NITE :: Erste Single vom 2. Album

Die Blackened Heavy Metal Band NITE wird ihr zweites Album „Voices of the Kronian Moon“ am 25. März 2022 über Season of Mist veröffentlichen und damit ihr Debüt auf dem Label geben. Die Band veröffentlicht nun das offizielle Musikvideo zur ersten Single „Kronian Moon“, das komplett von der Band selbst produziert wurde.

NITE mainman Van Labrakis comments: “’Kronian Moon‘ is the nexus of the plot in our second album ‚Voices of the Kronian Moon,‘ It introduces an odyssey in a foreign world, establishing the universe and foreshadowing the danger that our heroes encounter on their quest. Alien landscapes, visions of peril and a fight against all odds. The bridge, marked by an unexpected key change and an ostentatious solo, is both the belly of the beast and the tempting siren: the obstacles that challenge our abilities and seek to impede our way. Guitar harmonies lead us to the other side of that dark episode, with the final verse and chorus championing themselves as triumph in the face of adversity. ‚Kronian Moon‘ is an homage to the hero’s journey, the trials and tribulations, the journey as the destination.“