SOJOURNER :: 4. Single aus aktuellem Album veröffentlicht

Die Folk/Atmospheric Black Metal Band SOJOURNER hat ein neues Lyric-Video zu ihrem Track „The Apocalyptic Theater“ aus dem aktuellen Album „Premonitions“ veröffentlicht.

Singer Emilio Crespo states:
„These are actually the first lyrics I wrote for Premonitions. I definitely wanted to emphasize this subject that I feel strongly about; our actions in many different aspects of life are detrimental to the continued thriving as a species in our own home. Also, that while it’ll revitalize itself when we’re gone, there IS a point of no return for us and we could approach it quicker than we realize. We continue to act in such ways while believing that catastrophes and the like won’t happen to us or in our lifetime and we prove over and over that they do. Therefore, if we continue down this path we will eventually watch it all crumble with lifeless eyes.“