THERION :: Neuer Song „Ruler Of Tamag“ im Lyric-Video

Die schwedischen Symphonic-Metal-Ikonen THERION haben mit ihrem kommenden Album „Leviathan III“, das am 15. Dezember 2023 erscheint, ein weiteres Werk in Planung. Heute enthüllen sie ihre zweite neue Single mit dem Titel „Ruler of Tamag“ mit einem Lyric-Video

Christofer Johnsson on “Ruler of Tamag”:
„The song was written by me and Thomas Vikström and it has a lot of Middle Eastern influences in the music. Lyrically it deals with the ruler of the Underworld in the Turkic mythology called Erlik. Parts of the song is in Turkish language. I collaborated with Soner Canözer from the now defunct Turkish symphonic metal band Almora for the translation/rewriting of the Turkish parts of the lyrics.
The video is a lyric video and it was done by Carlos Toro from Abysmo Films that did our video clips the past 13 years.”