VALBORG :: Letzte Single vom kommenden Album „Der Alte“

Die deutschen Slugde Metaller VALBORG lassen ihre Abschlusssingle „Asbach“ auf die Szene los, die aus dem kommenden Album „Der Alte“ stammt, das am 9. September erscheinen soll. VALBORG werden im September und Oktober als Support für „Der Alte“ mit MANTAR durch Deutschland touren.

VALBORG comment: „When I prepared a demo version of this song at home, I gave myself a time limit of 30 minutes to switch my brain off and dive into it“, guitarist and singer Christian Kolf explains. „I did this to get into the right mindset and then just let the music flow out of me. This way, I wrote most of my material before letting Florian and Jan take their pick on what to continue working together as a band. When we rehearsed ‚Asbach‘, it became quickly clear that this track would turn into an antisocial banger. This is definitely my most extreme vocal performance ever. The lyrics are kind of hard to describe, but they revolve around a local village that we imagined to have come under some otherworldly influence. Watch out for strange things happening in your neighbourhood!“

Update: VALBORG on tour with MANTAR
10 SEP 2022 Bremen (DE) Hellseatic +Mantar
15 SEP 2022 Köln (DE) Gebäude 9 +Mantar
24 SEP 2022 Hamburg (DE) Fabrik +Mantar
29 SEP 2022 Essen (DE) Turok +Mantar
30 SEP 2022 Stuttgart (DE) Im Wizemann +Mantar
07 OCT 2022 Hannover (DE) Bei Chez Heinz +Mantar
08 OCT 2022 Berlin (DE) Columbia Theater +Mantar