PLAGUEBREEDER :: Neue Single zur kommenden EP

Die finnische Symphonic Extrem Metal Band PLAGUEBREEDER veröffentlichte eine die Single „I Believe In Misanthropy“ von ihrer kommenden EP namens „Annihilation“. Die EP soll am 20. November 2020 bei Inverse Records erscheinen. /

The band comments: „I Believe in Misanthropy was born out of anger. When you look at history and present time, it seems the only thing you can always rely on is misanthropy. Instead of enhancing negotiations or cooperation, people dwell in racism, hate, prejudice and violence. It’s like nobody is even trying to live in harmony with one another in the big picture… and at the same time we are destroying the entire planet. This track paved the way to Plaguebreede’s renewed style because this was the first track in which we composed orchestrations to create proper atmosphere. By our standards this is very direct and simple track, yet also very catchy.“