NETHERBIRD :: Neues Lyric-Video zum neuen Album

Die schwedische melodische Black/Death Metal Band NETHERBIRD hat zu ihren neuen Track „Void Dancer“ ein Lyric-Video veröffentlicht. Die in Stockholm ansässige Band wird ihr neues Album „Arete“ am 30. Juli bei Eisenwald rausbringen. /

Some words from Nephente / Netherbird about this track:
”Void Dancer” is a song about how the passion that drives us to pursue our craft and our art is a double-edged sword that ultimately also can end up destroying us. Time is a patient foe and the downward slope is subtle. Most of us can proudly endure the horrible costs of creativity, but only for as long as we still lust for the very art we create. If we lose that, we truly have lost everything.