MOONSPELL :: Re-Release von „The Butterfly Effect“ angekündigt

Am 7. August veröffentlichen MOONSPELL ihr Album „The Butterfly Effect“ erneut mit zwei neuen Remixen, einem komplett überarbeiteten Coverdesign und Artwork.

Frontmann Fernando Ribeiro: „The Butterfly Effect is our most eccentric and outrageous album ever. We never really knew the depth of love and hate towards it back then, as our mind was stretched and open to extensions neither us or our fans would think of. So, re-releasing and re-designing it brings this uncommon collection of songs, inspired by the Beatnik culture, electronics and technological apocalypse, under a different light. With the world gone viral, the notion of a butterfly that beats its tiny wings in the East, causing a violent earthquake in the West, has never been so accurate, which gives our 1999 extravaganza a renewed meaning and reach. Everything is everywhere, the butterfly effect.“