VERMILIA :: Pagan Metal Album im Fullstream

Die finnische Pagan-Metal-Künstlerin VERMILIA hat den Fullstream ihres brandneuen Albums „Ruska“ veröffentlicht, das am 09.09.2022 als CD/Digital erschienen ist. „Ruska“ ist das zweite Full-Lenght nach dem Debüt ”Kätkyt” in 2018.

Vermilia comments about the release:
”My second full-length album ”Ruska” is finally out now. Ruska is a Finnish word and it means autumn foliage. For me this is truly the most beautiful time of the year and when leaves die they turn even more beautiful. This album is full of my emotions and this wasn’t so easy to do this time. But I like the result and wouldn’t change a single note or word. I hope you will enjoy the album.”