SATURNUS :: 2. neuer Track mit Lyric-Video online

SATURNUS enthüllen ein Lyric-Video zum Track „Chasing Ghosts“, der zweiten Single aus ihrem kommenden Album „The Storm Within“, das am 16. Juni 2023 bei Prophecy Productions erscheinen soll.

SATURNUS comment: „We spend so much time chasing things that end up being the complete opposite of what we need or end up just slipping through our fingers“, drummer Henrik O. Glass writes on behalf of the band. „This can drag us down as if it was some kind of atonement to be settled and at the same time choked by the fear of failure. However, when it all comes to pass it’s as if the effort and the time invested have been for nothing. Yet, it lingers and haunts us like a spirit. Even when awareness is found within the darkest solace, inner demons and dilemmas remain the same. Emotionally, the anthem ‚Chasing Ghosts‘ is loaded with soaring melodies and bitter passages, capable of dooming anyone’s heart.“