SIRENIA :: Neues Album am 11.11.

Die norwegischen Gothic Metaller um Mastermind Morten Veland werden am 11.11. via Napalm Records ihr neues Album „Dim Days of Dolor“ veröffentlichen.

Morten Veland commented on Dim Days of Dolor:
„It is always a great feeling to have completed a new album. With eight Sirenia albums under the belt some people ask me if it is difficult to keep up the enthusiasm at this point. But that’s not problematic at all, I have never been so enthusiastic about any album before. With this album we have reached new heights that seemed out of reach in the past. I feel that the countless hours we have put into this album really have paid off in the end. This album is also the most diverse album we’ve done to date, also the performances has never been better. I can’t wait to share this album with all the Sirenia fans and metal heads out there. This album will mark a special point in the band’s career, I am sure.“