ZORNHEYM :: 1. Song aus Graphic-Novel-Version ihres aktuellen Albums

ZORNHEYM haben soeben die Graphic-Novel-Version ihres aktuellen Albums „The Zornheim Sleep Experiment“ und eine brandneue Akustik-EP mit dem Titel „The Forgotten Inmates“ angekündigt, die am 3. November über Noble Demon erscheinen wird. Mit dem Lyric-Video zur ersten Single „Keep the Devil Away“ hat die Band eine erste Vorschau auf die kommende Graphic Novel veröffentlicht. Der Track wurde in einer englischen und einer französischen Version veröffentlicht und ihr könnt euch das Video bei YouTube.

ZORNHEYM about the making of their new EP:
„During the pandemic Zorn and Bendler did some live streaming and played acoustic interpretations of some of our songs. When it was time to record “The Zornheim Sleep Experiment” we decided to record “Whom the Night Brings” as an acoustic version to add as a bonus.

The original plan was to release that bonus track when the graphic novel was done. Due to a pregnancy the graphic novel was delayed. Zorn then remembered that Blind Guardian had released an album with acoustic interpretations of some of their songs in the ‘90’s. To reward our patient inmates we felt that we wanted to record a couple of songs, since the graphic novel took longer than expected to finalize. To thank our French fans that gave us an extra warm welcome on the successful French tour last year we decided to record “Keep the Devil Away” in French as well.

For “Slumber Comes in Time” we decided to make it in Swedish, since it’s based around an old folk tune that the Vallons brought to Sweden during the 1700’s, and base the whole song around that old folk melody.“