MÅNEGARM :: Neue Single mit Video

Die schwedischen Folk-Metaller MÅNEGARM veröffentlichen den Nachfolger des 2019er Albums „Fornaldarsagor“ am 15. April 2022 über Napalm Records. Als weiteren Vorgeschmack auf „Ynglingaättens Öde“, das 10. Album der Band, haben sie ein Video zu „En snara av guld“ veröffentlicht.
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MÅNEGARM on “En snara av guld”:
“’En snara av guld‘ is our newest single from the upcoming album and is one of the songs that we are most satisfied with. It’s a grand, epic song that revolves around one simple but powerful melody; a melody that tells this gruesome story in a captivating way: the story about the Finnish daughter Skjalv who gets abducted and is forced to marry King Agne – the same man that killed her father. She finally gets her revenge on Agne and when the new day dawns, the King gets his final rest high up in the trees.”