TEMPLE OF THE STARS :: 2. Single „about connecting with nature“

Die finnische atmosphärische Rock/Metal-Band TEMPLE OF THE STARS veröffentlichen die zweite Single „Lands of Old“ aus ihrem kommenden Debütalbum „Nightspirit“, das am 10. Mai 2019 bei Inverse Records erscheinen wird.

Multi-Instrumentalist und Songwriter Tobias Tåg kommentiert:
The whole process of writing Lands of Old and recording the video in the wild mountains of northern Norway has been a memory for life. This song is about connecting with nature but also about reconnecting with your ancient past. I think we really captured the mystique of the landscape and made both music and picture go hand in hand. An inspiring trip and a great opportunity for me to grow as a performer and to learn some new cool things about Music Video making. High and Low the Mountain Sing!“