NOÊTA :: Titeltrack vom kommenden Album

Die nordische Dark-Ambient-Folk-Band NOÊTA hat den Titeltrack ihres kommenden Albums „Elm“ veröffentlicht, das am 23. April 2021 bei Prophecy Productions erscheinen soll.

NOÊTA comment: „The title-track ‚Elm‘ is in parts told through the words of Sylvia Plath“, reveals frontwoman Êlea. „Her poem ‚Elm‘ is an almost physical expression of anxiety and depression as something real and vivid that is living inside some of us ? something that is dark, terrifying andd malevolent. Being haunted by anxiety and depression can lead to fear of the uncontrollable malignity living within the self. It claims the afflicted as its own in order to kill. This poem became even more upsetting to me after learning that Sylvia Plath went on to commit suicide not long after she wrote it.“