VEMOD :: Neuer Track aus kommendem 2. Album

VEMOD enthüllen die erste Video-Single „Der guder dør“ („Where Gods Die“) aus dem kommenden zweiten Album „The Deepening“ der norwegischen Darkgaze-Metal-Pioniere, das am 19. Januar 2024 via Prophecy Productions erscheinen soll.

VEMOD comment: „I never ever expected to make a video for Vemod, and when the good people of Prophecy Productions approached me about it, I was initially skeptical“, mastermind Jan Even Åsli reveals. „Despite my reservations, ideas began to spring forth almost immediately. The landscapes surrounding us here at home in the north have always been a most integral element of our work and have provided boundless inspiration since the very beginning. The only natural thing to do was to journey back home and try to capture a tiny bit of that old yet ever-present magic – this time in the form of moving pictures. It could work. It just had to be suitably subtle and unassuming in order to reflect the spirit of both the music and of the land it came from. We leave it up to you to decide whether we succeeded or not. Enjoy your travels.“