THEATRES DES VAMPIRES :: Erster Song vom neuen Album

Die italienische „Vampiric Goth Metal“ Band THEATRES DES VAMPIRES wird am 14.10. ihr neues Album „Candylan“ via Scarlet Records veröffentlichen.

„Morgana Effect“

„It is a great Day for us, after 3 years of a long work We finally released the first song of our new album „Candyland“ out on October 14 th via Scarlet records. We decided not to publish anything before cause We wanted to give to our fans a direct messgage, a new strong sound together with the images of the new video “ Morgana effect“. The video is directed by Luca Cavallari (that is also our great photographer) that become mad during the shooting to coordinate all of us.. (We Are not so quiet!) and Edited by our producer Christian Ice (which is crazy by himself so no problem). We had also some special actors like Sara and Federico, the 2 scary children, the sweet and evil witch Nicole Zuppardi and Billy T Cooper, singer of the band JTR SICKERT as the black angel. 2 different locations, a great Make up team directed by Gianluca Terracina and our personal best fashion designer Diktator. All of them helped us to realize „Morgana Effect“ in the best way! We Are thinking already about the next one…so more news will come soon!“