SILENCE IN THE SNOW :: Neue Single ‚Dreams of Disbelief‘

SILENCE IN THE SNOW veröffentlichen mit „Dreams of Disbelief“ den zweiten Track aus dem neuen Album „Ghost Eyes“ des kalifornischen Dark-Wave-Duos, das am 22. September 2023 bei Prophecy Production erscheinen wird.

SILENCE IN THE SNOW comment: „The song ‚Dreams of Disbelief‘ is a deeply personal reflection“, singer and guitarist Cyn M muses. „It’s an introspective journey into the haunted realms of the subconscious. The beauty and sorrowful elements of the music brought deep memories and feelings to the surface during the writing process. The lush textures and cinematic soundscapes make it feel almost like a dream, in which you drift from sadness and sorrow into empowerment.“