In Vorfreude auf die VÖ vom neuen Album „Observator“ im September, gibt es hier schon mal das neue Video zur ersten Single „She Owns The Streets“.

Die Band dazu:

“She Owns The Streets for example is about a New York City street dancer named Loan who actually is the star of this video,” says songwriter Sune Rose Wagner. “I’ve noticed her before dancing wildly on Bowery, running crazily in the street among the cabs and horrified passers-by. A friend of mine introduced me to her and we struck up a friendship. In 20 minutes I had written a song about the pleasures and pitfalls of being perceived as either a drug-crazed girl or an insane individual, simply because she dares to defy the laws of civility and conformity.”

Weitere gute Nachrichten für den kommenden Winter: Die Band kommt endlich für ein paar Dates nach Deutschland.

12/11/2012 Germany Munich The Atomic Cafe
12/12/2012 Germany Berlin Bi Nuu
12/13/2012 Germany Cologne Gebäude 9
12/14/2012 Germany Frankfurt tbc.