CRADLE OF FILTH :: Trennung von Keyboarderin Lindsay Schoolcraft / Neues Album später in 2020

CRADLE OF FILTH haben den gegenseitigen Abschied der Keyboarderin Lindsay Schoolcraft aus den Reihen der Band bekannt geben. Lindsay Schoolcraft sich wird aus gesundheitlichen Gründen nur noch auf ihre Musik u.a. als Solokünstlerin (-> Review hier) und ihrem Projekt Antiqva konzentrieren. Eine Nachfolgerin ist laut Frontmann Dani Filth bereits gefunden und arbeitet fleißig an den neuen Songs mit, die in Kürze aufgenommen werden. Das Album wird dann später im Jahr erscheinen.

Frontmann Dani Filth:
„This is very difficult for everyone in the band who have become a very tightly-knit family on the road, but ultimately it is something that has come to pass out of necessity both for her health and the band’s musical development hereon-in. Of course we will miss Lindsay a lot and we hate to have to part ways, as we’ve travelled a beautifully madcap road together over the last few years and collectively share many amazing memories from those travels. Plus she is like our little (Gothic, Canadian, Vegan) sister. So the band and I wish her the very very best for everything she has planned for the future and I hope you guys reading this continue to support her too. And though this truly is the end of an era, it is also the aromatic promise of another. Lindsay’s successor has already been unearthed and is contributing to the new record like a demented unearthed thing. The new album commences recording in a little over a fortnight’s time and a release date is set for later in the year.“