THOKKIAN VORTEX :: Norwegische Black Metaller mit neuem Lyric Video

Die Black Metal Band THOKKIAN VORTEX hat ein neues Lyric-Video zum Track „Traverse The Tonal“ veröffentlicht. Der Song stammt vom kommenden Album „Thy Throne is Mine“, welches am 29. Februar bei Non Serviam Records erscheinen wird.

Mastermind Lord Kaiaphas states: „Thy Throne is Mine is simply the best Black Metal that I’m capable of creating thus far. As a whole, it’s an album with songs that are catchy and memorable. I didn’t want to make an album with every song sounding the same. For the lyrics of Banishing the Lion of Kutha I created a story based on Sumerian and Akkadian mythology. This song has a warlike feeling.“