LIMOS :: Finnische Melodic Deather mit 2. Single von kommender EP

Die finnischen Melodeather LIMOS veröffentlichen am 3. Juli ihre neue EP „Tales of The White Eye“ via Inverse Records. Mit „Child of the White Eye“ haben sie nun die zweite Single daraus veröffentlicht. /

Sänger Eirik Manne kommentiert:“ ‚Child of the White Eye‘ was an interesting song to make. Lyrically it continues in the same universe ‚Altars‘ is set in, and explores the oracles of said world. It shows the hardships they endure, while finding their own place. Although the lyrics are oldest of the tracks on the EP, it took a long while for the song to settle to it’s current form. The end result however is a track where we push ourselves to see where our limits are. The vocals are some of the most varied we’ve used up to this point, and if there is one track that showcases our evolution, it is this one.“