PERENNIAL ISOLATION :: Neues Lyric-Video zum kommenden Album

Am 26. März erscheint mit „Portraits“ das neue Album der spanischen Atmospheric Black Metaller PERENNIAL ISOLATION via Non Serviam Records. Den Track „Autumn Legacy Underlying The Cold’s Caress“ daraus haben sie nun als Lyric-Video online gestellt (features Emily Low (OUBLIETTE) und Jan Insomnic (ELBE, DOOMED)).

Commenting on ‘Autumn Legacy Underlying the Cold’s Caress’ PERENNIAL ISOLATION state: “Crank up your volume and spread the Autumnal rituals! We want to share our deepest admiration for all the elements which are part of the border area between Autumn and Winter: the reddish tint of the forest paths, the masterful mists, the hidden sun and the fragrance of the cold. The perfect mix between brutality, poetry, aggressiveness and emotionality. It is an honor to present this first piece through Non Serviam Records from our new album ‘Portraits’”.