MÅNEGARM :: Schwedische Viking Metaller mit neuem Lyric-Video

Die schwedischen Viking Metaller MÅNEGARM haben kürzlich ihr neues Album „Ynglingaättens Öde“ bei Napalm Records veröffentlicht. Nun gibt es daraus ein neues Lyric-Video zum Song „Freyrs blod“ zu sehen.

Info: With the uncompromising ten-minute opus “Freyrs blod”, MÅNEGARM lure the listener deep into ancient times. The track spans a wide arc between black metal elements that flow into more melodic parts and even acoustic interludes with guitar and violin tunes, just to turn once again into thunderous soundscapes. With this majestic opener, MÅNEGARM showcase why they are regarded as Swedish genre pioneers with good reason, as they inimitably manage to combine vicious black metal foundations with classic folk and Viking elements.

MÅNEGARM on “Freyrs blod”:
“Here’s our brand new lyric video for the song”Freyrs blod”, taken from the new album Ynglingaättens Öde. “Freyrs blod” is the opener on the album and really shows the diversity of MÅNEGARM. Ingo Spörl of Hard Media has created this beautiful and captivating video, full of epic landscapes and nature, that really intertwines with the music in a stunning way!