NIGHTRAGE :: Neuer Track aus kommendem Album

Die griechisch-, schwedische Melodic Death Metal Besetzung NIGHTRAGE veröffentlicht am 18.02.22 ein neues Studioalbum, „Abyss Rising“, und den finalen Teil ihrer Trilogie inspiriert von Dante’s Inferno. Mit „Falsifying Life“ kann man einen neuen Track daraus hören.

Marios and Magnus about the ‚Falsifying Life‘;
‚Falsifying Life‘ is our second single from the upcoming album and once again a collaboration musically of me and Magnus, it’s a mid-tempo song with lots of groove and Nightrage signature melodies. We like to have these kinds of songs as well and we feel we don’t need to go super-fast all the time, but keep the melodicism and heaviness anyway that characterizes the band’s sound. This time Ronnies lyrical theme is all about us humans denying ourselves living a real true life. Instead, we sit behind our walls of social media and living a life in lie. Portraying our lives as we think others would like to see them, and how we fool ourselves that we want to live. And not how we really would like to live or to be. And we all know it’s all a lie! But instead of breaking free from the lie we buy it all the way and keep pushing it harder until it becomes the only “true life” we really know in the sad end. // Marios Iliopoulos

The funniest thing about writing songs for Nightrage is the mix between heavy metal and thrash/death. From one moment a mean riff to the other moment a memorable melody. On Falsifying life, I think you can hear my and Marios love of heavy metal shine through with all these guitar melodies everywhere. We actually had to remove some melodies in the mix to not overdo it. Maybe we did anyway haha!
// Magnus Söderman