SIGH :: 2. Video der Japaner vom kommenden neuen Album

Das neue Studioalbum der japanischen „blackened“ Heavy Metaller SIGH erscheint am 26. August bei Peaceville Records. Nun haben sie ein neues Video zum Track „Satsui“ veröffentlicht.
CD / black vinyl LP / ltd ed green vinyl LP and digital.

Sigh mainman Mirai Kawashima explains the track “The album ‘Shiki’ is mostly about my personal fear of getting old and my fear of death, but some of the songs are a bit off topic and ‘Satsui’ is one of them. ‘Satsui’ means ‘Intent to Kill’ and it is my personal view on the death penalty. You often hear people say ‘The criminal penalty is not meant to be for revenge’ or ‘we all live in a country governed by law’, but I do not think things are that simple; but of course everybody has the right to have their own opinions though. I guess the song is one of the most straightforward ones on the album.