THIS ENDING :: Neuer Track als Lyric-Video

Am 11. Juni 2021 kehren THIS ENDING mit ihrem Melodic Death Metal Album „Needles of Rust“ zurück. Neun Songs apokalyptischen, brutalen und doch eingängigen Melodic Death Metals, der zu den Wurzeln der früheren Band A CANOROUS QUINTET zurückführt. Von neuen Album hat die Band nun ein brandneues Lyric Video für den Track „Hell to Hell“ veröffentlicht.

The band comments:
„We are launching a new lyric video for the track ‚Hell To Hell‘ from our latest album ‚Needles Of Rust‘. While the good news is the CD is running low in stock. The bad news is that our vinyl release got yet another blow to the head and got pushed forward to June late. This is devastating but sadly out of our hands. However, in light of the tragic events, we decided to let out this beautiful video made by the amazingly talented Tamara of Aimed & Framed.“