THOKKIAN VORTEX :: Neuer Track zum Albumrelease der norwegischen Black Metaller

Heute ist das neue Album „Thy Throne is Mine“ der norwegischen Schwarzmetaller THOKKIAN VORTEX über Non Serviam Records erschienen. Parallel wurde heute die neue Single „Winter Forest Cry“ veröffentlicht..

“The new single, ‘Winter Forest Cry’ is a bit more experimental and different from the rest of the songs from the album. I wanted to make a slow-paced and melancholic track based around a piano riff with a more modern and blackgaze type of atmosphere. Cold, yet emotional. It features spoken vocals with distortion as well as traditional Black metal vocals. The lyrics tell a story of a majestic forest in the north during wintertime, but they are open to the listener’s interpretation”, erklärt Lord Kaiaphas.