuff…
„Extinction forever“ sounds with its opening guitar a little like his other band THE UNQUIET GRAVE but that thought vanishes after the poundering drums and fierce guitars take the lead but the opening theme repeats and gives the song definately a different anddark vibe. As I mentioned THE UNQUIET GRAVE before… people who love folky doomy music have to check the first demo „Cosmic Dawn“ immediatly! „Cyberspace Warrior“ is a great tune, too and it shows the punk influences as well as some classic Heavy Metal feeling… love it.

Everyone whose interested in the (Black) Metal underground should give his efforts definately a listen! (chris)