PROPHECY FEST 2015 :: Aktueller Stand

Prophecy Fest 2015
Balver Höhle, Germany
start 12.00

Empyrium – special set with songs from “A Wintersunset…”, “Songs Of Moors & Misty Fields” and “The Turn Of The Tides”.
Amber Asylum – first European concert since 2011.
Lifelover – 10 year anniversary show with songs from the entire discography.
Camerata Mediolanense – special show with „L’altro coro“, a choir of 30 voices.
Vemod – German premiere with a special set attuned to Balver Höhle.
Darkher – first concert in Germany.
Crone – world premiere.
Tenhi – first concert in 8 years.

Wöljager – reading „Münsterländer Sagenwelt“.

Running order:
The running order will be published as soon as it is finished.
Unlike other festivals, we will not start with the most „unknown“ artist and end with the „headliners“.
To us, they are all headliners and were chosen because we expect an amazing performance from them.
Therefore, all artists will have the playing time they need for their performance, and the running order will reflect what we consider the optimum in terms of dramaturgy and suspension.

Ticket price is 58,00 € per ticket.
Ticket includes a hardcover program book with festival sampler CD.
Tickets are limited to 1250.
For now, pre-orders are exclusively for people who made a ticket reservation. These will get an email with the link to buy their ticket in advance.
The exclusive pre-order will be available for 4 weeks after we sent the info. Following this period we will sell the remaining tickets publicly.

Reservierung für exklusiven Kartenvorverkauf