MIZMOR :: Neuer Track der Blackened-Doom-Metaller

Die in Portland, Oregon, ansässige Ein-Mann-Blackened-Doom-Metal-Band MIZMOR hat ihr neues Album „Prosaic“ angekündigt, das am 21. Juli über Profound Lore Records veröffentlicht werden soll. Mit dem Song „No Place To Arrive“ hat MIZMOR nun die erste Single veröffentlicht. Der Song wurde zusammen mit einem brandneuen Musikvideo unter der Regie von Zev Deans veröffentlicht.

MIZMOR on the new album: „The idea behind ‚Prosaic‘ was to make an intentionally less conceptual, more slice-of-life record. I wanted to make an album that was less precious and obsessed-over, more honest and real; less grandiose and more human.“

He continues: „I found it an interesting challenge to find the line between ‘you can do better’ and ‘you’re beating a dead horse.’ I tried to make my process more efficient and even fun at times. I simply wanted to share, but if that meant exacting all-out perfectionism, I wasn’t going to make a record. Right now I’m interested in making less self-indulgent music. The themes are the absurdity/futility/purpose/meaning of work, mindfulness/consciousness/living in the present moment/shedding illusions, depression/acceptance/contentment. This is the first MIZMOR album without any content relating to god/atheism. You also won’t hear any shrieks.“