THURNIN :: Dream-Folk-Newcomer mit erster Single

THURNIN enthüllt den Videoclip „Særa“ als erste Single aus dem kommenden neuen Album „Útiseta“ des niederländischen Dream-Folk-Newcomer Jurre Timmer, das am 22. September 2023 bei Auerbach Tonträger erscheinen soll.

Available formats
„Útiseta“ is available as a lime-green gatefold vinyl 2LP, as a black gatefold vinyl 2LP, and as a Digipak CD.

THURNIN comment: „The track ‚Særa‘ is the natural link from my debut album ‚Menhir‘ to ‚Utiseta‘ as it introduces everything I wanted to stand out on my sophomore full-length“, composer and instrumentralist Jurre Timmer explains. „I feel that with the addition of flute and vocals this is the best way to show you where I want to go with Thurnin. It’s a more traditional ‚dark‘ folk track on an album of mostly longer and progressive songs. ‚Særa‘ feels like a more direct and melody centered approach to the genre. There’s a theme of self-reflection and looking back at how we got here: ‚Is this what we’ve created, is this all that we are, countless fleeting moments all reduced into these scars‘.“