LULLACRY :: Neues Album nach 7 Jahren

Die Finnische Female Fronted Goth Rock/Metal Band LULLACRY bringt seit 2005 wieder ein Album via Scarlet Records heraus. Eine ersten Song kann man sich unter oder anhören.

Gitarrist Sami Leppikangas: „Yes it sure has taken a lot of time and many things have happened. Last year has probably been the best we’ve had in Lullacry, at least when it comes to vibes. And you can hear that in the album. For the first time I made the songs without thinking that I have to do a goth ballad or a rock song. We just did things more spontaneously and it led to an album that is a lot more dark, ambitious and multi-dimensional than its predecessors. We’ve also paid a lot more attention to the lyrics and the production, which is much more dynamic. It will be awesome to go and play these new tunes to people, we’ve really waited this moment for so long.“