VENUS PRINCIPLE :: 2. Single vom Debütalbum

Die Dark Psychedelic Rocker VENUS PRINCIPLE haben den „wunderschön traurigen“ neuen Track „Shut It Down“ als zweite Single aus dem am 27. Mai bei Prophecy Productions erscheinenden Debüt-Album „Stand in Your Light“ veröffentlicht. Biografische Informationen und alle Details zum ersten Album der britisch-schwedischen Band sind unten zu finden.

VENUS PRINCIPLE comment: „We wrote ‚Shut It Down‘ while most of Europe was caught in the lockdown of spring 2020“, explains singer and pianist Daisy Chapman. „Whilst the subject matter of a virus creeping across all the continents may already feel outdated by now, both Daniel and I were isolated in Sweden and the United Kingdom while we were penning lyrics and creating chords. At the time it felt like a post-apocalyptic nightmare. This song came together through another cross-country exchange and it embodies frustration and loneliness through soaring harmony, unrepenting guitars, and lyrics.“